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17th > November > 2011 Archive

Swearing doesn’t help pain if you do it too much

That’s a nice theory f**ked, then

Rambus tumbles in antitrust reversal

Micron and Hynix win Calif. court case

Google opens Android music store in iTunes' face

Artists can sell direct just like developers

China outsourcer creates Melbourne jobs

VanceInfo taps into Vic IT funding

New openSUSE heads for cloud, virtual markets

Google’s Go gets a groupie

HTC wrestles with smutty outfit rival over new handset

Vivid tries to heave Asian opponent into legal Jell-O

Over 250 suppliers dash to snatch up G Cloud tender

'We really want to do this but we're still learning'

Sony Bravia KDL-55HX923 55in LED 3D TV

ReviewViewing it large

Make it easy for biz to report cyber robberies, say MPs

Backdoor broken into? Why not call ... the police!

Fedora 16: A GNOME lover's paradise

ReviewVerne triumphs over rough edges

Implementing, serving, and using cloud storage

Deep diveThe SNIA's great introduction to cloud storage

Survey: UK biz is using more encryption

But users still shove unprotected USB sticks in holes...

EU puts Hitachi GST on the menu for hungry WD

Takeover will create world's biggest disk drive maker

Galaxy Tab case tweaked to evade Germany ban

Will injunction-busting bezel work?

Telcos snub broadband cash pot

Duct, pole sharing plan 'hampered' by BT

Caringo predicts stiffer penetration of big data boxes

Pokes stuffed filers with hockey stick growth

Think your CV is crap? Your interview skills are worse

Really, why do you even bother...

Coach's Eye

iOS App of the WeekPlay like the pros

Release the brakes on your virtual servers

Step up the pace

New human-brain chip can be adjusted for cannabis effect

Hey, chip for brains!

Punters lose backups in cloud storage biz spat

Data evaporates in credit card payments row

Obama says his birthplace is 'in Asia'

Presidential whoopsie liable to fuel 'birther' tomfoolishness

Taiwan source forecasts mass exit from tablet biz

Amazon, Apple only players by 2013. Apparently

Orange revisits San Francisco with another budget blower

California beaming

Ubuntu loses HP cloud crown status

'Others' might be offended

Ten... remastered videogame classics

Product Round-upOld favorites get a facelift

UK Treasury flogs Northern Rock to flirty Virgin

Nationalised bank offloaded in £747m cash deal

£1m 'Nobel prize of engineering' named after the Queen

Blighty plc looks to inject some glory into technology

McKinnon might get UK hacking trial after all

Extradition review not binding, says attorney general

Boffin bothers frogs until they spill super power secrets

What makes them leap so far?

Jilted man swaps engagement ring for Halo suit

Aisle be the Master Chief

US general: 'We're cleared to cyber-bomb enemy hackers'

Curiously, his command website went down after he said it

Java's 'Steve Jobs' moment in 2012?

Open-source Java: Part TwoOpenJDK: Right ideas, wrong timing

IPO: Should stand for Intellectual Property Obliteration

CommentSir Humphrey's onslaught on creators' rights

Samsung confirms Android 4.0 update for Galaxy S II

Ice Cream Sarnie taster

No charge after woman gave fellow prisoner a cop-car BJ

No need to be down in the mouth after Texas drugs arrest

Oops: Public backs web blocking in Google-funded poll

AnalysisCan we elect a new population?

PETA claims anti-Mario campaign was a joke

You think we're over-reacting?

Romanian authorities cuff NASA hack suspect

The Iceman cometh

Swedish college girls now twice as slutty as in 2001

... but use fewer condoms: 'worrying research'

Muvizu animation suite

ReviewUnreal 3D modelling without the boring bits

Apple plugs iTunes Ghost Click hole

Another 120MB security update... fantastic

Boring BOFHs want cash prize more than space flight

DBAs would prefer to boldly go to their bank

China decrees in-flight cellphone calls are safe


Ice Cream Sandwich phone a no-show on Vodafone

Carrier still 'testing' Android 4.0 Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Earning cash not a priority for new Foursquare rival

Upstart startup touts trendy nights-out app

Boffins build bionic battery

Ten times' Li-ion capacity, charges in a tenth of the time

One in six Americans used social web to get their job

Going on Facebook to find work, not avoid it

Oi! BBX is ours, software biz tells RIM

BlackBerry maker sued over OS name

Banks bung hard-up Acer £315m loan

Five-year deal to get back on its feet

Supercomputer Watson too thick to use Siri

We're still smarter than computers, phew

First private-sector space station docking delayed

Elon Musk's Dragon not yet ready for mating

Nvidia's Maximus: Hard-core 3D graphics on speed

BlogQuadro-Tesla mashup for animation acceleration

US nuclear aircraft carrier George Bush crippled by toilet outages

Sailors drenched as bottles of piss emptied into wind

Russians Bear Down at SCC11

SCC11Will LINPACK win fuel overall triumph?

Purdue Rolls the Dice

SCC11Strategy and final SCC11 thoughts

Costa Rica Cluster Finale

SCC11Rainforest Eagles compete to finish

Buffalo's in the Hunt?

SCC11Final SCC11 Colorado ramblings

SCC11: Home Stretch

SCC11Team China preps for finish

Team Boston Crunch Time

SCC11Final hours...

AOL AIM boss legs it from yet another web biz

Peanut! butter! man! joined! from! Yahoo!

LinkedIn dumped by biggest sugar daddy

Shares flogged to raise $90m

Couple rewarded for naming newborn after Elder Scrolls Skyrim hero

Games for life, baby

Visa's amazing answer to e-wallet domination: A new logo

Take that, PayPal

China spacecraft masters the art of docking

Shenzhou-8 lands safely in Mongolia after coupling with space lab twice

NetApp, Wall St is very disappointed in you

Two uninspiring quarters

Big guns turn sights on cancer-causing genes

Backup is a lifesaver

Crooks make it rain by seeding cloud with zombies

Your compute resources rented out

Tech firms jostle for position in LTE market

Ericsson and Alcatel Lucent lead, Huawei sneaking up behind

SCC11: The Marathon Begins

46 hour grind starts grinding

Open source team creates apocalypse survival kit

DIY handbook for 50 top civilization-saving tools

New Asia Pac cable launched for bandwidth express

Links Philippines to Japan, HK, Singapore

Phishers net Norwegian secrets

E-mail trojans sweep hard drives

Water utility hackers destroy pump, expert says

UpdatedSCADA breach 'a really big deal'

Amazon prepping cheap-as-dirt smartphone?

Kindle Fire, meet Kindle Fone

'Grow up': Assange's mother to Obama-struck Oz

Parliament House protest during 'Au-bama' frenzy

Have everything. Own nothing. Learn the difference

Opinion:ReDigi and the RIAA

IBM reveals secrets of Watson’s Jeopardy triumph

Too many rules can spoil the bouillon bisque broth

AGIMO outlines Oz government cloud rules

Wraps a net around the fluff

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