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1st > December > 2011 Archive

Ciena picks up AAPT network build

Ethernet business services in the pipeline

Duqu attackers: master coders, Linux rookies

Amateur goofs doom global wipe of C&C servers

Barnes & Noble hires Microsoft’s legal nemesis

Patent fight! Will David Boies slap Redmond yet again?

Viewsonic PLED W500 portable projector

ReviewTravelling light

Letting GPUs run free

BlogNo single system silo = big step forward

Technology v support: Amazon's premium challenge

Good enough is the bottom line

DWP cuts spending with top IT supplier HP by 4%

Supplier only netted paltry £629.4m

Fuel taxes don't hurt the world's poor - they don't have cars

Only bad for poor people in rich countries

Printed-out dissolving bones, teeth work well in rats

Ready for slotting into people in a decade, seemingly

08 Wizard

iOS App of the WeekCut the cost of premium-rate calls

STEC thrusts fat solid disk with godlike stamina

Enterprise SSD can keep it up for longer

Acer: $499 Ultrabooks in 2013

A year to get cheap... ish

BUSTED TWO: Carrier IQ monitor-ware on iPhones too?

Chpwn finds agent in /usr/bin

Inside the shadow world of commercialised spook spyware

Exclusive'We'll penetrate commsats, undersea cables, Skype ...'

Skyrim update makes dragons FLY BACKWARDS

Magic mishaps, other glitches introduced by bug-fix

Crack GCHQ's code and become the next James Bond

Signals snoopers' challenge to wannabe spooks

Official: Lenovo adopts Windows Phone

MS OS handsets out in 2012

Kepler spots Earth-sized exoplanet ideal for barbecues

Scorching hot world's year is less than three days, too

Acer UK disties expect big things of new boss

Prepared to put annus horribilis behind them

Christmas gamma burst stupendo-explosion DEATHMATCH

Festive 2010 burst was fit to herald Gamma Ray Jesus

Samsung, Google release Galaxy Nexus bug fix

Update to sort audio drop-outs

HTC Sensation XE

Android smartphone with Beats Audio bass booster

Apple: Siri isn't anti-abortion

Voice command app accused of hiding clinics

Tesco: buy a DVD, get the download free

No such thing as a free launch

Lovefilm dumps Flash, BLINDS Linux fans with Silverlight

Tough love when it comes to streaming movies online

Nokia is past its best-by date, warns analyst

Standard & Poor's: Glory days unlikely to return

Clandestine US 'space warplane' extends orbital mission

Black budget robot carries on its unknown task

iPhone 4S owners love Siri, hate the battery life

Apps, iCloud - we've heard of 'em

Northern Ireland's top cops 'hacked by NotW' - new claim

NI minister's PC also an alleged target

Vodafone Android app babysits lazy parents' kids

Won't someone think of the children ... oh, they did

Geek seeks cash for Top Trumps-style CPU game

Ha! My Z80A beats your 6502

Alibaba! and! friends! offer! to! swallow! Yahoo! whole!

Group mulls bid of $25bn for the entire company

Zynga lowers valuation to a bargain $10bn

Virtual bumpkin game maker braces for rocky market

Parallels bags Microsoft .NET brainiac to float clouds

Mac love not the only fruit worth picking

Smartphone-shot movie guns for cinema release

Used a Nokia, so gimme the Oscar

Assange: 'iPhone, BlackBerry, Gmail users - you're all screwed'

Whistle blown on mass surveillance industry

ICO 'too scared' to clobber press for data breaches

Ex-employee: 'I was told media too big for a teeny watchdog'

Ranting Iranian TV fined £100k for shoddy interview

Ofcom repeats threat to revoke 'news' channel's licence

Lord British: Games consoles 'fundamentally doomed'

Shock claim from respected developer

Toads predict earthquakes: Official

React to positive airborne ions, boffins explain

More than $60bn spunked on cyber-security in 2011

Investors, defence contractors, tech firms frolic in cash bath

Consumers go console crazy for Crimbo

Record sales for games world

AT&T hits back: 'T-Mobile USA merger will be great, actually'

FCC's condemnation of proposed union not fair, says telco

IBM, Micron tag team on 3D memory breakthrough

Vertical DRAM juices bandwidth, efficiency

US Senator demands answers from Carrier IQ

Al Franken calls smartphone tracker on the carpet

Boffin's bot spots red light jumpers before they kill

Predictive code warns of moron motorists

Apple files avatar automation, emotion patents

Choose your preferred facial expression for 'FOAD'

Adobe takes on Efficient Frontiers

Suits up for Google battle

Chrome passes Firefox in global browser share

Google has gaggle of South American fans

Copyright Act could defang infringement notices: iiNet

Day two of the ‘iiTrial’ in the High Court

Cudo still dealing daily to Kiwis

Not ready to pull out of NZ yet

Does your smartphone run Carrier IQ? Find out here

Apple, AT&T, Sprint confirm; Nokia, RIM, Verizon deny

NASA busts booster booster

Confiscates BLOODY BIG rocket after Web sale

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