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9th > December > 2011 Archive

Samsung gets a few days of Christmas

Breaking:High Court nixes Apple appeal, Galaxy 10.1 in stores Monday

Microsoft and HP sign four-year cloud cooperation pact

Three flavors of cloud by end of year

OnLive Game System cloud gaming console

ReviewServer-ance play

US judge: Ad-pushers may be liable for 'facilitating' website piracy

Chitika gets off, but others may not be so lucky – court rules

Post Office wins contract to take snaps of foreigners

Checks on non-Brit residents to include online service for employers

Cops bust den of text-spam spewers

ICO survey: Spam texts give us the sads

Leaked EU data protection draft SHALL. NOT. PASS.

AnalysisDoubtful Commission's proposals will be enacted in this form

Griffin iTrip Dual Connect car kit for iPhone

Accessory of the WeekTune in, trip out

NASA slammed for losing hundreds of moon rocks

Chaos at space agency's lunar lump lending library

Six cuffed in £1m student readies phishing probe

That's a lot of beer money nicked from bank accounts

Survey: Apprenticeships will fix IT skills gap

Get the kids into the office, ASAP

Twitter redesign seeks to monetise user base

'Bringing you closer to everything you care about'!

Android, BlackBerry phone owners favour Apple tablet

OS brand loyalty, they've heard of it

Duqu vuln fix stars in bumper Patch Tuesday

Microsoft's Xmas gift to sysadmins: 14 security updates

Royal Mail double-dip billing bug enrages stocking-filling biz

Not the best time for postage screw-ups, admit bosses

Northamber money boss Lee resigns after seven months

Finance director 'fell out with chairman'

Carol singers rejoice at pay-by-tap credit card donations

O Come All Ye NFC Faithful

Red Cross: 600m videogamers may be war criminals

Modern games flagrantly violate humanitarian law. Apparently.

El Reg takes man for romantic weekend for two at Intel chip factory

Fab trip to Intel Fab

Hackers jimmy Android Marketplace onto PlayBooks

RIM App Planet bypass blow

2011's Best... Premium Tablets

Xmas Gift GuideFondleslabs for the festive season

Blighty's bumpkins bemoan bold broadband bluster

AnalysisRural superfast net rollout 'very underwhelming' sorry for bundling Nmap with crapware

Open source freed from toolbar

RED MOON to GO DARK tonight in Pacific eclipse

Prisoner of an ignorant tribe? Now's your chance

Win8 beta to surface in Feb 2012 - Microsoft exec

Attention ARM users: no desktop apps for you

Next Dr Who game to leave Xboxers in the cold

PS3 fans are Eternity Clock-a-hoop

Chrome is the most secured browser - new study

Firefox finishes last in 3 browser security race

Microsoft arms Win8 store apps with remote self-destruct

The power to make problems disappear

Busty Ohio mannequin survives assassination attempt

Plastic mayoral candidate in drive-by shooting shocker

Google's Schmidt strikes Carrier IQ off Xmas card list

'Appears to be software that's not very good for you'

Channel Survey: Last call to all resellers and integrators

Is Bill Gates mulling a return to Microsoft throne?

One final belated repeat of a Jobs move maybe on cards

Motorola parks tanks on Apple's German lawn

We're not FRANDs any more, argue MotoMobe

Senators: Globo-domains could mean consumer chaos

ICANN gold rush could devastate web biz

Integrator GlassHouse kicks IPO plans into touch again

'Volatile' economic conditions ground 2nd takeoff attempt

Yahoo! may! never! see! a! penny! of! $610m! anti-spam! win!

Court rules against lotto scammers, whoever they are

Skype founder to offer FREE mobile broadband for all

Head in the clouds with satellite network

Private investor pays $1.3bn to don Blue Coat

Suits you, sir

PC sales forecast slashed on back of disk drive crisis

Global economy and fondleslab fever also to blame

HP throws WebOS to open source community

WebOS wobbles and it does fall down

Apple stores getting close to overload

Getting staff to do more for less

Four Romanians charged with hacking 150 Subway shops

Point-of-sale breach reaps millions in ill-gotten gains

Telstra shutters customer self-service site after security blunder

Passwords? We’ve heard of them

Windows Defender Offline: For PCs too hosed to go online

In beta now

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