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1st > November > 2011 Archive

Victorian government moves to mollify IT channel

Reverses cuts to supplier numbers

Perth music app developers score $1.1m

Japan drives international chart toppers

Researchers propose simple fix to thwart e-voting attack

Running hash makes insider fraud easier to detect

HP systems group honcho bails after Meg flip-flops

CTO Phil McKinney: 'Not the traditional retirement'

Pete Townshend condemns Apple as 'digital vampire'

The Who's windmiller barters own bollocks for musicians' aid

Boston University

SCC team profileCan Terriers hit tera-scale?

University of Colorado

SCC Team ProfileCan veteran team finally Buffalo the competition?

Purdue University

SCC team profileFifth time the charm for veteran team?

Nizhny Novgorod State University

SCC team profileRussian bear returns to student cluster fray

University of Texas

SCC team profileConfident? Cocky? Time will tell

Sony Tablet S

ReviewWedge hardware

Computer 2000 taps Widget UK boss to run retail biz

Foreman fits the bill

97% of Three's network traffic is data

Your country is calling streaming threatens to 'pull plug' on smart meter rollout

Hard-up punters unimpressed, Whitehall nervous

World heading for massive jobs slump

We need to employ our way out of economic misery


Can't resist resistive RAM

Wooden Mars ark voyagers set to step out on Earth

'Nauts to end 520-day simulated interplanetary odyssey

Airbus brews Scandium smackdown for carbon Dreamliner

A riveting chapter in Boeing and Airbus' rivalry

Behold: The Gecko-robot wall-climbing tank!

VidDoes whatever a spider-pig (lizard) can

Beeb measures Blighty in doormats

Auntie's improbable units dept strikes again

Asus eyes Android, Windows 8 tablets in 2012

Can it be the iPad rival it wasn't in 2011?

Darth Vader mounts defence of doomed empire

'We shall double our efforts,' gasp worried Dixons staff

Android voice assistant shootout

Android App of the Week SpecialBattle of the Siri substitutes

Too many states are crushing net rights, says Foreign Sec

LCCHague not vague on need for uncensored web

Don't lose sleep over cloud crypto hole, says Amazon

Virtually insignificant

Half of Britain now owns a smartphone

Android in the hands of a quarter of the population

Fasthosts downed by dicky Dell switch

UK website hosting cluster rocked by outage

Canada founded on 'relentless pursuit of beaver'

Determined pioneers pursued warm and furry prey

Archiving and the cloud

Deep diveSNIA works up some best practices

HTC Sensation XL hip-hops onto UK shelves

Big Beats for Blighty

Seagate flings twirling terabyte platters at world

Floods won't halt Barracuda refresh, we're told

Flooded fabs to ship 48m fewer disks in Q4

Camera and car makers also capsized

ITU showcases protoboffins, hands them £6k each

ITU Telecom World'Children are the youth of tomorrow'*

Blogger freaks after airport lackey fondles checked-in vibrator

TSA forced to perform 'removal action' on employee

Hague: Web risks turning into city of ghettos

LCCUK seeks net protection pact from biz and govts

Activists tell gov to shove its net censorship plans

LCCHands off our smut and private parts

The Register Guide on how to stay anonymous (part 1)

How websites use your browser to sell you for cash

Battlefield 3

ReviewBangers and crash

Ofcom tarts up telco report with pretty coverage maps

All show, but where's the detail?

Lovely electric car breaks out of Oz

Move over Tesla?

Netflix, Amazon ink video streaming deals with Disney

Interwebulator Walt beams up 'money for old rope' line

Why can't civil servants keep a grip on their BlackBerrys?

MPs told mandarins let RIM kit slip

French nuke biz slapped in mystery cyberattack

Blame Canada China North Korea oh, who knows

Cops should help us slay trolls, says Facebook wonk

LCCBut wait, there's a real crime happening over there

Calyx owner Better Capital stages reseller roll-up

VC building mid-market Microsoft and Sage software specialist

£2.8m bank Trojan slurp ringleaders jailed

Scotland Yard, Feds nab malware-armed raiders

Google explains 'why' ads target user's Gmail

How our bots drill into your ONLINE BRAIN

Facebook, Twitter just tools in Arab Spring

LCCYemeni activist: We quite like radio and SMS, actually

Yahoo! beds! down! with! cookie! sniffing! Interclick!

Smell my cheese, er, money

Hyperscale networks need holistic management

End-to-end services for virtual machines

Nokia sets release date for Lumia 800

Mango here we come

Battlefield 3 is EA's fastest selling videogame. Ever

Server issues continue, though

Miley Cyrus hacker let off with probation

TrainReq spared after ratting out former hacking cohorts

Chip sales shrink a bit in September

Japan recovering, Thailand an unknown

Cameron loves net freedom – as long as no one's rioting

LCC'Gov doesn't own, run or shape the internet'

Calxeda hurls EnergyCore ARM at server chip Goliaths

Another David takes aim at Xeon, Opteron

HP Project Moonshot hurls ARM servers into the heavens

Redstone clusters launch Calxeda chips

Open Rights Group denies Netflix is coming to the UK

Company itself begs to differ with Citizen Jim

Native Gmail app coming to iPhone, iPad?

Android advantage may soon be undermined

The Silicon Valley mirror-tocracy

Open ... And ShutAre these startups relevant to anyone outside the bubble?

Asian countries dominate global spam deluge

Dirty Dozen rankings acquire eastern flavour

Activision banned me from Call of Duty gig, says exotic performer

'She appears in WHAT kind of films?!?!'

Biden: The internet ain't broke, let's not fix it

LCCUS rejects calls for 'national barriers on information'

Chinese orbital docking starts long march to space station

US commie hunt jumpstarted taikonaut takeoff

Samsung demands iPhone 4S source code in Aussie row

Yes, but what has France to say?

Bill Gates strangled Microsoft's 'tablet for creatives'

Windows, Office cannibalization concerns killed the Courier

Critical Windows zero-day bug exploited by Duqu

Trojan used booby-trapped Word file to spread

AT&T to offer first LTE phones this Sunday

HTC and Samsung get the nod

Adobe buys Auditude

Acquisition strategy increasingly Googlesque

OpenBSD 5.0 reveals MAD-themed release

What hath Alfred E. Neuman wrought?

Curtin Uni inks instrument contract for WA radiotelescope

Poseidon Scientific to build kit for Murchison array

NZ ISP piracy law kicks in

Download notices expose appalling musical tastes

Canberra ATM cracker refused bail

Cash machine blagger stays in slammer

Cray results suffer from AMD delays

History repeats itself, but won't threepeat

Riverbed joins OpenStack gang

Signs on dotted line

Army of 'socialbots' steal gigabytes of Facebook user data

UpdatedSocial networks prone to large-scale infiltration

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