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9th > November > 2011 Archive

Accel ponies up $100m to juice big data biz

Hadoop WorldUsing the elephant to mask the elephant

Duqu spawned by 'well-funded team of competent coders'

World's first known modular rootkit does steganography, too

Fedora 16 goes final with cloud and virtualization

Last build before Beefy Miracle

Foreign government emails HACKED says TeamP0ison

But something’s strange here…

Ten... high-end Android tablets

Product Round-upPremium fondleslab, anyone?

Xio appoints 8th CEO in 9 years

New chairman, new CEO, no overall sales boss in round of musical chairs

Facebook scoops up tiny photo app company

We're going into photo editing ... bitch

Lost cities found beneath sands of Sahara by satellites

'Advanced civilisation' suppressed by Romans and Gadaffi

Freak lightning strike sends app, storage servers back in time

EMC hits 88MPH, returns to mainframe era

Ofcom boss warns of low interest in 'superfast' broadband

Fibre, huh. What is it good for? Teenagers

Deadly drive drought derails Dell's PC biz

Build-to-order operation sunk by Thai floods


Antique Code ShowFatal attraction

Nvidia outs five-core ARM chip

Tegra 3 has one core for general stuff, four more for games

Hadoop: Making Linux gobble big data

Hadoop WorldGrowing penguins need petabytes to feast on

No Sim-free Nokia Lumia 800s until 2012

Launch stock going to operators, major retailers

Pay-by-wave: At least it's better than being mugged

AnalysisTakes 400ms to nick £15, but you'll get it back quick

UK Border Force chief walks in passport checks row

Plans to claim 'constructive dismissal'

Patch Tuesday leaves Duqu 0-day for another day

No permanent fix for TrueType strike gripe

Asus prices up five-core Eee Pad Android tablet

Nice kit, Ice Cream Sarnie ready

Kesa shells out £50m to offload Comet

Ailing UK retailer flogged to private equity biz

Why GNOME refugees love Xfce

Thunar rather than later...

Data retention, FOI and the storage budget

You the ExpertManaging the archive

Adobe axes 750 jobs to focus on HTML5, cloud

No more love for Flash on mobiles

Paypal emits cash swap tap app for Android

Bung a mate a tenner wirelessly

'Indestructible' Moto Defy telly ad banned

ASA: "Your phone's tough, but not that tough"

Threesome ends in arrest as wife struck by pair of TVs

Husband 'freaks out' as troika takes sapphic turn

Marantz NR1602 AV receiver with AirPlay

ReviewSlimline 7.1 sound master

World of Warcraft subscriptions slip

Are MMO games running out of breath?

Russian probe engines crap out on way to Mars

Phobos-Grunt stuck in orbit around Earth

Free uni opened for Tech City hipsters

Startup upstarts go back to school

RM's car-boot sale continues

Civica coughs £900k for Oz and Kiwi biz

'Angry Bird' netflinger projectile brings down drug ultralights

US airforce boffins battle robot smugglers

Barclays Capital cuts IT contractor rates by 10% ... again

ExclusiveAll the cool investment banks are at it

Nintendo adds Wii U support for second controller

Tablet for two

TV makers ready to test 3D specs' compatibility

All-sets active shutter

It's not the size of your pipe, it's the way you use it

WAR on the cloud 6How to manhandle CDN bandwidth like a pro

'Puzzling structures on surface' of YU55 spaceball

NASA releases radar vid of speeding cosmic voyager

Steam games forum down amid hack fears

Valve stays silent, users say they've been spammed

Yahoo!, AOL, Microsoft strike ad pact

Three tribes go to war - against Google, Facebook

Foreign Office loses dozens of PCs and smartphones

It's not like Bond to fumble his equipment

Jobs neck and neck with 'angry people' for Time award

And declared worthy successor to Lenin in Bulgaria...

Cheap gas is a 'crisis' for Greens, but not for us

AnalysisThe League of Handicappers

Chell clips Cant to top Play School presenter slot

Cult telly stars chalk up kids show appearances

How to get the best from your IOPS

Network attached storage and Trevor Pott deputy CIO quits Cabinet Office for EMC job

Bill McCluggage puts self into storage

Immigrants face £49k wage minimum to stay

Poorly paid super boffins welcome though

Veg rustlers hit with conditional discharge after roadside lineup

Allotment holder spots marrow with distinctive stripe

iPhones get multi-sim capabilities

Case hardened

Hitachi, LG admit fixing disc drive prices

Joint venture HLDS hit with criminal charges

Hackers link MP's aide to neo-Nazi site in member list leak

Anonymous Finland attacks far-right group

Wi-Fi hotspots to skyrocket over next five years

And you reckon 2.4GHz is crowded now...

Mobe anti-virus biz Lookout eyes Euro telcos

Android, iOS good. BlackBerry and Windows out of luck

Prepare for a growth spurt when you virtualise systems

Adjusting the scale

Adobe confirms mobile Flash Player's race is run

HTML 5 is the future

Toshiba knocks back super-skinny tablet release

Ice Cream Sarnie-inspired delay?

Samsung to pump $34bn into its chip fab biz

Silicon and screens for mobes, cams and fondleslabs

SEC slaps inside trader with record $93m fine

Bent tycoon traded dirty on IBM, Intel

Avnet Technology Solutions to shutter operations in Italy

Hits ejector button as local economy goes down burning

SGI ramping up for big Xeon E5 server push

NASA to push Pleiades super to 10 petaflops

Amazon's Kindle Fire burns iPad momentum

26% of Fire fans put off 'Pad purchases

Microsoft releases fix for Applocker bypass flaw

Windows vault easily opened with macros

Spanish firm brings 20MW solar ‘ranch’ online in Arizona

Herding photons to green the desert

Branson backs Twitter co-founder's mobile biz

Stuffs cash into mobile payment startup

Oracle dubs Solaris 11 world's 'first cloud OS'

'Absolutely spanking' IBM and HP

University of NSW to open patent pool

Uni Glasgow aluminus to drive intellectual property strategy

Defiant Aussies continue to sell contraband Samsung slab

Laugh gutturally at fruity threats

Microsoft gets deeper undercover with the Nine Network

Shades of spooks as JV renamed Mi9

Feds shutter DNS malware scam that infected 4 million PCs

$14m scheme attacked Macs as well as Windows

Murdoch plays cross platform musical chairs Down Under

New chiefs for News Ltd and Foxtel

Super cloud for Oz pension funds

IQ BG launches community cloud

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