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19th > December > 2011 Archive

Shoppers love fondling iPads to fill out sex health survey

'Rate my NHS' poll suddenly popular when shiny tech appears

Somerset buses bin paper tickets, sniff journey-logging chips

The future is smartcard bus passes

Whitehall: Govt-related private email, texts will be uncloaked

Civil servants told messages can targeted by Freedom of Info requests

Oracle, Cisco crow new database flash dash record

Best 2-CPU server result ever - with Violin's chips

Zombie Microsoft antitrust case shuffles to retrial

Jury 'hopelessly' deadlocked

BT's gift to Google: A patent war over ads and Android

Music, Maps, Adwords and mobile OS land Google in court

Sony creates paper battery

Pulp friction

Belkin LiveAction Camera Grip

Geek Treat of the WeekGet a grip….

Blast at Apple gear factory hurts 61

Workers hospitalised after Shanghai plant explosion

Laptop bags: netbooks and tablets

Xmas Gift GuideSmall screen carriers

Cops seek clues to $1.7m tablet snatch

22 pallets of BlackBerry PlayBooks lifted

Ailing HMV sees tech sales' bright spot among dire music biz

Behold, His Master's Voice Fondleslab

Bah, humbug! Virgin Media censors Charles D**kens

EPG in ginormous Hitchc**k-up!

Comet Lovejoy survives brush with fiery solar death

Space rock improbably flies through the heat of the Sun

AT&T gives up on T-Mobile pre-merge purge

Telco mulled flogging assets to save deal

Samsung hauls Apple into court over emoticon patent :-(

Now the big guns are coming out in smartphone war

Creepy photo-tagging tech slotted into Google+

'Find my face' feature lands

Parody is illegal, say barmy bureaucrats

Our prisons are full of oppressed satirists, apparently

iPad scammers pwn Lady Gaga's Facebook page

We're plastic but we'll still have fun...

US gov split over new domain explosion

NTIA is on ICANN's side for once ...

OpenText lures new CEO from SGI

Barrenechea back to software

Fusion-io board gets ex-HP hotshot

IT giant's old chief technology officer

Saudi prince buys $300m sliver of Twitter

Tiny-revenue microblogger really worth $10bn?

Android gets 'flashy', 'social' holiday treats

Adobe gifts Flash 11.1 as promised, dev goodies unwrapped as well

Virgin Oz plans onboard WiFi rollout

DIY content streaming on your gadgets

Oracle gooses Studio compilers for Solaris, Linux

Puts on Tuxedo 11g for enterprise apps

Channel Seven cleared by ACMA for use of RIP Facebook pics

If you die make sure your privacy settings are on high

IT'S OFFICIAL: AT&T, T-Mobile deal is dead

Big Phone's colossal $4bn cockup concludes

Plastic semiconductor makes solar cells more efficient

Quantum ‘dark state’ helps capture wasted energy

Voda Oz to trial NBN Services

Maybe fixed networks will work better…

Red Hat grabs gobs o' green in Q3

Ho-ho-hopen source

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