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28th > November > 2011 Archive

Oz gummint looks into seniors’ cyber-safety

Fogies fear phishers

Future of computing crystal-balled by top chip boffins

Bad news: It's going to be tough. Good news: You won't be replaced

Jawbone Up wearable health sensor

ReviewTech tag that fights the flab

Randy plods plundered police records just to get a date

Data violator cops busted

Dawdling EU countries smacked over telecoms reforms

Citizens were supposed to get rights to info on ISPs and cookie-tracking

Online store offers secondhand MP3 marketplace

ReDigi to recycle digital music

Wales relaunches bilingual online traffic info service

Cymru car crashes detailed on Microsoft Bing Maps

Intel preps Thunderbolt docking tech for Ultrabooks

Desktop friendly

Smith's tablet turns web into jumbo reading club

Gather 'round the Fire, er, Kobo, everyone

Devs tempted to hit the source at appMobi's free bar

Celebration or desperation from cloudy crowd?

Irish banks settle with Oracle over banking software 'fiasco'

Bankers spunked millions on Flexcube

BMW, Fiat join Connected Car Consortium

Smartphone, meet in-car system

Pocket Boom portable vibration speaker

Geek Treat of the WeekMake cardboard boxes, brollies sing

Intel readies Xeon E5 mobo assault

CPU, chipset, networking, motherboard – complete

iPhone 4/4S 'self combusts' in airliner inferno

Jesus mobe 'glowed red', belched smoke

Flood-hit Sony snubs shoppers to shore up sales

Sets sights on £17bn of non-consumer kit by 2017

Chancellor to raid pensions, Whitehall to revamp UK broadband

£30bn pledge backed by China's deep pockets

Stonehenge finds hint at rituals far more ancient than the stones

Engima of the 'Heel Stone' partially unravelled

Psst, kid... Wanna learn how to hack?

AnalysisThe £25 computer to teach youngsters real computing skills

HTC faces Xmas sales ban misery in Germany

3G patent surrender could send Santa packing

Radio hams pick up Mars rover Curiosity's signals

German enthusiasts collaborate with NASA

Apple preps updated 11, 13, 15in MacBook Airs

Ultrabook challengers in pipeline

HTC: Apple and Samsung won't steal our lunch

Talks up mystery mobes to soothe flighty investors

Feds seize 130 sites in Cyber Monday crackdown

Bogus handbags no longer threaten the web

Panasonic to punt smartphones in Europe

Blower up the business

Phoenix sales and profits falling as UK economy burns

Boss calls for divisional overhaul to cut costs

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Android smartphone

ReviewIce Cream Sandwich, anyone?

Humans saved from EXTINCTION by Viv Westwood

Well, do you fancy a bleak future shivering in the Arctic?

Vodafone coughs to Galaxy S II GPS glitches

Lock-less monster to be dealt with

Spooks take the wheel in UK's £650m cyber-war operations

AnalysisGCHQ to lead info sharing with govt and biz

LG names smartphone Android 4.0 recipients

Optimus update list announced

Ken Russell dies aged 84

ObitRIP Tommy helmsman

Biology miss punts homemade smut to pupils

USB stick blunder unleashes X-rated personal vids

Word and Excel creator: How Gates, Jobs and HAL shaped Office

Simonyi on the code, people and films that inspired Microsoft

Phobos-Grunt 'crippled by US aurora station', 'is a bio-weapon'

Medvedev 'I'm not saying put someone up against a wall, but ...'

Ebuyer knocked out by own £1 deals site

Servers stunned by stampede of bargain-hunters

World may be short 70 MILLION disk drives

HDD death by flood supply strangulation this quarter

Galaxy Nexus audio bug patched... unofficially

Beta code from Samsung, Google leaked to build child army of software coders

Presumably they will all be supping on Silicon Roundabout milkshakes soon

Manila AT&T hackers linked to Mumbai terror attack - cops

Four alleged line-jackers cuffed with aid from FBI

Networking integrator Redstone staggers back to its feet

Down but not out after new bosses fire staff, flog assets...

Free cluster for a good cause

SCC11 system up for grabs

Ball-gazer casts magic runes to heal HP's credibility

Swallowing startups pushes up Gartner ranking

Ubuntu penguins build Linux TV challenge

Turned to Microsoft and Google?

Black Friday: Bargain-hunting mobs on the rampage

Sales are good, shoppers aren't

Car safety agency sparks e-car battery probe

GM Volt under scrutiny after post-prang fires

Won't someone think of the .children, begs Russian registry

.ru operator to ask ICANN for kid-friendly TLD

Apple fanbois get app to summon store staff

Want to catch gopher's eye? There's an app for that

Time up for Oracle's HTML5 killer?

Open-source Java: Part ThreeMessage to Ellison: no more JavaFX reboots

Apple killer app Siri struggles with Indian regional accents

Scottish can also scotch iPhone voice assistance

Google bows before Europe for Motorola's hand in marriage

EC's approval needed in $12.5bn buy-up quest

Second US Navy robot stealth bomber takes flight

Yes, but can it sing You've Lost That Loving Feeling?

RFID pioneer taps out one last time

ObitCharlie Walton

Mars rover Curiosity autographed by Obama

Also schoolgirl who named it, 1.24m others

Hacker cuffed in job interview sting with hotel he blackmailed

Hungarian demanded Marriott job after stealing secrets

Sony Ericsson: Android 4.0 updates out by March 2012

Ice Cream Sarnie schedule revealed

Nokia has good Black Friday, won't be sharing with NSN

Given red-headed stepchild cash 'for the last time'

TI throws DSPs at supercomputers

Seeing if they will stick, like GPU coprocessors

Russia successfully launches Glonass-M

Sweaty Russian space bosses heave sigh of relief

MIT boffin's 'truth goggles' probe print and pols

Journalists and politicians run for cover

Assange shocker: 'Of course I'm a goddamn journalist'

Meanwhile, overhauled whistle-blower system delayed

Apple's founding contract to fetch up to $150,000

Sotheby's auctions off the ultimate fanboi holiday gift

Pirated software hard drive on display as art

Don’t try that excuse when the RIAA visit

Netflix rules out Kiwi launch

Broadband is crap, can't get the rights

Twitter crypto purchase leaves Egypt dissidents in lurch

Android privacy service goes dark

Report: SAS controller bug holding up Xeon E5 launch

A different bug this time?

Mobile number exhaustion accelerating in Oz

Regulator plots out new numbering plan

Copyright industry opposes ISPs’ proposed regime

CommentComms Alliance has opened up the debate, and that’s a good thing

Hub and spoke gives data analytics a new spin

More tools in the warehouse

Toyota unveils 'smartphone on four wheels'

Concept car silliness at Tokyo Motor Show

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