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29th > November > 2011 Archive

Call recording cloud gets funding and ex-Telstra exec

'Your call may be recorded for quality control purposes'

YaCy takes on Google with open source search engine

Good idea, stupid name

Global server sales cool a smidgen

Waiting for Opteron 6200, Xeon E5, and the EU to stabilize

CSIRO software tapped for e-health transition

Translating records in a snap

Sth Korean gamers suffer joystick curfew shock

Under 16s suffer Cinderella shutdown

Malls suspend plan to track shoppers' cellphones

Privacy concerns rain on retailer's snoop fest

Kinect 2 said to read lips, sense mood

'Read my lips, Xbox: Halo sucks'

Using virtual particles to get real random numbers

Bouncing photons off ‘empty space’

Facebook IPO said to set value at $100bn

Find out in April. Or May. Or June – unless the eurozone implodes

Backyard astronomer snaps Beta Pictoris dust disk

Stars on webcamKiwi claims ‘first amateur’ to catch exo-solar system

Ice Cream Sandwich

ReviewJust how tasty is Android 4.0?

EU can't discriminate between public and private personal data

Organisations can lawfully process personal data without consent

NetApp team tags Iron Mountain for cloudy medical archiving

Healthcare play

Osborne to SAVE ECONOMY with help from Media 2.0 websluts

AnalysisOpen data mashups, that's exactly what UK needs

Councils emailed vulnerable people's data to strangers

ICO fines Worcestershire and North Somerset for breaches

Strap-on thruster daredevil shows off Swiss peak formation

PicsPocket rocket man can't get enough high-altitude Alps antics

How to stop network traffic fighting like cat and dog

Sysadmin blogPicking the right route for the right packets

Seagate embiggens hybrid drive, won't say how...

Fast flash software for added oomph


Android App of the Week (NSFW)Is that a page scanner in your pocket?

RIM server upgrade draws Android and iOS into the fold

BES takes on non-Blackberry enterprise server rivals

Best Buy fires parting shot at Dixons with closing down sale

If we're going down, you're coming with us

Don't buy my new £210 box set - Elvis Costello

Brutal truth from the Brutal Youth

Symbian users: Prove you exist with NFC Foursquare check-ins

Dying service embraces dead OS with latest wireless tech

Web smut oglers accosted by bogus pop-up plod fines

Relax, it's just a scam, say cops

Open-source skills best hope for landing a good job

But don't rip up your Microsoft Certified IT Professional papers yet

Jarmageddon: Marmite spill sparks biohazard threat

Lorry crash jams M1, leaves cops in the brown stuff

HTC insists German 3G mobe sales ban is kaput

Android handset maker and IPCom spar over injunction

HP's fraught union with Autonomy bears first fruit

IDOL 10 turns big biz data chaos into some sort of sense

British Library sprinkles digital dust on dusty newsprint

Online archive opens up – at a cost

UK's top tech startup: Glasgow's tiny circle of animation wizards

CommentThe world of Muvizu

Smart TV shootout

ReviewThe major players go head-to-head

Virtually indestructible robostarfish penetrates tiny cracks

Wriggling flexi-bot created by Harvard boffins

Toshiba readies zero Watt standby mode telly

Hero and zero

13 MILLION gamers in ID theft scare after Nexon breach

Game items offered to punters who change their passwords

iOS 5.1 name-checks next-gen iPad, iPhone

Apple's upcoming telly too?

MPs: This plan for proper navy carriers and jets is crazy!

AnalysisQuite simply not a clue what they're on about

Brit security biz Clearswift pockets £30m from sugar daddies

Email and web guardian bought by Lyceum

Schneier: Teens and treaties - our cyber-war saviors

We're all going to die! Er, no, we're not...

How digital audio ate itself ... and the music biz

Special ReportPart Two: The attack of the clones

Sky's mobile movies move leaves Apple, Amazon gasping

It actually produces content, too...

Give Osborne a shovel: UK economy stuck in deep hole

Blames Eurozone, Labour, ANYONE but govt for 'debt storm'

Groupon shares plunge: Drain in sight

Cyber Monday not a good day for coupon site

Lone! sugar! daddy! yearns! to! seduce! Yahoo! US!

Single investment firm just wants American biz

Revealed: Full specs on Mars rover's nuclear laser heat ray

Megawatt beam to disintegrate the red planet's pinheads

Ten... top Xbox Live game downloads

Product Round-upMatch points

Distie-loving cloud kingpin beds Ingram Micro

'Distributors are future cloud brokers'

Iran bans Tehran invasion first-person shooter

Shopkeepers arrested for stocking Battlefield 3

Gone in a Flash: Adobe's long march to HTML5

AnalysisRise and fall of the Player

Danger worm hijacks Facebook accounts to inject banking Trojan

Beware of poisoned photo links slaps £100m on broadband investment pile for urbanites

'Super-connected cities' planned. But no extra cash for rural areas

Duff Mars probe team sweats under Medvedev menaces

Phobos-Grunt relapses into silence

LOHAN: Reader vacuum pump plans really suck

Top quality amateur boffinry from El Reg spaceplane fans

Grooveshark bunged staff bonuses 'for pirating music'

Universal Music accuses streaming site in court docs

Consumer interest in Windows 8 tablets slumps

Too late to market?

Supply snitches: 4in iPhone 5 screens shipping now

'Sharp, Hitachi making big hi-res LCD screens'

Acer, Samsung, Lenovo line up behind Nvidia Tegra 3

Five-core fondleslabs from the three of 'em

HP invites just its best friends to 2012 partner bash

'We couldn't invite everybody'

Apple, Google apps face smut and violence ratings

Five-point scale to separate PG from adult-only filth

US boffins unleash piezoelectric insect cyborg

'Leccy-generating beetle for hazardous missions

Red Hat sales chief tapped as Acronis CEO

Pinchev to push growth

Mint Linux freshens up web searches

We've got our own engine. Swallow that, Google and Microsoft

Cisco salivates over exploding data center traffic

Transmuting gigabits per second into dollars per quarter

Intel sneaks out low-power microserver chip

Dusts off Pentium brand for one more go

European court advisor slams software copyrights

SAS loses round in World Programming case

Microsoft issues first upgrade to Office 365

SkyDrive updated, support for Lync and OS X Lion added

Facebook, FTC settle over privacy ‘deception’

All Friends again - for 20 years at least

Oz robo-soldiers in US Marines' firing line

Take out the dummy on the Segway, sarge!

HP confident on HPC future

BlogWants to be the ‘HP’ in HPC, not the ‘dot’ in dot-matrix

Insanely great PCIe 4.0 bit rate locked in

'Boutique' spec aimed at rarified speedsters

Google researchers propose fix for ailing SSL system

Changes would overhaul net's foundation of trust

WordPress’ Google potshot: users deserve better

AdSense state of the art? ‘Sad’

Cray notches another XE6-Cascades super deal

Dancing the Japanese two-step

Down under climate messages get more strident

Southern ocean warming worries scientists, heatwaves terrify government

System crash briefly grounds Qantas boarding passes

Mile-high pilot romp doesn’t help rep, either

Siri gets Android rival as Cluzee goes live

Apple was first, but is Android better?

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