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11th > November > 2011 Archive

Hydro fuel-cell truck built by RMIT

An Australian jolly green giant

Gamers stuff Nvidia's pockets with cash

CEO 'blown away' by Project Denver ARM server chips

Nokia loses sales lure as Maps and Music apps cracked

Yet another reason not to buy Finnish

Feds win access to WikiLeakers Twitter account data

No Constitutional violations, judge says

Republicans lose key vote to block FCC net neut rules

Next stop: lawsuits

Facebook offers 20-year privacy settlement to FTC

Another thing to get sorted out before the IPO

Hands on with the Sony PlayStation Vita

First LookTouch me, play me

IT bods to prove their prowess in bed with spooks

Got the talent to fix's assets?

Dish Networks looks forward to 'seat at the table' in wireless

Doesn't have the capacity to go it alone as a 4G supplier...

Amazon quietly acquires voice capability

Everyone else is doing it!

Expert: 'Right to be forgotten' could cause problems for publishers

Proposal to 'lock' stories away rather than obliterating them

Toyota, Intel connect to connect cars to web

Highway 404 revisited?

New array scoffs disks like a fat bloke gobbling doughnuts

DataDirect pumps petabytes into supers

Another new Russian nuclear powerplant comes online

Construction surge as Kremlin aims to ditch fossil 'leccy

Logitech Wireless Touchpad

Accessory of the WeekApple-style multi-touch on a PC, anyone?

Randy dwarf galaxies are making billions of baby stars

Hubble pervs over distant prolific systems

Apple posts 'battery fix' iOS update

5.0.1 out over the air

European boffins on voyage of discovery to the Earth's core

Incredibly powerful laser diamond probe declared ready

Tech sugar daddies shovel millions into Hadoop war

Open ... And ShutWho will flash the most cloud cash?

Now Russians can't even contact their busted Mars probe

In space, no one can hear you

SAP, EMC and VMware in 3-way cloud orgy

I want your appliance in my VMAX

Were Lavasoft's buyers once on its hit list?

Shining a light on Solaria acquisition

Eleven - if you will - rocktastic music movies

Round-upWe go to 11 to celebrate Nigel Tufnel Day

Angry Birds to hit shop shelves this month

Rovio flings wings to retail

Hamburg loses rag with Facebook, threatens to sue

CURRENT Euro data protection law unlikely to agree

BOFH: Licence to grill ... stupid users

Episode 18The phone rings. Ah, live bait!

World's first biz computer was British – and sold teacakes

Pictures60th anniversary of the LEO is today

Fusion boffins crack shreddy eddy plasma puzzle

Progress made on solving all humanity's problems

WebOS developer? 'Grab a slab, while stocks last'

QuotWPlus: Apple is terribly rude for ousting hacker from iOS dev programme

Valve admits forum hack exposed gamers' privates

Punters steamed about sensitive data leak

Asda tempts technophobes with cheap PCs and broadband

Stack 'em high and they will come, maybe

Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman

ReviewToe-tapping talker

Sony develops 'new kind of television'

Cracking the box

Fanboi called 911 repeatedly because iPhone didn't work

Drunken Jesus mobe stroker cuffed by deputies

Is Financial services IT in a mess?

Tech PanelA reality check

Fondleslabs homing in on desktops in biz sales

iPad blows rivals out of UK market

How to make clouds and influence accountants

Slipping in between the beancounters and the CEO's PR bird

Chicken fillets: The affordable alternative to Bulgarian Airbags

Bra padding saves car crash Scot's life

EDF security bosses guilty of hacking Greenpeace

French nuke biz fined £1.3m for cyber-spying

Nokia's future phone sees red when you do

Mood-aware mobe will ensure your teen never answers your calls

Apple applies to patent a SIM you can't remove

Only Cupertino can piss off operators that much

Sperm donors nicer than average, Swede study finds

Independent and NOT shy, researchers discover

The Adventures of Tintin: the Game

ReviewQuiffly does it

Universal closes in on EMI. Lawsuits to follow?


Google buys brace of start-ups to out-Facebook Facebook

Slurping from the Chocolate Factory milkshake

World's only twin jet-engine bike drives onto eBay

Pulsejet-powered cycle under the hammer

First scientific paper filed from Spaaaace published today

Plasma boffinry only possible under zero gravity

Gobble! some! Yahoo! now! – slurp! the! rest! later!

Investors mull taste test

Boozed-up ball-biting mum spared jail

Drinking marathon ended with lover's scrotum perforated

Apple offers unlocked iPhone 4S online in the US

No carrier tie-in

Adobe's future is controlling what you watch, not delivering it

AnalysisStreaming video is so 20th century

'Bionic' leg gives amputee ability to ski

Step in the right direction

Feargal Sharkey moves on from UK music org

What'll he do next for his Teenage Kicks?

Latest Call of Duty day-one sales hit $400m

6.5m copies sold

Student cluster compo SMACKDOWN: Texas holds at 2-1

SC11Taiwan 7-1, Colorado moves up

Stats king SAS surfs the analytics wave

BlogBut can number-crunching software grandad stay on the surfboard?

Ringtones still netting $2.1bn for music biz

Bigger than subs, small than sales

Crooks lured investors with fake watchdog site

Bogus promises to extract cash from bankrupt biz

Deep-sea squid go from transparent to dark as fast as a Kindle

Amazing, living e-ink displays of the ocean

iOS upgrade swells iPhone battery-suckage grief

'It gets WORST :('

Yelp update ridicules Republican (ex)-hopeful Rick Perry

Two out of three ain't bad

Fingerprint scanner can detect drugs in sweat

It knows if you’ve been bad or good

Logitech CEO: Google TV a 'gigantic mistake'

End of the line for connected-TV Revue

Duqu targeted each victim with unique files and servers

Well-financed developers had sense of humor

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