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30th > November > 2011 Archive

Microsoft prepping Office for iPad?

So says Rupert Murdoch's fondleslab rag

Ubuntu team questions Distrowatch share slide figures

If you build it, they will might come

Google, VMware, Cisco stuff Puppet with $8.5m

Sysadmin tool, not Muppet movie

Yelp lands in Aus with some help from Telstra

User generated site kicks off with whimpers not Yelps

Samsung gets a win in Oz patent battle

Friday deadline for CupertinoHigh Court challenge, or 'complete win' for Samsung?

Developers get new IE10 for Windows 8 preview

More HTML5 features for future browser

BUSTED! Secret app on millions of phones logs key taps

Researcher says seeing is believing

The BBC Micro turns 30

ArchaeologicThe 8-bit 1980s dream machine

We need IT to stop NHS flushing away cash - ex-Health Sec

Dorrell wants better use of tech to save billions

UK space radar satellite project gets funding kickstart

Gov contribution buys half of one unit, need biz help for the rest

ESA tests greenhouse gas-measuring lasers

Green beams light up the skies over the Canaries

Anonymous launches OpRobinHood against banks

'We have come to take the 99%'s money back'

Orange contract price hike angers subscribers

Inflationary increase

Red Hat's sales architect exits on Linux high

Open... and ShutCoders' money man expendable?


iGamerRobot wars

HP storage biz ready for battle again

Focusing on 3PAR, IBRIX, StoreOnce and LeftHand

Gov asks disabled users how it can make web easier

Closed caption tech and meaningful links wanted

LOHAN's concrete derrière dubbed WIDDECOMBE

Heavyweight Brit politico beats off stiff opposition

Zuckerberg submits privacy mea culpa after FTC ruling

'We've made a bunch of mistakes'... bitch

Wi-Fi may damage sperm, boffins warn

Keep that laptop away from your 'nads, lads

Acer joins NFC party with mid-range blower

Oh hello, you haven't missed much

The TARDIS through the ages

Talkin' about My Girl

British garbage worms survive in space without human help

Extraterrestrial nematode freed from mankind's dominance

Woman cuffed by phone-hack probe plods

Op Weeting cops pursue 17th suspect to remote north

HP shows off filer and dedupe monsters in Vienna

Powerful combos of scale-out hardware and filer software

Attention, mallrats: Google maps floor plans for Android users

Look up from your handset, stupid. I'm over here!

Microsoft tempts with WinPho demo on... iPhone

Try before you fly

Former Apple subsidiary loses patent spat with HTC

US trade commission says phone cameras don't violate FlashPoint IP

UN's lax security exposed by password-slurping hacktivists

Login details and email addresses dumped after raid

Toshiba shuts down three chip factories

Cuts production as economic slowdown bites

Sony officially rolls-out fresh PlayStation firmware

Lovely Vita meeter made

HP douses firebomb printer hack threat

Prof warns of dirty firmware explosives risk

Ofcom boss threatens nuclear option on 4G squabble

Agree on auction or I'll sic the politicians on you

The End of Free: Web 2.0 will squeeze punters rotten

ExclusiveUtopia ends here

Google rejigs search bar (again)

No longer painted black

BT, EE's mobe broadband trial jump-starts Cornish village

LTE anytime, anyplace, anywhere*, just like Martini

Nokia flogs off WiMAX biz

Old tech goes to NewNet

Samsung outs 'retina display' ARM chippery

2560 x 1600 graphics on a mobe, anyone?

HP: We are NOT channel's services enemy

Unveils raft of cloud services...

Virtual Instruments gets physical SAN Performance Probe

How does your SAN tool stack up?

Judge orders search giants: Delist Chanel rip-off merchants

UpdatedGoogle, Microsoft – anybody plus everybody

Squeezed Spotify to unveil APIs & App Store

Heavy platforms can kill

Ravens' secret sign code probed

Saying 'nevermore' etc with beak gesture, seemingly

Hasselblad H4D-200MS medium format multishot camera

ReviewJust what does a 200Mp image look like?

NASA wants space washing machine for ISS, Mars bases

'Nauts stinky knickers cram station for months on end

eBuyer £1 sale fail: Customers vent fury... on Facebook

Idle Cyber Monday shoppers can't be bothered to pick up phone

Gov's e-petition service cost £80k to develop

Taxpayer-shouting-at-bins website to stay

Smut sirens violate YouTube with saucy .XXX hot dog

Domain pusher appeals ad vid ban

Hands on with Star Wars: The Old Republic

First LookImpressive. Most impressive

FCC slams AT&T and T-Mobile union

Damning report accuses firms of trying to mislead regulators

James Bond savages the Kardashians

'Fu*king idiots', thunders Daniel Craig

Sage warns of bumpy ride ahead

Fiscal 2011 profit and sales gains may be difficult to sustain

Man uses CAT scanner to copy Stradivarius

CAD, CNC kit used to knock out wood

Microsoft's uphill battle to push Win8 tabs into punters' paws

AnalysisYou snooze, you lose, warns analyst

HP plays Violin to whip Itanium beasts into flash frenzy

Chip arrays to accelerate hot storage, says insider

NASA mini-sat parachutes to a halt in space, prangs into atmos

Could be means of clearing up orbital trash

Malcolm Gladwell, tipping points and Climategate

CommentHow a marketing buzzword changed the world

Adobe slated over channel compo cockup

New system has 'teething problems' say resellers

Hollywood siren invented key phone tech TRUE

New book reveals Hedy Lamarr's contribution to Wi-Fi, CDMA

HP CEO to reveal fate of WebOS in two weeks

600 engineers wait to hear their fate

DBMS pioneer Bachman: 'Engineers have more fun than academics'

Very large databases are so '70s

Microsoft! among! suitors! hungry! for! small! bite! of! Yahoo!

Ailing web firm looks to avoid investor consult

Veeam stretches VM backup to Hyper-V

Not just for VMware any more

PROVEN: Violent video games mess with your head

Brain boffins show how shooters deaden your soul

Engineer, criminologist join forces to CRUSH black hats

Research project will uncover cybercriminals' secrets....

Ultrabook prices to fall as manufacturers slash margins

Intel’s subsidy helping as Christmas sales loom

Netlist puffs HyperCloud DDR3 memory to 32GB

DDR4 spec copies homework

Fahrenheit 451 published as Bradbury finally succumbs to ebooks

Try burning bytes, fireman Montag

Android glitch allows hackers to bug phone calls

Attack pierces defenses on devices from HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Google

PayPal founder helps steer super geek cruiser

The tech boat promises something for everyone

Xen hypervisor ported to ARM chips

Twice, in fact, and KVM in the works, too

NBN sets up telemed trial for war veterans

300 diggers plug in to video technology

iiTrial in the High Court: Day One

Amicus curiae decisions, and the fine detail of authorisation

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