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23rd > November > 2011 Archive

Microsoft to offer dual upgrade path for Windows 8

One for the technical, another for the not so

FBI: No evidence of water system hack destroying pump

Probe into SCADA breach continues

Inside the BBC's R&D Labs

From the Lab to the living room

Storage minnow Infortrend is growing up... fast

Adds tiering after adding SSD

Plans for wave-pay Tube tickets don't convince pols

'100% safe' claim shows Transport chiefs have no idea

UK has no idea if it's selling spyware to evil regimes

And that's how we like it, thanks, says gov

Elon Musk's SpaceX seeks 'private sector Cape Canaveral'

So many rockets and ships, not enough launch pads

Hero dev writes the CODE that COULD SAVE THE WORLD

Best summer coding job ever for US student?

Fragged, fragged and thrice fragged! 20 years of id Software’s Doom

Antique Code ShowScary monsters and super creeps

Chromebooks: the flop of 2011?

Puny sales figures

Yes! Perhaps! It's the Lady Gaga Thanksgiving Special!

Glitter-covered children, an old man and an oily bird

'Hands off our books, content miners! Those aren't cheap'

Automated research slurping is bad, claim publishers

It's ALIVE! Broken Russian Mars probe finally answers calls

Aussie station gets signal from rogue Phobos-Grunt

IBM pumps up the volumes for data pool party

Plays a tune on Violin too

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Apple's 3D recognition patent

New tech identifies tanks, faces, tumours and more

Fear and slow loading: Eclipse celebrates 10 unsettling years

IBM's open-source project that could

HP firesale wafts TouchPad to top of tablet chart

Ignoring Apple, of course...

Genetically modified mutants 'safe for release' into the wild

'Underdominance' experiment on remote island

Chinese £200 iPhone killer unwraps for Xmas

We've been waiting for Steve to die, says biz boss

Microsoft renovates Xbox Live dashboard

Tiles R us

McKinnon's mum wins human rights gong

Janis Sharp praised for extradition law reform battle

Secret HP dossier on ex-CEO Hurd's antics to stay sealed

Supreme Court says shareholder can't see red-hot file

'Apple's iPhone 4S ate our SIM cards'

Furious fanbois thwarted by phone failure

Asus Eee Pad Slider SL101

ReviewAndroid tab with pop-out keyboard? WTF?!?

Councils 'fessed up to just 55 of 1,035 data loss shockers

Watchdog kept in the dark by town halls, wants new powers

Streamline Computing goes titsup

Warwick-based HPC reseller latest to hit the wall

Man nearly faints with relief as cops drop chopper charge

Scary fake tool had panicked woman

Dragonriders of Pern author Anne McCaffrey dies

ObituaryPioneering fantasy writer was 85

Hubble snaps mystery green death nebula in NGC 1846

Curious case of dwarf galaxy's possible member loss

Apple stalks execs in the cloud

Sign up to iCloud, write you own job description

Steve Jobs had 'personal moral failures', was no role model

Prof lambasts bearded fondle-slab biz titan

Erotica 2011 stands firm against rise of the sex machines

NSFWOld-school tools hit of leather and vibes bash

Radiation TERROR on Scottish beach! Except it's quite safe

Gordon Brown wants MoD to clear up minuscule hazard

Stripper name game exposes sensitive privates on Tumblr

Bragging about Smartie Longbone is no laughing matter

Google gives up on saving world from cheap coal energy

'Others can do it better'. No sh*t, text-ads Sherlock

Murdoch junior QUITS board of Sun publisher

Quietly resigned from News International's sister biz

Red Hat serves up red-hot Ceylon sauce

Java heir exposes its inner git

Adventures in mineral oil cooling

Longhorns oiled and battered

Saints Row: The Third

ReviewExtreme - and then some

Sony delays 3D PlayStation telly in Europe

Brit gamers must wait longer for dual-view telly

Gov IT boss is latest senior Cabinet Office bigwig to quit

Second in a month - who will implement IT strategy now?

Sony demos Augmented Reality on PS Vita

Full launch line-up confirmed

Ethernet reaches for the hyper-scale cloud

To infinity and beyond

Climategate 2.0: Fresh trove of embarrassing emails

Analysis'All our models are wrong', writes Jones

RIP mice and keyboards: Kinect for PCs incoming

And gaming gear gets up close and personal

WD cleared to gobble Hitachi GST

Complicated Brussels nod isn't a simple go for it

Titan = supersized science

SC11The computer ( not the Saturn moon)

Pro-game MP rewrites Modern Warfare censure motion

Call of Duty gets Parliamentary praise

Samsung pledges Galaxy Nexus audio glitch fix

Bug plaguing Android 4 phone to be squashed soon

Boffin's wall of bees shields farms from stampeding elephants

Biologist earns gong after beasts buzz off

ISS 'nauts need not fear head-on space junk smashup

NASA rules that debris is no threat to the space station

OpenStack is overstretched

OpinionToo many targets

Huge PDP-11 in a lorry: How I drove computers into schools

This Old BoxMobile technology, the mainframe way

Groupon stock dives below IPO value as Black Friday nears

Traders offering bargains on bargain-offer paper

GiffGaff blames O2 gaffe for mobile outage

People's network loses its people

BT Engage IT's big cheese shown the door

COO 'will exit amid planned redundancies'

US quakes before MENACING TURKEYS, snow globes

Border control operatives hunt down anomalous pies

Google machine-guns unpopular social products

Sad, lonely web efforts not 'beautiful' enough to live

First bite as Apple fishes for iPad games subscriptions

Big Fish swallows small monthly subs

Apple telly may sport Sharp screen tech

Who cares? It's more fun watching the CE biz squirm

Netflix shares fall on profit warning

Movie rental firm will make a loss if it can't recover from Qwikster debacle

ScaleMP takes self in hand, pumps its offering even bigger

Fixes together cluster ark-ships with network glue

Nokia Siemens Networks chucks 17,000 people overboard

Lightening ship ahead of IPO

iPhone 4S is for failures who work in coffee shops - Samsung

Barista barb could hit home in new ad campaign

Apple one-day-only sale plans for Macs, iPads leaked to web

iPhone discounts a no show

Yahoo! Microsoft! merger! back! on! after! NDA! signed!

Yang’s final humiliation as Redmond offers peanuts

China overtakes US as world’s biggest smartphone market

Nokia faces do or die in Middle Kingdom

Rooting Kindle Fire bricks videos

Sting in the tail for fondleslab tinkerers

Vocus buys capacity on Asian cable

Takes direct data route on SeaMeWe-3

Amcom buys L7 for $AU15m

More cloud services in the mix

Gordon the supercomputer is intense about data

SC11300TB of flash = Big Data, fast

Browser plugin brings strong crypto to Google webmail

(Some restrictions apply)

Blistering chip pumps 1.5 Gbps down wireless channel

Mass production in three years says Rohm

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