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15th > November > 2011 Archive

NetApp adds Lustre to Big Data line-up

SC11Benchmark bonanza

Hackers port iPhone 4S' Siri to rival devices

Apple's personal assistant cracked open

US anti-hacking law turns computer users into criminals

Former prosecutor calls for change to CFAA

Converge or be damned – Lord Carter’s new world order

Ex-Ofcom chief tells Oz how to do it

Motorola Razr Android smartphone

ReviewThe best a man can get?

Happy 40th birthday, Intel 4004!

The first of the bricks that built the IT world

Sony to boost image sensor capacity... again

Japanese firm puts more chips in the smartphone and camera barrel

Facebook boss-lady is up the pole on the glass ceiling

OpinionStock options or seeing little faces light up? Easy

Skinny 15in MacBook Pro launch tied to Intel 'Ivy Bridge'

Awaiting next-gen Ultrabook chippery

Kent county council stages developer compo

Wants complaints app, virtual bumwad-money scheme

Coders crack iPhone 4S Siri

Protocol probed

'Right to be forgotten' may not be enforceable - Vaizey

We don't yet have a Men in Black flashy thing

Security researchers break out of Apple's sandbox

Apple not fussed

Welsh factions clash over .cymru and .wales bids

English cash required? Oh, cym on now

NASA working on nuclear rocket for manned Mars trips

Should result in 'nauts receiving less radiation

Sony, Hitachi, Toshiba merge, sell phone display businesses

Newly formed Japan Display gets Panasonic factory too

LOHAN gets hands on mighty thruster

Much fondling of stiff tubes down at El Reg

Ex-Amazon EC2 wizard pinpoints where your cloud is crap

Open ... And ShutNew tool to boost your app's performance

Beheaded man wasn't one of us, say anti-drug cartel bloggers

Identity of slaughtered scapegoat remains unclear

Computer sports cluster war: Day of reckoning

SC11Texas and Taiwan top punter picks

Computers are so middle class – Mark E Smith

Stop Mithering. And Tweeting

My home is bugged ... with temp sensors to save me cash

Part 1Monitoring benefits of insulation


Android App of the WeekSnap happy

Salman Rushdie hissy-fit forces Facebook name U-turn

Site run by 'morons', huffs Satanic Verses writer

World Bank, Intel pump dosh into developing world's IT

Kickstart for broadband and data centres

Mail Online is broken

UpdatedHow will we ever know why Nigella's looking thin?

Leaked blower sports RIM's prospective OS, BBX

BlackBerry looks edgy

Phone hacking victims' QC hit by trojan infection

Leveson Inquiry halted by malware probe

Cuba accuses US of sneaky Wi-Fi imperialism

America blocks, and yet pays for, Cuban surfing

Jim Westwood, home micro revolutionary

Unsung Heroes of TechWe salute Sinclair's chief geek

Naked vegans target Prince Harry over meaty 12-incher

ExclusiveActivists offer royal chopper ace spicy veggie free night out

Google serves up Ice Cream Sandwich code

Galaxy Nexus source available now

Britain's Harrier jump-jets reprieved to fly and fight again

With the US Marines, though. They're not stupid

Samsung demands a quickie in iPhone 4S Oz ban bid

Permanent injunction hearing in March

BT axes staff amid reseller biz shake-up

Bosses insist they're recruiting

Irish woman doesn't go down after scrotum ripping assault

Man wishes to put extruded testicle incident behind him

Google will ignore your Wi-Fi router ... if you rename it

robots.txt for hotspots

TalkTalk bleeds punters, revenue in Q2

Not so happy-clappy web blockers

'Leccy car plug map keeps greenies juiced up

Never let your battery buggy run down again

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition

ReviewBark of the Covenant

Red Hat: Let OpenShift cloud compile your Java apps

Compile code from a crap laptop at the beach bar

Apple's cloud music service 'WIPES your iPHONE'

Actually just threatens to, but is lying - reports

New anonymity rule on Euro airport body scanners

Nudie-watching staff kept away from passengers

A pint a day keeps the doctor away - scientific FACT

Latest study shows beer as beneficial as wine

Harry Potter director takes on Doctor Who movie

Tardis to spin into theatres, but who will be the Doctor?

BT poaches TV wizard from Virgin Media

Joins at 'pivotal moment'

Mystery malware poisons NZ ambulance system

Dispatch staff forced to call medics' mobiles

Rackspace: OpenStack beds Disney, NASA, Sony

VMware not invited to cloud love shack

C&W Worldwide boss out after 4 months

Ailing carrier also files some nasty first half year numbers

PETA riled by Mario's raccoon skin suit

Bloody outrage

Voyager 2 finally agrees to a long hard thrust

Probe takes light-ages to return boffins' calls

LHC results may solve riddle of how universe can exist

Antimatter bombshell set to explode physics applecart

Engineer sues Huawei for axing him 'because he's a Brit'

Chinese giant hauled before tribunal

'Hands free' pissing contest games installed in boozer

Bin the Wii, play with wee

Visa to tell shops where their punters' wallets went next

Spending habits data touted

Ultimate flight-sim crashes into living rooms for 36 grand

Reach for the clouds

SCC11: Meet the Boston U Terriers

Team vidMore cores, more better

SCC11: Meet Team China

Team VidDoes Tianhe legacy spell SCC win?

IKEA cuts ribbon on 'I've Got A Screw Loose Street'

Facebook vote names new Spanish thoroughfare

Samsung's Bada outshipped WinPho 7 in Q3

Android ahead of all; Symbian ahead of Apple

US student to fill heavens with Sprites

You too can have your own miniature satellite

SCC11: Meet Team Costa Rica

Team vidCan Rainforest Eagles soar to cluster glory?

SCC11: Meet Team Russia

Second time the charm for Russian Bear?

Facebook filth flood – Fawkes Virus to blame?

Objectionable tsunami surges up Walls

SCC11: Meet Team Taiwan

Team vid’10 Champs look for repeat

SCC11: Meet Team Texas

Team vidAdds mineral oil in bid for cluster crown

SCC11: Meet the Colorado Buffaloes

Team vidSixth time the charm?

AT&T LTE hits Vegas and five other slots

Telco keeps next-gen mobe broadband promise

Assange takes extradition fight to Supreme Court

Supping in last-chance saloon

SCC11: Meet the Purdue Boilermakers

Team vidHave sledgehammer, will cluster

Angry Bird rockets into spa-a-a-a-ce!

Soyuz orbital insertion confirmation office on duty

Petaflop = Top500 table stakes by 2016

HPC to rocket ahead

Enormous orbiting solar raygun power plants touted

Trusty scientifiction staple gets another outing

'Do Not Track' standard edges towards daylight

First draft of spybuster deal released by W3C

OpenCL ratchets up to version 1.2

Open source heterogeneous standard adds new capabilities

Ballmer shoots down Microsoft breakup advice

Shareholders fractious over investment returns

Nvidia: An unintended exascale-super innovator

SC11CEO just wanted to play 3D video games

Adobe Flex SDK bombshell STUNS developers

Open source group takes control

'Devastating' protocol flaw could paralyze Bitcoin system

Scientists propose 'Red Balloon' incentive solution

SingTel launches e-reader

Skoob-y snacks for publishing

Is iiNet about to spend a bob on TransACT?

Updated: iiNet in trading halt

Intel unveils $100m plan to juice AppUp Center devs

Mucho mazuma for 'application developer-centric equity deals'

Opposition to SOPA mounting as Google, Facebook link arms

Tech giants and freedom fighters friend each other

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