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18th > November > 2011 Archive

Obama security in Oz lost booklet FAIL

Procedures manual leaked to press via Canberra gutter

Microsoft and Samsung uncloak slimmer Surface

Touchable tabletop maxi-tab goes second-gen

Yelp plans $100m IPO on value of '$1bn to $2bn'

Profits are soooo overrated

World's first Win 8 malware 'bootkit' to debut next week

'Stoned Lite' too impaired to defeat UEFI

Telstra creates new digital unit - tosses in fun stuff

Poaches TVNZ CEO with $AU100m to spend on gear

Panasonic SC-BTT270 5.1 Blu-ray home theatre

ReviewAV do-it-all for Lilliputian lounges

Seagate's Luczo: 'Expect a year of misery'

Soggy disk drives weigh on supply chain

eBay opens real-world UK tat bazaar for Xmas greed peak

Pop-up boutique shoppers will need smartphones to buy

Web smut barons sue over .xxx 'shakedown'

Sites drag ICANN, ICM into court

Microsoft names and shames pirate software traders

Yarr, we plundered Redmond's galleon, admit Brit firms

Attention swingbellies: Pizza sauce is a healthy vegetable

Does that mean garlic bread is a herb?

Kids demand Apple kit for Chrimble

Oi, Santa, where's my f***in iPad?

Android Market free-for-all blamed for malware avalanche

Symbian VXers advance on the Droids

Microsoft Dryad trampled in Hadoop stampede

Redmond flees wild big-data crunching elephant

Henge Docks Docking Station

Accessory of the WeekLow-cost cable holder for your MacBook

Microsoft wants slower flash chips

For the cloud

Northamber: PC stock mountain hurt us

Q1 sales down nearly 30 per cent, operating losses confirmed

3m iPad 3 'retina' screens sent to Apple by month's end

LG, Samsung and Sharp punch out the panels

Assange hires Pirate Bay lawyer

The WikiLeaker-in-chief does know the TPB 4 lost the case, right?

Southampton hampton vice shocker: Exclusive snap

Todger, ring, firemen, camera, lights, action...

Nominet claws back cops' automatic .UK takedown power

New plan: court order needed in some cases

BOFH: The day the office budget bombed – literally

Episode 19Explosive network kit Trojan

'Morons! Zuckerberg, are you listening?'

QuotW'As to Mars – it is a planet that does not like Earthlings'

Nokia's next Windows Phone leaked in dev ad

Lumia 900 looks Ace

Silicon Valley web giants face 10-year tech exit

Open ... And ShutWhy Google, Facebook and Twitter are risky bets

UK cops: 'We thwarted Royal Wedding web attack plot'

Kid cuffed in DDoS probe

Greener Arctic may be down to lemming poo, not climate

Swarming sex-mad rodents fertilise grasses

Irish website promises you'll never miss a funeral again

All the deaths you want, plus interactive mapping

Dell disk drive prices soar as rivals hold firm

BTO model and minimal inventory holding to blame, says analyst

Neutrinos still FASTER THAN LIGHT in second test

Take that, Einstein

Archos outs budget 9in Android tablet

Arnova novum

Nikon 1 J1 interchangeable lens compact camera

ReviewLate to the party and making a scene

Microsoft investors' love for Ballmer wanes

Chief chair chucker gets to stay, though

Reg reader seeks living room Myth advice - can you help?

Reader AssistanceCare from the community

Mysterious sat-pic China desert markings - EXPLAINED

NASA expert enlightens puzzled Google Earth fans

Woomera: Ghosts of Britain's space past

El Reg treads the Prohibited Area

Samsung v iPhone 4S French entrenchment: 'TOTAL WAR'

'They won't leave us alone', sob Apple lawyers to judge

Ghanaian she-devil chews off bloke's 'nad sack

Jeans no protection from sharp-toothed fury

Update knackers hundreds of Zendesk helpdesks

Fix blunder Twitter chunder 'great confusion' followed

Free the people from office chains and commuting pain!

Give the Transport minister an easy life. And buy our stuff!

Does tech suffer blurred vision on 3D future?

Part 1Death of field...

Shock result: UK's largest city best place to get IT job

Tech employment site releases interactive map of IT sector salaries

Surprise Royal Society prize win by wave-watching author

All kinds of waves from Mexican to seaside

Assassin's Creed: Revelations

ReviewOrganised climb

Brussels: Water cannot be sold as remedy for dehydration

May not be essential to life, either

IBM in the software era: Big Blue man gives HP a seminar

From atop vast pile of cash

Overland struggles to keep its head above water

Praying for patent suit to inflate its dinghy

Reg readers say: Having the right info is key to productivity

Anyone here work in Financial Services? Help us out

Afghan elders refuse to be labelled pimps by number 39

Have no truck with concept of pimping their rides either

Busted Russian Mars probe could go to Moon instead

Phobos-Grunt to become Lunok-Grunt instead?

Mobile operators warned on 'unlimited' data gouging

We meant the bill, not how many bytes you can have

Pakistan bans rude text messages

'Fondleslab' is offensive apparently

Size doesn't matter to database thrusting Clustrix

Easily pleased, quickly done

Jaguar to Titan? Not so bad…

Keptacular Metamorphis

Hypersonic missile successfully hits Ronald Reagan

Mach 8 glider warhead covers 2,400 miles in 20-odd mins

Punctured Google+ leaks bored users

Numbers falling like Page's teardrops in the rain

HP welcomes activist investor onto board

Better to have him inside the tent, pissing, um, everywhere

Flash array start-up SolidFire begins the hard sell

'Virtualising performance'... with IOPS to spare

HELL ON EARTH: The Great Dying

Volcanos almost wiped out life on Earth 250m years ago

DARPA boffins develop unfeasibly light metal fluff-structure

Nano-nickel wonder stuff bar can rest atop a dandelion

Men busted 'for touting Facebook and Twitter shares'

Groupon, Bloom Energy etc: These guys owned it all

Microsoft's Hadoop-hugging SQL Server 2012 gets closer

Just the barber in today's virty cloud world

Narcissistic, greedy: What Wikipedia says about its appeal

NSFWOr rather what Reg readers have made the site say

Some go gracefully in the Channel - and some go messily

Some don't pick up revolver left tactfully on the desk

Moon goodness: Far side of Luna in full colour

Rear of our rounded companion in all her glory

Sparc M4 chips etched by Oracle, not Fujitsu

ExclusiveSunset for Sparc64 in SMP servers?

Cryptocard gobbles tasty, dead number puzzle startup

Cloud token option to fatten offerings

Making connections: The world according to Intel

Evolution explained

Quest Software hangs toolmaker VKernel on its utility belt

On a quest for virtualization domination

Google's Brin and wife plop half-million into Wikipedia's hat

It's pledge-drive time, and Sergey's feeling flush

Motorola welcomes Google slurp with open arms

99 out of 100 shareholders choose Google

Second water utility reportedly hit by hack attack

Proof-of-concept intrusion

Microsoft seeks patent on employee spy system

HR software from hell

Clooney fingered for Steve Jobs role in Hollywood biopic

Former ER partners battle for sacred turtleneck

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