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14th > November > 2011 Archive

Grabble heads for Silicon Valley

A long way from Wollongong for shopping startup

Slapped: Oz TV show spikes Dutch torrent site

‘Don’t spoil our international rollout plans’

AMD rides Bulldozers into the x86 server chip war

SC11Opteron 6200s AND 4200s enter field against Xeon E5s

Sony Walkman NWZ-A866

ReviewTouchscreen tunesmith

Nexsan adds NAS range topper

Petabyte E5510 box

Cray lands $188m Blue Waters NCSA contract

SC11Breaking 10 petaflops with Opteron-GPU tag team

Chinese hacks face life ban for nicking rumours from web

Two sources minimum for each story ... or else

Overland still shovelling cash into tape

Storage company revs Neo

PSP owners must pay to port games to PS Vita

Pay for UMD passport

BSA name-and-shame tactic may have backfired

Audit policy of software law enforcement cops questioned

Netflix signs Reservoir Dogs film firm for UK streaming

Lionsgate joins MGM

Israeli air raid vs Iran nukes boardgame out in time for Xmas

'Persian Incursion', fun for all the family!

Don't get privates trapped in Facebook's silos, warn experts

'Social media' is so 2010, now it's 'life logging'

Electric car crash leads to battery blaze

Impact test prompts safety probe

Ion Audio Piano Apprentice

Geek Treat of the WeekLearn to tickle the ivories

Top cop calls for tougher sentencing of cybercrooks

Claims old-school bloggers too thick to use tech

Apple recalls first iPod Nanos over battery flaw

Music player a 'rare safety risk'

Mystery radioisotopes in Czech air are not from Fukushima

Who has a secret nuclear plant?

Ex-councillor jailed for grooming blackmailer posing as teen

Bloke chatted up '15-year-old girl' on web

New claim: iPhone 5 was a goer until Jobs bottled it

Bad battery life and new display blamed

BT Tower falls over, crushes X Factor hopefuls

Simon Cowell's monster downed in giant pussy* attack?

Space station resupply 'nauts avoid fiery death

Soyuz rocket didn't crash this time

The new touchy-feely Doctor Who trend: Worrying

Timey-wimey cuddling has replaced the Stiff Upper Lip

Iran wrestles Duqu malware infestation

Son of Stuxnet cyberweapon makes landfall in Tehran

Intel out to add NFC payment tech to Ultrabooks

Tap your card on your laptop to pay

Vacuum cleaner set Swedish nuke plant on fire

£170m blunder put reactor out of action for months

Robo-bear helps snorers snooze more smoothly

Tickle for a quiet night

Dud Mars probe's explosion will spare Earth's cities

Clock ticking on orbiting 7,500kg tank of fuel

Oracle coughs up $35m owed in unpaid overtime pay

Settlement after bosses sued by own staff

Pros thrash amateurs in Hong Kong iPhone 4S race

No black, no white... just grey

O2 smears 4G trial over capital

Growing from Slough like a 100Mb/s fungus

Diaspora co-founder dies at 22

Open-source Facebook alternative loses 'key voice'

Samsung RV720 17in Core i3 notebook

ReviewBig screen bargain?

Kindle Fire ignites blazing developer interest

May 'resurrect the entire Android tablet category'

Conflict mineral laws haven't helped Congolese

20,000 miners families starve while NGOs twiddle their thumbs

Freebie Android anti-malware scanners flunk tests

Worse than useless

Never lose that .uk again: Decade-long renewals OK'd

Or renew for just a year

Top 500 Supers: Détente in East, West petaflops race

SC11An arsenal of big iron deploying soon

Google flings Bing into search engine bin

Not! even! Yahoo! can! help! us! now! master!

Server virtualisation: How to pick the right model

Which is the fairest of them all?

Lego movie greenlighted by Warner Bros

May be mangled by live action/animation hybrid platform

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

ReviewBludgeons and dragons

SGI to put Intel's Xeon E5s in ICE X systems

SC11Opteron 6200s put on ice

Dixons rolls out cut-price 3D, smart TVs

Passive 3D for cheap specs

Web keeps bent politicians honest, says Google boss

Bigs up Russia as next Silicon Valley

Facebook ad helps Scot cops seize fake goods, drugs

Tip-offs rocket: Clicks easier than phonecalls

Sega honours Sonic's 20th birthday with documentary

Mr. Hedgehog, this is your life

Sage sued for pulling out too soon

Former MYOB owners upset after Brit biz dumped them

iPhone baby clothes shop mauled by Apple

Cupertino misses opportunity to condition kids

Pass the wine, dear. Yes, that papier-mache thing

Greenies hide booze in cheap art material

Intel implants cash register to help flog Ultrabooks

NFC tech backed by MasterCard

Meanwhile in Japan: Your new best pal is a vending machine

VidChirpy mobile rewards game or grim future?

What's that sound? It's PC sales plummeting into abyss

Apple, Samsung soar away from doom

Intel takes the heat off power management

Stay cool in the data centre

Proprietary interconnects blaze the networking trail

Ethernet and InfiniBand left behind

NetApp's £1m challenge won by precisely no one

Crap entries flood contest

Now Barracuda bitten by Thai disk drought disaster

Killer floods push up prices

Yates of the Yard cleared of misconduct

OK'ed to pass on CV of NotW's hack's kid for job at Met

Pogoplug launches cloud sync'n'store service

5GB of free online storage, etc, etc

Micro Anvika forced into cash-only trading

Fears for Tottenham Court Road veteran

Legendary investor scoffs IBM stake, nibble by nibble

Buffett makes first real bet on the tech sector

Intel ships six-core desktop 'Extremes'

Long-awaited 'Sandy Bridge E' uncloaked

AMD shoots lower with Opteron 3000 server chips

SC11Bringing single-socket boxes in from the embedded cold?

Google adds 24/7 support for business Apps buyers

Google AtmosphereAdds 10,000 chav tailors to customer list

TCP/IP daddy Cerf: 'Don't rewrite the internet for security'

Google AtmosphereSage advice: 'Shoot the patent lawyer'

ARM+GPU = dream super?

SC11NVIDIA: 'Yup, we're on it'

Certificate stolen from Malaysian gov used to sign malware

Security warnings bypassed

Spaniards prototype ARM-GPU hybrid supercomputer

SC11Ubuntu Linux spans Tegra3-Fermi mashup

Nokia Siemens vs Vodafone Oz: the legal games begin

Missing millions and contractual woes

World's stealthiest rootkit pushes DNS hijacking trojan

DNS Changer dropped by TDSS

Google opens BigQuery for cloud analytics

Google AtmosphereDangles free trial to lure doubters

Cloud on horizon in CSIRO tender

On-demand and long-term IaaS under consideration

Mineral oil, GPUs and thousands of cores

SC11Student Cluster Competition hardware revealed

Spotify looks for local spin guru

They really must be launching downunder

Huawei buys Symantec JV stake for $530m

You can go your own way

NEWSFLASH: Chips cheaper than disks

Platter prices spinning up and away

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