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25th > November > 2011 Archive

Microsoft to Aussie gov: Privacy rules stifle e-Health

Shows the WTO pistol in the drawer

Oz ISPs propose copyright enforcement trial

Easing the gorilla out of the kitchen

Amazon Kindle Fire

ReviewContent consumption kit

Ex-NASA space shuttle to touch down on aircraft carrier

Enterprise to make Intrepid landing in 2012

Shock: Council dumps data wad - doesn't break any laws

Everything you wanted to know about Surrey, but were afraid to search

Our roving reporter snaps Tenerife sex dangle

Randy Brit tourist caught hanging from stairs

Apple iPhone owners are the most loyal smartphone buyers

RIM shot by wavering BlackBerry owners

Rock star physicist Cox: Neutrinos won't help us cheat time

Don't fire up the faster-than-light DeLorean. Boo!

Cabinet Secretary: Freedom of Info law stifles policy confabs

I can't advise ministers in private, huffs Sir Gus

LOHAN fondles substantial concrete buttocks

'J-Lo' structure to protect El Reg rocket test operatives

PS Vita will play all PS3 games remotely

Existing titles supported at PSP resolution

Thumbs Up Desktop Phone

Accessory of the WeekCheap and cheerful handset for the iPhone

Capita seeks 99 heads for chopping block

Pink slips dished out at Xmas

Hot pixelated Mac action to stuff fanbois' Xmas stockings

Icon artist Susan Kare publishes coffee table book

First third-party app to get Siri support demo'd

Proxy hack

ISP outcry halts cybercops' automatic .UK takedown plan

Telcos troubled by domain cut-offs without court orders

T-Mobile boasts budget smartphone for less than £100

Viva la city

ALL US pro basketball to be played by topless strippers

As NBA lockout continues, NYC team names its ball-handler

It's the ALL NEW FUTURISTIC WEAPONS Black Friday Roundup!

Suitcase assassin drone, electric stun rockets and more

Cheap-as-chips kit smashes Intel's HD video encryption

German boffins crack HDCP with $200 gear

Europe: warning, these Angry Birds CAN KILL KIDS

Rip-off plushies trigger alert

Punters even more dissatisfied by Virgin Media's package

Ofcom surveyNot our fault rivals have 'upped their game', says VM

Bloke claims ex swiped his sperm to make twins

'She would take the condom and run out of the room'

Wonder tonic keeps mobiles pumping web for longer

Battery-draining surfing offloaded by proxy

Olympus PEN Mini E-PM1

ReviewThe cheapest Micro Four Thirds camera money can buy

Will Mars rover Curiosity be the last of its nuclear kind?

Politicos bicker over peanuts for plutonium production

Samsung to 'exit netbooks'

Ultrabook focus, apparently

Bone boffins find remains of ancient tuna dinner

Humans were 'trolling' the deep seas 42,000 years ago, says prof

Demon Currys iPad showered kids with HARD-CORE smut

Bosses very, very sorry after shop web filter fail

AT&T poised to kick T-Mobile USA out of bed

Proposed merger on the rocks as firms give up on FCC for now

Shock claim: Playing Elder Scrolls WILL MAKE YOU GAY

Skyrim jobs for all

'That is the best tattoo of James May on a leg I have ever seen'

QuotwPlus: 'Buffy' - vampire slayer or Facebook smartphone?

How Apple beat IBM in Steve Jobs' first retail war

A Christmas, PoS tale

London Fire Brigade issues voracious tambourine warning

'You wouldn’t believe the incidents we’re called to'

Anonymous: 'We hacked cybercop's email'

Forensic 'secrets' in F*ckFBIFriday dump

Max Mosley sues Google to block 'orgy' vid searches

Ex-F1 boss declares search bots 'dangerous'

Cruel new punishment for hackers: Twitter, Facebook bans

Nooooo, anything but that!

Ubuntu tells dumped CouchDB: It's not you, it's me

Cloud storage dalliance is over

Need for Speed: The Run

ReviewStep on it

Boffins find new 2012 glyph on 'secret' Mayan brick

Cryptic 1300-yr-old inscription ≠ doomsday, they insist

Climategate: A symptom of driving science off a cliff

AnalysisYou just couldn't make it up

Disk drive prices swell 5% every DAY in floods aftermath

Dealers accused of profiteering from Thai disaster

Judge tosses Netflix, Walmart conspiracy claim

Firms did not partner to control DVD rentals and sales

Scareware slingers stumped by Google secure search

Scam sites can't game search results

Penguin e-books back in libraries – but no new titles

Publisher in talks with Amazon, Overdrive

Falklands, Cardiff lie beneath track of rogue Phobos-Grunt

'Debris will probably hit remote unpopulated area' - UKSA

Office 15 beta ready for fondling by early 2012

Touch it and you'll break it - but that's the point

NASA's nuclear laser tank will hunt down any life on Mars

Seriously though: How excellent if there was some

Huge mob swarms phone launch – but it's a BLACKBERRY

Punters fainted - and not at the price

Flinging Facebook insults at Thai monarchy earns fat jail terms

Bhummer! Ministry asks social network to delete rude comments

Tablets need permanent Black Friday price slash to triumph

Fondleslab costs must tumble, says analyst

Beware the software security scare silly season

Open ... and ShutDon't let touts cloud your judgement

Slip of a lad to play James Bond's Q

Youthful gadgetmeister joins Skyfall cast

Amazon cloud rival adds object storage service

Joyent: Expect petabytes and petabytes of storage

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