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4th > January > 2012 Archive

Space soldiers save satellite from FLAMING DEATH

The little engine that could rescues $2bn military bird

US military's non-lethal weapon plans revealed

Laser aircraft disruption, sonic scuba repeller, blinders, more

HTC Sensation XL

ReviewBeats drums up another Android

Saudi hackers plaster 14,000 credit card privates on web

Raid on Israeli sites exposes up to 400,000 punters

PCIe flashers bash storage networks

Blocks & FilesThey slow you down, man

Cops get 3D laser scanners for motorway crash sites

£2.7m from DfT for new tech will help tackle closures after smash-ups

UK space agency to boldly send techies ... behind a desk

Blighty advertises for boffins, IT workers and admin staff

Xio sends its new Admiral Nelson into storage offensive

Now drive biz says it's part-owned by Seagate

Asus promises to open Prime bootloader

Blames current encryption on Google and DRM

Weak Sony PS Vita sales prompt price-cuts

3DS sets an example

Exotic Russian rock CAME FROM OUTER SPACE

Alien quasicrystal find sheds light on solar system birth

Comet 'sold 94,000 pirate Windows CDs', claims Microsoft

UpdatedRedmond sues retail chain over counterfeit disc allegations

EMC Isilon stiffens penetration into NAS arena

Waggles rising revenues at rival NetApp

Dizzy: the Ultimate Cartoon Adventure

Antique Code ShowEggsemplary gaming

Anonymous hunts neo-Nazis with WikiLeaks-style site

Loads of alleged donors, right-wing players to send those pizzas to

Virtual sanity: How to get a grip on your home PCs

Sysadmin blogSet up once, use again and again anywhere

Germans increase office efficiency with 'cloud ceiling'

Worker output boosted by illusion of open sky overhead

Nokia Ace to launch from $100m mountain of ad cash

Microsoft and co bet big on new WinPhone

Apple shoots for Premier League soccer streaming rights

iTunes 1, Sky 0?

Samsung confirms refreshed Galaxy Ace for UK

Power up

Ubuntu hoists skirt, flashes 'concept' gadget at CES

Desktop Linux goes TV - or tablet?

Samsung Ultrabook specced up by retailer

CES premiere?

Pastebin on the mend after DDoS battering

Were hacktivists the real target?

Yahoo! bags! CEO! from! PayPal!

Ex-prez drafted in to steer web biz to glory

Samsung pushes premium dual-docking systems

Galaxy S and iPhone have sound relationship

Videogame piracy figures show decline

2011 torrent abuse exposed

Analysts: Samsung will show us the MONEY on Friday

Q4 take expected to rise to $4.1bn on smartphone sales

Nokia posts car-to-phone comms app

MirrorLink debuts on Symbian Belle

At least 10 days till hot Phobos-Grunt chunks rain down

Earliest estimate for fallout from doomed Russian Mars probe 'may change'

China Telecom piggybacks EE to create UK network

Service for Chinese speakers in Blighty to launch 2012

IBM buys Green Hat for virty dev tools

Red Hat would complete the set

Brits got Kindles for Christmas

More e-book readers given as prezzies than tablets

Google grabs yet more patents from IBM war chest

Instant message take-back IP among new lawsuit ammo

Android Market tops 400,000 apps, climbing fast

Fart App Index™ parity with iOS unclear

Apache lets fly Hadoop 1.0 data muncher

This ain't no Dumbo

Judge sets date for Google v Oracle showdown

Springtime for Ellison in California

Mobile carriers face big ticket spectrum costs

800 Mhz set to make the govt a motza

Lunar mineral turns up in Oz

Tranquillityite spotted in WA rocks

New CEO Rometty tweaks IBM exec lineup

Kern retires, looks for CEO position elsewhere

Civil society NGOs under threat, says Access

A call for help

Quickflix bolstered by streaming

Gaining digital ground

Study finds piracy withering against legal alternatives

People just aren’t prepared to be screwed

PayPal dispute ends in 'violin destruction'

T&C hell, or a warning about how to buy old instruments?

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