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24th > November > 2011 Archive

Victorian Ombudsman whacks state’s IT spending

Best practice? We’ve heard of it

‘We know where dark matter is hiding’ claim boffins

WIMPs are bigger than we thought

Software maker sorry for trying to silence security researcher

Withdraws legal threats over mobile 'rootkit' claims

Cisco to HP: 'Stop suing former staffers'

Not a way to build loyalty

Apple MacBook Pro 13in Core i5 laptop

ReviewMore of the same but different

Groupon BUSTED for bulging breasts bargain boob

24-hour deadline violated BAAPS

NHS minister's bombshell: I get emails from dead people

'Zombies' raise merry hell in my inbox, says MP

Bare gums couldn't chew up storage rivals, says Hitachi biz

'A correlation' now seen between rhetoric and action

Brocade gives Wall Street the finger

Better than expected results

WinPho sceptics cut Lumia 800 sales estimates in half

Nokia huffs, sticks fingers in ears


iOS App of the WeekTaxi grab

Irish biz rife with fake sites slurping victims' privates

Volunteer hit squad tells of thugs sneaking onto servers

Watch crim crackdowns on live Plod blog

RT @PCTodd1978 Hv U arrestd that burglar yet m8?

Exoplanet ranking suggests INTERSTELLAR WAR imminent

Too late to recall idiotic message beamed at alien star

Server makers start pushing Opteron 6200 tin

Where's Acer? And Oracle and Fujitsu?

Rampaging Brit looters cost Dixons £4m

Chain's losses narrow but widen at group level

US gov spunks $200K on busted weather app

iPhone version a bargain at $56,000

EA retreats, offers free Battlefield 1943 after all

PS3 gamers to get promised freebie

What should a sci-fi spaceship REALLY look like?

Saucers, flying caravans and floating oil rigs...

2016: Death of the wallet as NFC tap-cash arrives at last

Or is it 2014? Analysts bicker over e-cash future

Obama steps in as Britney Spears wrestles Page on Google+

Oops Larry, I did it again

LG runs up third-gen Prada phone

iPhone is so last year, dahlinks

Fujifilm announces 'new breed' of bridge camera

Super macro inbound

UK's first stealth jumpjet rolls off line – but we don't want it

First of three supersonic Harrier replacement orphans

Apple crushes High Street in UK web shopping stakes

Second best by traffic ... not sales

HTC forecasts stormy future, laments Apple S3 defeat

Disgraced acquisition carpeted for 'holistic evaluation'

Ten... top PlayStation Network game downloads

Product Round-upCheap thrills

Levelling the EMC Lightning playing field

OpinionAnother way to avoid lock-in

Actual computer hacking by UK media: Suspect cuffed

Not just voicemail - proper technical stuff

Punters go postal with erratic Royal Mail site

Update'How very sorry we all are', say posties

Bloke pays inked tribute to Top Gear

'The best tattoo of James May on a leg I have ever seen'

Spillover from 400lb man squeezed fellow flier into galley

US debates 'sweaty hambeasts', overpaid tall people on airplanes

Ubuntu savaged by rivals infected with fondleslab fever

Help, the penguins are revolting!

Rogue Russian Mars probe communicates - but in gibberish

Experts mull mission to asteroid or Moon instead of Mars

Sweeping net filters trample ISPs' rights, says Euro beak

Can't be forced to sniff all traffic

We talk to Moon designer about ULTIMATE sci-fi ship

Gavin Rothery points out successes, skewers failures

Apple pulls games subs app DAYS after approving it

Big Fish yanked out of iTunes pond with 'no explanation'

San Diego woman strips to bikini to look for her chihuahua

Refuses to dress till she finds her Chispita

Cheshire councils to axe 70 IT jobs

Begin 3-month consultation on shared IT staff

Fake Steve Jobs tells kids: 'Do what you want to do'

Counterfeit iPhones, now bogus biographies

Struggling tech resellers face winter of annihilation

Bloodbath predicted after glum Xmas

Ofcom: ISPs can cripple the web as much as they please

Throttling good, net neutrality bad, says watchdog

Terry Pratchett computer sniper-scope: Spec-ops mini version

Secret supertroops want version for solo shooter

Apple eyes set on Sharp IGZO tech for iPad 3 screen

Brighter, more energy efficient panels ahoy!

HMV plays catch up with video on-demand service

Modern storefare

Thanksgiving menaced by virus-laden fake iTunes vouchers

Malware-hunters finger scam

Richard Branson plans submarine tours of dead whale corpse

Snaps up bloated blubbery body, tows it offshore

How digital audio ate itself and the music industry

Special ReportPart One: The birth of a new science

SHARKS tempted by BIKINI CLAD Thanksgiving BABES

Experiment to ruin dreams of evil billionaires everywhere

Scientists probe Earth's core, make mystifying discovery

Colossal magnet we live on perhaps a Silicon roundabout

Hybrid clouds 2012: the private cloud myth lives

Marketeer snake oil for scared CIOs

Dell fastens shrink ray tech onto new file vault

Plays Ocarina for backup box in 2012

Jew or not Jew app withdrawn from iTunes

French anti-Racism campaigners force Apple to nix app worldwide

Huawei builds channel red army in Europe

Signs distie deal with SDG for UK, France and the Netherlands

Nokia promises not one but two Lumia 800 power fix patches

Software updates in December, January

Apache developers scramble to fix proxy flaw

Admins, nail down your systems

Microsoft pitching Kinect control tech to telly makers

Gesture politics

Dyson sinks £1.4m into Cambridge engineering chair

Intellectual vacuum

'Rebel' biologist and neo-Darwinian skeptic Lynn Margulis dies

ObituaryScience loses a great mind

Three labs, one (big) cluster

Top 15 system to manage nuke stockpile

1,000 Chinese workers strike at Apple and IBM supplier

Cupertino singled out on forced overtime, conditions

Westpac unchiefs the information officer

CommentTumbril calls for the PHB

Graphene circuits from an inkjet printer

Magic material gets yet another surprising application

Regulator unloads on ASX over buggy IT

Next time, make it work

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