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22nd > December > 2011 Archive

AMD claims 'world's fastest GPU' title

Radeon HD 7970 sports all-new 'Graphics Core Next' chip

Internode falls to iiNet acquisition temptation

Another one bites the dust

Motorola Pro+ Qwerty Android smartphone

ReviewThe best of both worlds?

Dole office sticks ID services tender in EU journal, quickly pulls out

We'll try again next year ...

Gov unveils plans to make tax-funded research freely accessible

Vast vats of info goodness

EU to push through more roaming caps in 2012

Competition ain't being competitive enough

Android Trojan spams tribute to Arab Spring martyr

At least it doesn't completely pwn your phone

Facebook scams now spread by dodgy browser plug-ins

Cybercrooks deploy new weapon to pollute profiles

Hasbro sues Asus over Transformer Prime moniker

Tablet ambitions held at Bay?

Ofcom's Local TV dream: No smut, an hour of news, endless ads

Still, sounds more thrilling than some of the proper channels

Deep-fried planets discovery offers hope for Earth’s future

Our world may actually survive flame-grilling by dying sun

Tablet LCDs: seven-inchers outsell 9.7in panels

Kindle Fire burning iPad? Or iPad 3 in motion?

Smut baron buy-up of rumour exploded

Priestly pr0n purveyance blocked by registry, won't be sold

Yahoo! shares! leap! on! asset! sale! gossip!

Plan to flog Alibaba and Yahoo! Japan stakes pleases investors

Steve Jobs gets posthumous Grammy AND a bronze statue

Who knew the iSaint was part of the Staines massive?

Console accessories

Xmas Gift GuideGame liberation

Auld Reekie folk 'spend most on tech prezzies'

Greasy poll puts Southamptoners at the bottom

Petaflops beater: Nvidia chief talks exascale

Programming for parallel processes

Pluto's blushing complexion riddle solved by boffins

Hubble spectrograph shines light on dwarf planet's colouring

Cops arrest cop in alleged corrupt cop-bung probe

First officer cuffed in Op Elveden investigation

Latest El Reg project: Rise of the Robot Sheep

Autonomous, spinning blades, made in a shed - what could go wrong?

2012 CES will be Microsoft’s last hurrah

Did it jump or was it pushed?

Apache confirms new OpenOffice build by 2012

Warns developers that it’s still the daddy

Lumia sales fail to set world alight

Outsold almost 100 times by Galaxy S II

New chippery on parade at ISSCC

CPU and memory makers strut their stuff

Seagate backup biz deletes name, restores EVault brand

i365 goes back to the future

Gerry turncoat Harvey gives gamers a deal

Launches discount, offshore GST-free online gaming site

Press Council slaps Rupert for Oz NBN coverage

Daily Telegraph pitching porkies? Surely not

Moscow State taps T-Platforms to build 10 petaflops super

A ceepie-geepie once again

ACMA sets the bar too low for broadcasters claims APF

Australian Privacy Foundation calls for a regulator with a backbone

Parallel politics: Gerry Harvey, imports and taxes

Oligopoly screwing oligopoly redux ends 2011

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