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6th > December > 2011 Archive

Globe slowly warming, insists 'Hansen's Bulldog'

Torturing the time series until they confess?

Greens abandon science to tie down mobile towers

Try to find a hospital without a mobile tower

AMD helping Android fans port to x86

Intel and Google, not so keen

Navy training mine washes ashore on Miami Beach

File under 'WTF!'

IBM unveils high-capacity, high-speed storage chippery

'Racetrack memory' off to the races

Motorola Xoom 2 10in Android tablet

ReviewCreaky tweaky?

Defra gives IBM 21% MORE dosh this year

Main IT partner received £99.1m - top 100 suppliers list for 2010-11

British shoppers are doing it on the interwebs

Web and mobiles now a large part of retail therapy

Voyager probe reaches edge of Solar System's 'bubble'

'Soon we find out what interstellar space is really like'

Facebook 'acq-hires' Gowalla brains, shuts service down

'We know you loved Gowalla, but they offered cash money'

Tax dept staff are HM's biggest e-learners

Friggin tax-collecting boffins know too much!

Roberts reveals radio with raunchy recording features

Noise "Я" us

Opera spruces up email client in 11.60 browser cut

Ragnarök: An ending, or a beginning?

Cocktail Flow

Android App of the WeekBottoms up!

LG chisels wedge-shaped Ultrabook


Boffins: Japan was hit by 'double-wave' tsunami

Two became one to require you to opt out of data-sharing plan with drug firms

Confidential NHS records to be 'opened up'

Samsung seeks new chip factory in China

Applies for NAND production facilities for mobes and tabs

Microsoft researchers build spam filter for HIV

Turns out spammers behave a lot like deadly virus...

Asda knocks 20 quid off Kobo WiFi

Basic e-book reader even cheaper for Chrimbo

IPO: Patent laws must change to attract Big Pharma to UK

Stringent testing rules strangle drug development, say companies

Samsung imagines see-through bendy tablet of the future

Dream OLED

Navy pays 2x purchase price to keep warship docked for 5 years

You'll never guess the name of the contractor

2011's Best... DVRs and Media Streamers

Xmas Gift GuideTelly content, off your Lan, off the net

Another flash array upstart attacks SAN goliaths

XtremIO gets fresh flash funding

China gets 64 quid Android 4.0 tablet

Ainol outs seven-incher

Codebreakers find evidence for hidden puzzle in GCHQ challenge

'Tell me I'm on the right track, GCHQ, so I can get some sleep'

Bumblebee boffins rediscover long-vanished species

Rare US insect had not been seen since 1956

Windows 8 fondleslabs: Microsoft tip-toes through PC-makers' disaster

Winning consumers and influencing content-makers

US military pays SETI to check Kepler-22b for aliens

'Space situational awareness' cash for Allen Array

Kindle Fire to consume half of Android tablet biz

Three vendors in 2012: Apple, Amazon and 'others', says analyst

US trade commission delays decision on HTC

Wants another week to decide if it's violating Apple's patents

Cash-bloated startup takes on data protection giants

What the heck is going on at Actifio?

More BT heads roll amid biz transformation

Updated'Disgusting the way staff are being treated' say reseller workers

Apple probed by EC antitrust arm over ebooks market

Did publishers and Cupertino stifle competition in EU?

.xxx opens for business as smut site slings lawsuit

Policies proposed on child pr0n, piracy and censorship

Google set to begin appeal against Italian guilty verdicts

Google Video 3 to fight privacy-breach convictions

Cnet slammed for wrapping Nmap downloads with cruddy toolbar

Babylon's Burning ...

Shift to cloud computing puts squeeze on resellers' finance

Invoice discounting 'overdraft' cash cow dries up

Code-probing, not Angry Birds, will define cloud's success

Open ... and ShutNo sex please we're testing

Sony networks boss on PlayStation, Sky and Google

InterviewTim Schaaff: 'We don't have to be 100 per cent efficient to be successful'

Last of the space shuttle commanders retires from NASA

Atlantis skipper hangs up his pressure suit

India asks Facebook and friends to screen content

Google and other net giants in meetings with gov over 'offensive content'

Facebook security hole exposes Zuckerberg's privates

And possibly yours, too

Cisco wants to build your cloud

Might as well face it, you're addicted to video

Boffing boffins create 3D map of orgasmic female brain

Women are complicated. Who knew?

Motorola rolls out Australia’s biggest digital radio network

Network first unites emergency services

‘Blogger not a journalist’ says Oregon court

The $2.5 million defamation distinction

‘Evil’ pleads guilty in Platform Networks case

Upside: no more ‘NBN hacker’ headlines?

Artists craft the ultimate iPhone fanboi holiday gift

Meet the $800, gold-plated shofar

Verizon denies blocking competitive Google Wallet

Not blocking – just don’t expect it to work

Military contractor warns of new Adobe Reader exploit

Attacks already under way

MapR cranks out updated Hadoop data muncher

Lays foundation for MapReduce 2.0

Ericsson scores slice of Kiwi fast network

Set to deploy GPON for Northpower

Solar installations skyrocket in Oz

PV now on half a million roofs

Intel, Micron double single-chip flash capacity

How does a speedy 128Gb grab you?

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