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10th > November > 2011 Archive

Drag queening for the birds say Spanish boffins

Priscilla, Queen of the Raptors

Barnes & Noble complain to DoJ over Redmond nobbling

Using patents to price Android out of the market

Server biz saves Cisco profits

China's Huawei is now the big threat

HP earns Greenpeace eco-purity snog

Other techs dealt logging and greenwashing FAIL

Google ices native Gmail app for BlackBerry

RIM: the Rodney Dangerfield of smartphone makers

City IT manager accused of brazenly stealing mayor's email

Automated script made it easy, feds say

Divorcing couple ordered to share Facebook and dating site logins

Be careful who you poke

Nokia Lumia 800

ReviewFinn Win phone comes out fighting

Old apps must die when you migrate to the cloud

Boil down your portfolio

NetApp proudly exhibits fresh box

Solid entry leaves you wanting more

Virgin Media, TalkTalk snub kind offer to block Newzbin2

MPA urged ISPs to follow court order against BT

Basement-dwelling BOFH to be sent into Spaaaace

And probably back again, in database admin compo

Pollution from car exhausts 'helps city dwellers fight stress'

Toxic monoxide acts as benign narcotic, claims prof

IBM's UK captain Bligh relieves TalkTalk biz boss

Telco's Lawton walks but doesn't talk

NHS staff rapped for gossiping about patients on Facebook

Dozens of warnings and sackings over growing web misuse

Mars, Moon, solar system could be littered with alien artifacts

Boffins' calculations offer answer to Fermi Paradox

Instapaper 4.0

iOS App of the WeekRead 'em and heap

Apple: No Siri for old iPhone owners. Well, not from us

What, don't you have £499? Well, boo hoo

Amazon ups Kindle Fire production... punters choose the tablet over an iPad

Dating sites can be haven for sex pests, say cops

Some people online might not be who they say they are


Apollo 'nauts baffling finds caused by moon spoon dynamo

New tap turns water into super-cleaning potion

Boffins add ultrasound and bubbly goodness

Is Apple nobbling iPhones to avoid more patent misery?

Android-like autocorrect discovered hidden in iOS 5

Sony: Pssst! Want access to the PlayStation on Android SDK?

Series game devs only. No time wasters

Why your tech CV sucks

And here's how we can help

ICT education quango will learn to wield Sword of Twitter

There is no try. Only do!

Only an open standard lance can slay EMC's cache demon

Blocks and FilesPut your heads together, lads

Mexican drug runners torture and decapitate blogger

El Mod of social network ritually murdered

UK to big brands: Get off our Facebook, mate!

Netizens spurn biz on social sites

Another hushed HTC blower set for 2012 debut

Ville your Sandwich with Ice Cream

Flasher macs popular among data centre nerds

FlashMax will give server apps a fright

Renault Fluence ZE

First LookThe first affordable, practical electric car

HP finds role for its ex-networking boss

Barry Bonnett heads network services across EMEA

Hong Kongers fight for right to stand in line for iPhone 4S

Foreign pro queuers face wrath of indigenous amateurs

Results in on why life, the universe and everything exists

10-year study indicates that theoretically it shouldn't

Az mayor offers Prince Harry beer and pizza in fornication row

Bud and a 12 inch pepperoni unlikely to dampen royal ardour

Ultrabooks are doomed unless prices tumble

A minimum 25 per cent cut required, says analyst

Apple agrees to replace dodgy MacBook power cords

Be frayed, be very frayed

Where are all the decent handheld scribbling tools?

Part 1Shove your fondleslab, we want a keyboard

Murdoch blames other NI execs for phone-hacking scandal

Claims he knew nothing of widespread voicemail tapping at NotW

Nazi Star Trek episode finally broadcast in Germany

ST:SS aired after watershed

NetApp faces probe into Syrian spooks' use of its storage kit

FAS racks 'used to slurp email' despite export ban

Nokia's Windows comeback: Great but what's next?

Reviewer's NotebookLumia 800 arrived in the nick of time

Kansas IT boss found faking CV resigns

Gov Brownback to seek truth-telling meat-cutter

Smartphones rocket past consoles for mobile game sales

Way more spent on Android, iOS than DS, PSP

Atari fires greatest gaming hits onto Android

Relive the 1980s on your smartphone or tablet moves to close VAT loophole on etailers

Big boys will no longer be able to slip through

Thai flood ripples set to impact entire world PC market

Forecast graphs dip into the red zone

Mobile scaremongers want warning stickers on EVERYTHING

AnalysisThis'll get The Mail into a right lather

Clean-up begins after biggest ever botnet takedown

Ghost (Click) Busters

ARM rolls out new GPU, loses head

One 18 months from market, one leaving in May

Chief inspector sacked for 'advertising uniformed self online for sex'

Boy into too much blue, apparently

Apple's iPad not so shiny once you get it home

Brits too busy to fondle their slabs...

Eurozone crisis: We're all dooomed! Here's why

AnalysisImagine someone on £10K with a £50K credit card bill

US weather boffins tap IBM for 1.6 petaflops super

Jumping from Power to Xeon chips

OFFICIAL: Last Western Black rhino snuffs it

Poached ... and fried

IBM rises to the optimisation challenge

The right tools for the job

Happy birthday, Tech City: Have another confusing map

PM hobnobs with startup upstarts at party

Mm, Silverlight, what's that smell? Yes, it's death

HTML5 challengers dead or looking distinctly peaky

US doctors demand right to advise on gun ownership

Strangely not on household chemicals, cars, hot tubs etc

Boffins build electric car from a single molecule

Titchy transport won't get you far

Apple kills code-signing bug that threatened iPhone users

Hacker who discovered it remains excommunicated

Student Cluster Comp – an inside look

SC11Texas insider spills all on 2010 effort

AMD revs up server channel for Opteron 6200 push

Time to start thinking outside of the same old box

Lockheed Martin splurges $AU10 million on security lab

At home in Canberra

Alcatel-Lucent secures biggest GPON deal in China

Beats local foes Huawei, ZTE to the punch

Army to deploy jumping robots in Afghanistan

Sand Flea machine can leap 24 foot walls

Death match between site and writer over Twitter account

Account with 17,000 followers appraised at $340,000

Aus radio industry wants content quotas punted

Radio stars to lose protection in the Internet age

NASA spills last details of Mars space truck trip

Skycrane landing, mountain climbing, nail biting

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