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29th > December > 2011 Archive

Dixons Logik LE423ED11 42in passive 3D TV

ReviewSpecs 'n' plugs 'n' rock 'n' roll

Network kit sales outpace servers in Q3, overall picture looks decent

Work in a data centre? No sign of pink slip doom yet

Amazon quietly gobbles up 'social shopping' tech

Will this pig-out actually fatten anything up?

Apple fined $1.2m for flouting Italian warranty law

iPhone maker must also admit blunder on website

David Cameron gets custom prime-ministering iPad app

Check NHS waiting lists, launch nukes - on the fondleslab

Christmas solar plasma belches to hit Earth, Mars - and Mars rover in space

Sun emits festive eruptions, but no bad effects foreseen

CSC faces £1bn write-off over botched NHS IT project

UK Govt not keen to pay for late patient record system

Never mind the switch, feel the fabric

Vendors take up weaving


Boffins advocate volunteer @home trawl of NASA's lunar pix

Solicitors from hell website unplugged by libel judge

Review site sued into oblivion for 'naming and shaming' briefs

Raving Iranian TV accuses Ofcom of Sky ban

But regulator insists it hasn't booted Press TV off the air

Wi-Fi Protected Setup easily unlocked by security flaw

Couple of hours of brute force will crack a network's PIN

US deploys 1.8 gigapixel helicopter surveillance drones to Afghanistan

Boeing A160T Hummingbird carries upgraded spying eye

Mobile operators need to evolve in 2012

Ericsson looks into crystal ball

MIT student unicycles, Segway-style

Homebrew ‘leccy single-wheeler

appiChar launches cloud platform for NFPs

Aussie developed software going global

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