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5th > December > 2011 Archive

Blighty promised £43m prang-predicting supercomputer

Science minister pledges £158m to boost Brit boffins' IT

Cross-border shopping wars: EC proposes free online arbitration

Better refs for inter-country click-trade buy boost

Bankrupt Borders flogs 65,536 IP addresses at $12 a pop

Scarce network numbers offloaded to healthcare biz

Man gets £12,500 after girlfriend probes his medical data

Nurse ex-partner's data breach cost him a job

Silverlit Spy Cam

Geek Treat of the WeekSpy in the sky

Ideas pits physical servers against fake ones

Sizing up the clouds

Samsung Galaxy Note

ReviewWee tablet, big phone? No, the ideal in-betweener

Mozilla denies OS X Leopard 2012 kill

Discussions will happen

Flash prices FALL

Thai floods mask falling demand

Turn your WinPhone into an Xbox remote

xBox xmas

Mozambique menaced by flesh-eating bananas

Emails warn of carnivorous fruit

GCHQ spooks' code-breaking puzzle solved

'Rather disappointing', says prof - both puzzle and prize

Samsung rolls out 'fastest' laptop mini SSDs

mSata for speed

Assange™ can request final hearing against Swedish extradition

WikiLeaker-in-chief to take fight to Supreme Court

Samsung brings out superskinny flash drives for ultrabooks

It's no good. Who wants a cheaper, better MacBook Air?

Tablets to outship regular notebooks by 2016

But Ultrabooks will keep the clamshell on top

Japan, Russia in plan for elephant to birth CLONE MAMMOTH

Dumbo surrogate crucial to Pleistocene Park scheme

2011's Best... E-book Readers

Xmas Gift GuideFor lovers of literature

Potential ALIEN LIFE habitats FOUND ON MOONS

Endor, Pandora turn out to be inspired guesses

Snowbound Alaskan survives on frozen beer

Quick drive ends in terrifying Coors Light ordeal

Sony region-locks digital content on PS Vita

But games region-free

No Samsung ban for Apple in US

Fruity firm loses bid to block smartphone sales

Insurance giant: IT dealers will survive the downturn

A lot of b2b resellers are 'agile' and can 'adapt' - Euler Hermes boss

Anti-Kremlin websites complain of DDoS attacks

Election fraud monitors: 'We were silenced as Russia went to the polls'

InMage: VMware backup can be done 80% faster

V3 of vContinuum

IDC: Google needs DEEP tablet price slash to crack Apple

Must collaborate with rivals to stop iPad's dominance - analyst

Mexico shuts down drug gang's antennas, radios

Army says deadly Las Zetas used some of the kit to track the military

Swiss insist file-sharers don't hurt copyright holders

P2P still OK for personal use, government rules

NASA probe now closer than ANY OTHER spacecraft to Pluto

Breaks Voyager 1 record set in 1986

Former RIM Indonesia chief faces negligence charge over stampede

Cops say Canadian banned from travelling overseas

Napster will live on in the UK

UpdateNo Rhapsody name change here

Microsoft's futurologists virtualise the poor

They'll always be with us - just less smelly

Asus phone-tablet pair set for 2012 launch

Quad-core, of course

Former ICO deputy head denies blocking press probe

'I never said the press was too big to take on'

NASA confirms first Earth candidate in habitable zone

Kepler finds Earth 2.0 just 600 light years away

Storage software sales strong

Second-largest revenue quarter

Big Blue buys little green partner

IBM gets into unemployment, welfare management

New Apple data center to snuggle with Facebook?

'Maverick' said to be planned in Oregon

Redmond rolls with Exchange 2010 SP2 update

OWA for all and hybrid cloud support

HP tempts Elite computer buyers with capacious Box

Adds online storage to three hardware lines

Australia Network stays in Aunty's lap

Murdoch empire out in cold as tender scrapped

$AU1.7 million for speech-text startup

Swag of inventions in $AU10 million handout round

Supermassive surprise: the biggest black holes EVER

A blackholearama of a day!

Former HP boss Patricia Dunn dies at 58

ObituaryLegacy sullied by 'pretexting' scandal

Oracle fires Itanium countersuit at HP

Right back at you, Leo Meg

It's ba-ack. Exploit revives slain browser history bug

Attack reveals recently visited websites

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