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4th > November > 2011 Archive

Teradata embiggens on big data

Enough disks to get through the year

US, Europe throw their very first joint cyber-war party

More to come, probably

Teradata in Analytics' crosshairs

BlogMarket growth brings new competition

Microsoft releases temporary fix for critical Windows bug

Duqu vulnerability patched – for now

Kiwi national broadband network rolls with Huawei

Worst kept secret confirmed

Sonic Generations

ReviewSpeeding through time

Maude: Open data is's 'new way of operating'

This kimono isn't just untied, it's transparent

Storage industry Hulks up with green efficiency ratings

SNIA EuropeA standardised power efficiency metric for storage products

Square pushes pay-by-facial recognition

For when NFC is just too secure

Ofcom proposes new rules on advertising deals

Only due discrimination will be kosher. Take heed!

Cyberspace conference: All talk and no action

LCC commentLet's talk about the possibility of talking about what to do

Belkin Chef Stand and Stylus for tablets

Accessory of the WeekKeep your screen clean when you cook

Amazon rethinks Kindle Fire 2 screen size

Bigger? Smaller? Who knows - do them all

Kids! You get back in front of that Xbox right now

Playing videogames makes kids more creative

Facebook denies malware risk from message bug

Fixes security bypass flaw anyway


QuotWPlus: Nude woman in a dead horse

Nokia CEO talks up Windows 8 tablet 'opportunity'

Fresh fondleslab in the works?

El Reg premieres PARIS: The Motion Picture

Hot commemorative vid marks spaceplane anniversary

Duke Nukem Forever dev slams unfair reviews

Panned game up there with Half-Life, apparently

BOFH: We don't need no stinkin' upgrade

Episode 17Bloated, slow and leaky - what version numbers really mean

Jawbone instructs with fitness wristband

Eat, sleep and exercise

Groupon snatches a great deal ... on itself

Coupon site shares jump $2, valued at $13bn in IPO

China outraged by US cyberspying fingering

'Well, I never!' – indignant Chinese official

Samsung Galaxy Note and Nexus rooted

Gain more control of your Android kit

Pass the remote control: vPro eases systems management

Power at your fingertips

PlayStation Network downloads limited to two devices

Activation restraints

Pay-by-mobe app spells doom for impulse buyers

So many ways to instantly pay, so little money

Martian simnauts emerge from spaceship outside Moscow

520-day red planet odyssey complete at last

Phone-hack scandal: Bloke cuffed in cop bung probe

48-year-old held by Operation Elveden squad

The Great Smartphone OS Shoot-out

ReviewAndroid vs iOS vs Windows Phone vs BlackBerry

Are we in the middle of a patent bubble?

AnalysisFallout from the IP wars could mutate your smartphone

Alien city lights could be detected across interstellar space

ET hiveplexes easier to pick up than their TV signals

EU to quiz Apple and Samsung on Frand deals

Some discrimination is more reasonable than other kinds

Whinging Brits reflect on epic Oz road trip

El Reg hacks versus the mighty Outback

LinkedIn whips out begging cap, asks for $500m

Please, sir, can I have some more?

The Beeb is broken

'Technical difficulties' for outage-hit Auntie

Vatican mulls God particle, calls for appointment of antichrist

US bloggers spot apocalyptical ruse

Massive PC shortages to hit this Xmas

Flooded disk drive fabs flush Santa's sack

Scale-out virgin Fujitsu pushes out high-performing tool

SNW EuropeTerabyte per second throughput: Out-scales SONAS digital boss defends ID assurance scheme

'Days of different logins for every site are numbered'

Gov reduces e-petitions to public spleen-venting exercise

Just a way of gauging public's mood

EU: Check out our huge JavaScript appendage

Views sought on version 1 of €10m extension

Groupon shares soar, adds $2.7bn in two hours

Price shoots up faster than bosses' champers cork

Music biz presses BT to block The Pirate Bay

Chuck it in the Newzbin2, er, please

Linux Foundation: Will it be your friend or foe?

Open ... And ShutStepping on toes in pursuit of glory

Modern Warfare 3 flogged on eBay for a grand

Get rich and try dying

Acer to murder Gateway brand

Kit re-badged as Acer Business in new year

HSBC UK systems major outage

Customers can't use cards, online banking or ATMs

Disk-over-Ethernet startup trousers another $50m

VCs pump more dosh into Coraid

Hackers mistake French rugby site for German stock exchange

Fans tackled by 'young, spotty Teuton' gang

Watchdog urged to probe Microsoft's cloud claims... again

Why don't you have another crack at it, ASA?

Boffinry summit names 3 new elements

Ununnilium, unununium and ununbium get official monikers

Profiteers cash in on Steve Jobs' signature glasses

Saintly relics fly off store shelves

Siri gets over her huff, returns useful as ever

OK, I will open the pod-bay doors

Manufacturers testing wider cars for swingbellies

Broad in the beam? Get a Beemer

German website offers custom cow killing

Abattoir or field killed, sir?

CIA 'Open Source Center' monitors Facebook, Twitter

And anything else that anyone can contribute to openly

Feds back down from legalizing government lies

Freedom of information act rescued by powerful Republican

Google mum on AdSense payments failure fix

Web publishers facing tough time ahead

Groupon's IPO: don't get too excited about 30% rise

Tech stock history: excitement followed by yawns

SSL authority stops issuing certificates following breach

Here we go again

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