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12th > December > 2011 Archive

Dell XPS 14z 14in Core i5 notebook

ReviewShiny, shiny

REVEALED: People write things on Twitter, Media

'This is Bob Journo, reporting from up my own backside. It's dark'

NAS door gives drag-n-drop access to linear tape vault

Head transplant for the tape monster

Hitachi GST unzips to reveal hard internal 4TB whopper

On sale on Tokyo's streets

Concerns over plan to boost pharma by releasing NHS data

Voices join chorus of disquiet

Gov websites' value not at all clear despite trimming

Beancounters unconvinced on greatness of cyber-Whitehall

Philips Fidelio AS851 speaker

Geek Treat of the WeekAt last, a dock for your Android phone

iPad 3 out in March/April say part maker moles

Evidence pointing to production ramp-up?

Floods? What floods? Seagate to open new Thai disk fab

Pumps $33m to soak up drive demand

Elon Musk's private Dragon ship to dock with ISS in Feb

Then descend for splashdown, unlike European ATVs

Global BlackBerry web filter vow to block child abuse sites

RIM proxy bypasses IWF list, telcos' firewalls

Chinese strike hits Hitachi GST ahead of WD buy

Workers down tools in contracts row

O2 rents out latest iPhones to tease panting fanbois

Keep 'em coming back for more ... every 12 months

O2 calls for consumers to lease iPhones

Spreads out upfront costs but takes phones back

Sony ships 3G Android tablet

Wedge hardware connectivity upgraded

2011's Best... Smartphones

Xmas Gift GuideYour portable internet companion

Web scam-busting trio thwarted by mystery DDoS rocket

UpdatedBackhanded compliment for fraud alert sites

NotW didn't delete Milly Dowler 'false hope' voicemail

Messages removed automatically, say cops

Churlish gadget cusses those who use it

NSFWPeriodic Table of Swearing on show

Microsoft beaten down 16pc on software sales to NHS lifts ban after cost-cutting crunch talks

Amazon preps major update for Kindle Fire UI

Software out over the air within two weeks

Google execs eye NASA's Hangar One to park their air fleet

Dirigible aircraft-carrier dock to house web-lord jets

Desktop virt used to cope with Starbucks workforce security

CIOs fear users roaming in public with backdoors exposed

Durban failed: Relax, everyone

AnalysisOnly agreement is to keep going to conferences

Brazil, China trample UK in virtualization gold rush

Western clouds befouled by legacy systems

Meet the boffin who gave GPUs a bigger bang for the Buck

SC2011Kudos to CUDA's pioneer Ian Buck

Fake anti-virus victims in line for slice of $8m payout pie

Scareware swindlers' ill-gotten gains shared out by FTC

BT fibre rollout reaches Scotland, Wales

178 exchanges earmarked

Disk fab floods rinse $1bn off Intel's Q4 revenue

Drive shortage chips away at CPU demand

EU stalls Googorola anti-competition probe

Rivals invited to have their say first

Royalty-free web vid spec sets sail with Apple's help

UpdatedMPEG-DASH rides choppy seas of patents and bad networks

Call of Duty is hottest selling entertainment product ever

Quicker to cash $1bn than Avatar

Microsoft and Amazon soar above other Clouds

If you can't say anything nice don't say anything - Nasuni

Microsoft updates Azure with SDK and Hadoop preview

SQL improvements and open source support included

Japan launches, orbits radar spy satellite

Fingers crossed that this one can snoop Norks

Malicious apps infiltrate Google's Android Market

Bogus games purged after more than 10,000 downloads

Kaspersky DLP spin-off buys German security firm

Cynapspro purchase to target small, medium-sized firms

Cambridge puts Isaac Newton's notes online

A free peek at the original Apple apple genius

Flight Centre settles $US14m legal battle with web supplier

Service tender leads to two-year stoush

Martians lived underground, say Oz boffins

Water and energy available but not on the surface

Oracle and IBM fight for the heavy workload

Seconds out

FOI request turns up Carrier IQ surprise

G-men slurping snooped smartphone data?

Bullseye gets marked by STW

Takes 51 per cent, stake moves into Asia

Espionage hack attack preys on chemical firms

Spotted in the wild: Nitro Part II

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