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16th > November > 2011 Archive

Windows 8 aims to make security updates less painful

Fewer restarts, less desktop clutter

Hot Intel teraflops MIC coprocessor action in a hotel

SC11Sweet nothings whispered about Xeon E5 performance

Microsoft moving embedded systems to Windows 8

Win 8 for smart devices, CE for dumb ones

Confirmed: Animal Logic will animate Lego

$AU48 million worth of CGI

Sony HMZ-T1 3D head mounted display

ReviewStrap-on movies for your pleasure

Fourteenth century timekeeper turns up in Queensland

What was a bit of brass to a child is a lot of brass to Bonhams

Bishop to bless road salt supplies for added winter safety

'The hoarfrost also as salt the LORD poureth on the earth'

Xio Storage CEO on his 290-mile commute

CommentLeaders have to be smelled, not just heard

London councils to spunk £25m on SAP deal

Sadistic demand to model it on 'typical local gov'

Cable broadband making more money than cable telly

Easier piping stuff than providing it, says Virgin Media

Samsung pulls Galaxy Tab Android 3.2 update

Wi-Fi only tablet loses... Wi-Fi

Fusion plays its card: The Ten of Terabytes

Single PCIe card could hold ALL MUCH KNOWLEDGE

Nokia exec confirms 2012 Windows 8 tablet release

Firm wants to be the BMW of smartphones

Bagged salad contained decomposed AVIAN CORPSE

Bloke failed to notice, served it to missus anyway

Call off the hunt! Ex-Xio sales boss found in flash biz

Start-up SolidFire lures Glasgow

HP unwraps Ultrabook

Biz-centric box for the curve-averse

New 'nauts move into International Space Station

Russian rocket delivers them intact

UK broadband speeds crippled during 'rush hour'

Too much traffic on the line

NFC in a SIM: They might just have done it

Inside Secure demonstrates NFC in every phone

Time to dig out the CV: NASA 'naut applications now open

Got a PhD? Pilot licence? American? Apply within

Five... great network games for iOS

iGamerUnreal tournaments

Apple elects new chairman, cosies up to Mickey Mouse

Levinson hoisted, Disney CEO jumps on board

Too rude for the road: DVLA hot list of banned numberplates

What idiot would buy PE12 VRT anyway?

Reg man the most-flamed recruiter in the UK?

FoTWDom Connor IS 'the unemployment problem', readers declare

Thai floods pour cold water on Dell's stiff growth

Enterprise, beam us up!

HP revamps Envy laptop line

New look, more power

Drama as Thai frogmen struggle to save world PC market

Elite navy divers sent in to salvage flood-hit disk fabs

Sunderland hires IBM to build cloud infrastructure

Part of its 'economic masterplan' for digital domination

Sony to target Sky, Virgin with net telly channel

PSTV inbound?

Official: Facebook filth flood nowt to do with Fawkes virus

Ordinary indecent criminals

US stealth bombers finally get nuke-nobbling super bomb

15-ton steel pencil ready to spike underground factories

Stripper nicked for 'nicking knickers' with kids in tow

'I can't believe this is happening ... again'

Gov justifies e-petitions as MPs mull upping debate threshold

100,000 online votes too small a barrier to cross

Acer Aspire S3 Core i7 Ultrabook

ReviewFirst among equals?

Japanese telco to splurge £2bn a year on LTE

NTT Docomo to roll out network and mobiles by 2015

TalkTalk gears up to 2012 YouView roll-out

Test in Q1, launch in the Spring

Chinese boffin uses panda poo for world's priciest cuppa

Mmm, a truly extinctive aroma....

Two bosses axed in Azlan makeover

Enterprise distie cuddles up to vendors

Jobs mulled building own mobile network for iPhones

World's most famous control freak wanted to bypass telcos

Proposed US piracy legislation labelled draconian by Schmidt

'Laws hit our bottom line! And besides, it's censorship'...

The Register Guide on how to stay anonymous (part 3)

Part 3Browser privacy at work

Goldman Sachs slapped over iPad price-cut call

Investment banker talking 'absolute nonsense'

New iPhone and Android mobes secure enough for spooks

Platforms to get some serious security packages to rival BlackBerry

Mozilla stirs netizens against US anti-piracy law

Dancing cats take-down threat

Data Protection Directive revamp: UK looking sidelined?

OpinionEconomic protectionism could mean more than privacy

Equipping pre-teens with web mobes spreads beyond West

Four in five eight-year-olds tote mobiles in Cairo

Avere destroys NetApp benchmark after just 13 DAYS

Rival plots SPECsfs2008 payback

IPhone overtakes BlackBerry in the corporate world

Mobile workers would be 'distraught' without handsets

BT, Fujitsu in final pole dance rehearsals

Pair get ducts in a row for infrastructure sharing

Object storage suppliers: We want your big data

Claim to be fast and cheap

Facebook says it's winning against Justin Bieber smut onslaught

Scrubs punters' walls clean of bogus celeb porn

SCC11: LINPACK results released

Shocker in Seattle, Longshot comes through

Army raygun to boost power with starlight de-twinkling tech

Cool astronomer tool to make laser blasts extra hot

Boffins reckon Mars quite blustery actually

Shifting sand dunes caused by wind, not carbon dioxide frost

Just trolling: It's OK to poke fun at Christians, says ASA

Film ad claimed monsters can smell God botherer blood

Star Wars 3D holo displays becomes a reality

Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope

Brandjacked Google+ page slings insults at Bank of America

Who really occupies identity street?

Boffins discover prehistoric moth's dayglo green warning

You eat me, I'll kill you...

Politicians call for Modern Warfare 3 censure

Will no one think of the children (who shouldn't be playing it anyway)?

Cloud's new rules promise old-school satisfaction

Open... and ShutCommon ground for IT groups

Bethesda promises fix for Skyrim Xbox graphics glitch

Multi-platform patches coming

Sharon Stone greets returning US troops ... with a web vid

Not the most welcoming she's ever looked on screen

Huge potentially inhabited water lake found on Jupiter moon

Europa ice-cap now best known prospect for alien life

Facebook vows 'consequences' for extreme porn scammers

UpdatedResponsible parties already identified

Google 'obstructed' Senate hearing on copyright

See no evil, do no evil

Amazon's new Kindle Fire stripped naked

Divining the entrails of the low-cost iPad competitor

Virtualisation: just a lot of extra software licences?

Counting the cost

Microsoft takes fight to Google over cloud apps defections

Redmond strike team offering big bounties and more

Oz cloud outfit wins angel backers

Baxter and Bell take on the cloud

IBM pushes BlueGene/Q to 100 petaflops

SC11Weather boffins buy Power 775 super nodes

BIND security update protects against serious server crash

UpdatedAttacks may already be underway

Primus joins AGIMO panel

Selected for Melb data hosting digs

Too many cooks spoil the data warehouse broth

Cut your staffing costs

Kindle Fire gets root access

Bug, feature, or ‘don’t really care’?

Amazon gooses HPC cloud with Xeon E5s

SC11Passes the Linpack speed test

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