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31st > October > 2011 Archive

Mint Wireless exits channel

Disto no more

Halloween Hardware

Product round-upSpooks to be had

MPs back more powers for ICO

Watchdog needs sharper teeth, says committee

London Underground seeks advice about ICT infrastructure

Will hold talks with tech suppliers on future tube system

Facebook's Swedish data centre will be subject to Snoop Law

It's the law, innit... bitch

Personal data blaggers should go to jail, MPs say

People who 'blag' personal info or sell it on should face prison – committee

QLogic showers in gravy as parent Emulex hits dry spell

Spun out as spin-out booms

Official: Kindles get heavier as you add e-books

Don't worry, you won't notice

Google-Moto pulls in $228m following settlement with RIM

Mystery 'company' ponied up $175m in cash alone

GoPro HD Hero 2

Geek Treat of the WeekTough shooter

EU in 4G mobile 'digital dividend' divvy-up proposal

800MHz band which used to carry telly is good for range

Brits buy 3.1m Freeview HD devices

Maybe even more if there were more channels?

Panasonic sniffs doom on the wind in telly market

Struggles to digest Sanyo, cope with rising yen

Samsung bleats 'bout bendy blowers for 2012

Twist and spout

Canonical: Mobile OEMs are going to love our Linux

Umbongo will be useful bargaining tool - Shuttleworth

BT hires another battalion of troops to speed fibre rollout

Ex-military types to blow two-thirds of Blighty 'by 2014'

Nokia celebrates milestone with nostalgic exhibition

Built from bricks

Android 'stands on Microsoft's shoulders', says MS lawyer

And there is only a modest charge for doing so

'Ghost hunter' set to become Tory Euro-MP

'Investigator of the unexplained' headed for Brussels

Motorola Mobility to sack 800 ahead of Google gobble

No in-office laundry or massages for you

Anonymous threatens Mexican drug cartel

Hacktivists wade into bloody narco wars

Building cloud-optimised networks

Expert ClinicCombining fabric infrastructure, operational nous, and service delivery models

Solar power boom 'unsustainable', says Gov

Massive payouts to rooftop panel owners to be slashed

Minecraft upstages Portal 2 in arty game prize

Block heads?

Zombify Me

Horror App of the Week'Tis the season to be scary

Scotland Yard trackers operate fake mobile base stations

Reports say cops are running secret air wing too

Top GCHQ spook warns of 'disturbing' levels of cyber-raids

All of Blighty subject to continual slurping

Don't let Halloween malware haunt your PC

Trick or tweet

HTC foretells 2012 move to 4G in US, 'advanced markets'

Sees massive bulgening in smartphone sales to mainland

Adventures in Tech: Taking the plunge into IPv6

Part 1Our intrepid reporter does it, but you'll still have to

ASUS: 'We run out of hard disks at the end of the month'

Good job we make all those Flash-based netbooks

Two iPads put a hole through man's wallet stomach

Halloween fancy dress fans, eat your heart out

University students chase cluster victory

SC11Throw down showdown in Seattle

Check Point scoffs security dashboard firm

Will add bells and whistles in a GRC/SIEM stylie

Public transport 'is bad for commuters' health'

Long car journeys better for you than short ones, too

Google signs Deepak Chopra and Madonna in TV blitzkrieg

We're not attacking the telly biz! Oh wait, no, we are

Is your network taking on a life of its own?

Meet the complexity challenge

Desperate RIM in 'buy two PlayBooks, get one free' offer

Plus leather slab-sleeve for unloved stroker

Farewell then, Sony Ericsson

The Reg looks back over a rollercoaster decade

From Frogger to fluid dynamics

SC11Exhibits run the gamut

Steve Jobs' last words: 'OH WOW. OH WOW. OH WOW.'

He looked at partner and kids 'and then beyond them'

National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan

SCC team profile2010 Champion returns to defend crown

BBC iPlayer to require TV licence

The cost of catch-up

Apple confirmed as buyer of 3D mapping firm

Plotting split from Google Mapping services?

National University of Defense Technology, China

SCC team profileTeam Tianhe looks for Seattle glory

Argentina stakes online claim on Falklands

Territorial dispute spills over into cyberspace

Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica

SCC Team Profile:Rainforest Eagles attack clustering

Biz bosses are catching fondleslab fever, says distie

Not just for watching cat videos, then

Samsung reveals Ice Cream Sarnie updates for 2012

Galaxies that get a slice

Gloves off in NYSE: Red Hat trading tech face-off

OpenMAMA pitted against AMQP in finance system battle

Sony may break up with Samsung

Japanese firm considers ending LCD joint venture

LightSquared pulls out all the stops to get FCC approval

Financial shenanigans, conflicts of interest and a technical solution?

Open-sourcers suggest Linux secure boot block workarounds

If the boot fits ...

Microsoft confirms Kinect SDK for business in 2012

Let a thousand RSI lawsuits bloom

Another reason to jail-break your iPhone 4: You can get Siri

Fiddly, but possible

China responds to satellite hack charge: 'Nuh-uh!'

'We oppose all hacking'

China to take women to heaven and back

Manned 2012 spaceships could have two female taikonauts

Ultrabook sales 'falling short of targets'

'Never buy version 1.0' rule in play

Dozens of chemical firms hit in espionage hack attack

Defense contractors, Fortune 100 companies, too

Olympus gets government grilling after firing nosy Brit boss

Japanese prime minister cites multimillion dollar 'irregularities'

China fires up homegrown petaflops super

The Sunway Bluelight special

Illicit Bitcoin miners steal resources from infected Macs

Passwords, browsing history also harvested

Kiwi devs look to export 3D urban-planning tech

Get first round of funding

More big boxen for boffins

CSIRO seeks more metal

Optus taps Arianespace for satellite launch

Number ten to fly in 2013

NEXTDC details rapid rollout

AGM told electricity shortages will challenge Oz cloud

Boffins' PETMAN robot mimics human gym rats

Does pushups, walks, squats, and sweats

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