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13th > December > 2011 Archive

Bristol boffins bring qubit computing a tiny step closer

Spooky action at a VERY SMALL distance

Jimbo Wales ponders Wikipedia blackout

Asks Wikipedians: 'Should we go dark to protest SOPA?'

Certification for Malaysian IT pros?

Government seeks BOFH control

RIM BlackBerry Curve 9380 with BBM music

ReviewGoing for a song?

Hynix figures to win on NAND by being smaller than rivals

Ha ha, with my 15nm tech I run between your legs, giants

Typosquatters set up booby-trapped High Street names

Xmas shoppers who carnt spel targeted

Micron plans to force itself into tablets, ultrabooks

Aims to pump up its fab before entry

ISIS signs Gemalto, aims to scoff Google Wallet's lunch

Two thirds of American bonk-banking goes Dutchy

P2P veterans sue the Cloud ... for copying their stuff

Man, this is totally different to the RIAA

Go Contacts EX

Android App of the WeekBetter contacts management by a country dial?

Startup's enviable flash stamina 'attracts Apple's gaze'

New rumour: Anobit could be bought for $500m

Is Microsoft brewing a Win8, WinPho code merge?

Mobile chief now straddles both OS dev teams

Learning about chip design from Silicon Roundabout

'Let me through - I'm a nontrepreneur!'

Sony takes PS Vita on Blighty-wide tour

Try before you buy

Steelie Neelie dreams of apps slurping public data for free

EU digital chief proposes pumping info to devs

Ofcom squeezes local TV into 20 cities' tight White Spaces

Grimbsy, Swansea, London and others in the frame

Asus Tegra 3, Android 4 tablet priced up for Brits

Incoming January 2012

Laptop bags: 13- and 14-inchers

Xmas Gift GuideMid-size machine holders

AOL sweeps 3.5m dial-up users under web biz rug

Is CEO Tim Armstrong brushing away old tech?

Sony off the hook for killing Linux on PS3

Insufficient evidence against it, says Judge

God particle hunt breakthrough expected TODAY

Cancel lunch - significant Higgs boson data promised

Google beams disaster tourists into tsunami aftermath

Street View before-and-after gallery erected

NetWare-Linux love child turned up to 11

SUSE Linux 11 SP1, that is

Now Post Office branches hit by computer glitches

Xmas queue misery after Royal Mail's web fail

Virginia ponders tax breaks for (dead) human space flights

The right stuff - cremated

Windows Phones message hub hit by killer SMS

Text of doom

Winamp mends trio of old-school security holes

Heap overflow? Winamp? Party like it's 1999

Ebooks must stay fat with VAT, blame the EU, MPs told is the cat with the eggnog cream

World's biggest music streaming service launches - for tech idiots

There's a lot of them out there

Higgs boson hunters have god particle in their sights

Are universe's secrets lurking in energy spike?

AT&T and Deutsche Telekom stall for time with DoJ

Extra month to sort out proposed T-Mobile US merger

Strictly Come Dancing in 3D: the facts

How to avoid missing celebrity hoofers in three dimensions

Microsoft dishes free phones to Android detractors

Diss to win

Android malware victims offered free WinPhones by MS

'Haven't they suffered enough?'

2011: annus horribilis for Microsoft and RIM

Google's year instead

Why there's real hope for webOS - if HP is committed

Open...and ShutA forking good alternative to iOS and Android

Cosmic Cannonball snapped blazing a bloody trail of star guts

Pic3,000,000MPH neutron star formed from supernova

Cloud biz ASG unwraps early Xmas gift: Atempo

Backup software developer snapped up

LightSquared screams 'conspiracy' over leaky test results

Satellite net biz comes out swinging

Nokia exec: Young fashonistas 'fed up' with iPhone

Not too happy with Android either, says WinPho punter

FCC (finally) cracks down on BLARING! TV! ADS!

After four and a half years of Rep and Dem squabbles

JB Hi-Fi rolls out own digital music service NOW

Australian tunes in to the high street

Trade Me completes IPO, starts trading

Trans-Tasman float creates $NZ1-billion monster

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