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2nd > November > 2011 Archive

Invasion of the radio snatchers

Spotify, Rdio heading to Australia

NASA funds laser tractor beam research

Shifting particles, not the Enterprise, using SciFi staple

CloudSigma invites Solaris to frolic on its cloud

On the heels of US launch

HTC Titan WinPho 7.5 smartphone

ReviewMango at large

IT pros not lacking for employment, but may need to move

Inhouse or outsource = same number of BOFHs (or more)

Koreans get touchless gesture-controlled Android phone

Ideal if your hands are covered in gunge

It's time to end the Windows Wait

Blocks and FilesEnd this interminable hourglass purgatory!

Nokia dips toe in free Wi-Fi waters, again

Londoners to get free network off the Finns

NetApp punches Isilon right in the scaled-out clusters

No short-stroking necessary to crush low hanging fruit

The Olympics mobile network clampdown that wasn't

London Games to be covered by all operators, actually

UK biz: Fax us and explain what this cloud thing is

Small firms stuck with crap tech, unware of data laws

Assange loses High Court appeal against extradition to Sweden

Arrest warrant stands, Supreme Court option open

Is Auto-tiering storage really as good as it sounds?

Imperfect optimisations

Logitech outs Bluetooth boombox

Rock on

UK cops must justify using new mobile interception tech

Plods' purchase means they don't need telcos' help anymore

Buffalo intros Pogoplug-powered personal cloud drive

DIY Dropbox

Motorola to launch 8in Xoom 2 for Xmas

Stock for stockings

Five... great games for the Xperia Play

iGamerTop titles for the 'PlayStation phone'

Cops cuff London Apple Store 'scooter raiders'

Teen girl and pals charged for part in 48 robberies

Systemax blows £250k on ex-CEO legal probe bills

Misco parent turns profit despite retail meltdown

Is your old hardware made of gold, or just DIRT?

Why it's not worth much, unless it's really old

Assange brings down British justice system

Six-fingered WikiLeaker-in-chief sticks it to THE MAN

Palestine fingers Israel for blasting Gaza off the net

Services wiped out in DDoS attack

Voda to plug not-spots with mini-masts in boozers

Self-configuring kit to fill mobile blackholes

Panasonic DMR-PWT500 3D BD Freeview HD DVR

ReviewA bit of a show-off

Experts: Firms need to come clean about cyber attacks

LCCDutch counter-terrorism head says gov was last to know on DigiNotar hack

Acquisitive reseller plots 'buy and build' trajectory

Fragmented Microsoft SME channel in need of consolidation, says m-hance

Broadcast television is 75 years old today

London calling

Civil servants cough up more lost BlackBerrys

Whitehall sofas must be chock-full of smart devices

Three touts dongle-sharing DIY hotspot box

Immobile broadband

Gadget Shop kingpin cuffed in nightclub 'toilet sex' incident

Gorman OBE and wife 'found in bogs' with another bloke needs fresh law to protect taxpayers' ID

ExclusiveOffloading data to private biz already racks up £10m bill

India uncloaks new thorium nuke plants

Won't have to look far for fuel, either

Record flight is step toward HYPERSONIC SPACE AIRSHIP

Ion-drive dirigibles to orbit from aerial 'Dark Sky' base

Hard-up Big Biz's docs lobbed into cheap cloud

EMC OnDemand forced to go virtual

Opera updates Jesus phone, BlackBerry browser versions

Data counter to help those on stingy data plans

Supersleuthing BOFHs could help crack cybercrimes

LCCMS exec: Sysadmins should gather evidence for the cops

BlackBerry nicks iPhone's UK smartphone crown

Barely 100,000 units between 1st, 2nd, 3rd place in Q3

Eggheads use Twitter to work out if it's raining

Also reveals when flu season begins

Fondleslabs are next on Lenovo chief's hit list

Juggernaut thunders into second place in PC biz

PlayStation 3 sales catch up with Xbox 360 total

Neck and neck

Report: Popular CAPTCHAs easily defeated

Researchers build CAPTCHA dispatcher Decaptcha ...

What is wrong with the Data Protection Act?

FOI infraction saga hits the buffers

Catholic Bishops: 'Would you mind not bringing guns to church?'

Wishy-washy response on Wisconsin's weapons rules

Fujitsu busts K super through 10 petaflops

When will this monster machine go commercial?

Mars probe crippled by buggy SSD successfully jury-rigged

ExclusiveIngenious space BOFHs overcome memory fault

Let's build some better HPC benchmarks

SC11Sustained performance in, Peak out

Virtualisation turns PCs into personal clouds

Desktops break free

Grand Theft Auto V trailer drives onto interweb

Game to be download only?

Minnow Android slab maker BEATS Apple in court

Spanish biz countersues after year-long ban on sales

Appro goes to extremes with new Xtreme-X supers

Machines? Check. GPUs? Check. New x86 CPUs? Er ... soon.

Symantec looks steady as biz spends on security

But services sector let it down in Q2

US Navy in new electromagnetic railgun milestone

New model can fire more than once before destroying self

Steve Jobs named most influential game guy – ever

Most influential platform? Guess...

All change at top of HP storage biz

Richard Masterson taking on sales director role for global accounts

Fujitsu makes biggest Eternus even bigger

Dual controller array with ambition

iPad 2 made from T-Rex fossils costs £5m

Extreme bling

Spectra builds MONSTER TRUCK of tape libraries

Tape-osaurus Rex: Upgraded T-Finity beats 'em all

Tech Data sues LCD panel makers over price-fixing

Distie giant seeking damages from cartel

Thousands of WordPress sites commandeered by Black Hole

Webmasters, update TimThumb now!

Anonymous confusion in clash with Mexican drug cartel

'It's WAR' - Anons far away. 'No it's not' - Mexicans

AOL foresees long-spooned rush to sup with 'Project Devil'

Web giant covers (some of) its bloggers in gold

LightSquared CEO wants industry's 'dumbest' wireless pipe

Open Mobile SummitYou didn’t ask Edison to build toasters

Americans to get five-year wireless tax freeze

New Yorkers already paying more than UK

AMD pins exascale vision on Fusion APUs

The rebirth of vector processing

Accused Hollywood hacker does about face, pleads not guilty

Previously apologized for invading celeb's privacy

NSW plods’ bugs jump

‘First state’ first in interception

Negroponte plans tablet airdrops to teach kids to read

Open Mobile SummitMarket forces are failing the poor, he warns

Telstra wins fixed Indian licences

Rolling out in seven cities

Dick Smith faces tricky times

Retailer faces review possible extinction

Yahoo! apps! showcase! makes! social! media! moves!

Provided you own an iPad, that is

Secunia jumps on vuln reward bandwagon

First, catch your rabbit

Apple admits iPhone battery suckage, promises fix

Special help on its way to Oz, as well

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