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25th > October > 2011 Archive

Oz bank takes near-field plunge

CBA also takes payments ‘social’

Appcelerator juices HTML5 support with Particle Cloud buy

'Rocket fuel' boosts rollout into 2012

Mainframes pump up profits at Unisys

Bucking Uncle Scrooge Sam

Android upgraded to be more resistant to hack attacks

ASLR added to 'Ice Cream Sandwich'

TomTom Go Live TopGear Edition

ReviewThe best satnav... in the world?

EMC supremo succession photo clue

Blocks & Files PhotoPicture tells a thousand words when only two needed

Ofcom to finally yank sat broadband biz off the air

ITU asked to revoke ICO's frequency rights

Cryptoboffin: Secure boot a boon for spooks' spyware

State-sponsored trojans will be harder to get rid of


Android App of the WeekPower user email

Dell intros '14in screen, 13in body' notebook

World's thinnest 'full function' laptop, apparently

Could a snapshot plug your backup window?

VMworld EuropeSounds satisfying, doesn't it plots its own superintranet

Anything London can do...

Updating to Windows Phone 7.5

ReviewThe stone in the Mango

Huawei stuffs LTE into TV bands

4G without the expensive spectrum

US carrier smartphone sales slip

Android in decline?

Acer UK boss Watkins quits

Updated:Industry old-timer Marshall set to take the hot seat

ARM elbows through chip market with bumper profits

Hand over the dosh

Hack reveals Android tablet within Sony e-reader

£129 E Ink fondleslab, anyone?

Union enraged by secret driverless Tube plan

Leaked masterplan would axe 1,500 jobs

Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray Android smartphone

ReviewLight touch

London Comic Con kicks off Saturday


BT cable ballsup hooks up punters to wrong numbers

Are you a fax machine, or just happy to hear from me?

Father-of-three attacked teen after Call of Duty jibes

Pwned and irate

RM chief exec Sweeney steps down

Company restructures, plans to axe one in five jobs

Apple shouldn't bother with TV...

AnalysisPress manipulation FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE

Top general warns of cyberspy menace to UK biz

Stealing secrets is costing Brits billions

Groupon sues ex-sales heads for defection to Google

E-coupon outfit frets over trade secrets

SAN-banner scores $25m from ex-Sunner

Nutanix promises cheap, speedy storage for cloudy servers

Web czar: 'Drag your nan online'

Would you give up an hour to get mates and family online?

Fusion-io hires ex-TMS president

Woody Hutsell leaves Texas for California

Survey: Future IT guys will 'crowd-source' to fix stuff

'So most of you don't think we need a firewall, eh?'

What flash needs is a little TLC

CommentTwo bits good, three bits better

Jaguar recalls over 17,600 X-types in the UK

Cars' cruise control hit by code bug

Israeli gov nabs 6 for leaking population register

Personal details of 9 million citizens, including kids, online

No licence required: Ofcom sets bandwidth bundle free

Not all radio is gold

5 SECONDS to bypass an iPad 2 password

VideoForeground fudge-up

Rockstar officially announces Grand Theft Auto V

Cop a load of this

Cisco chief's package shrinks 65 per cent

Forced to make do with $6.6 million pay packet

Larry Ellison takes a bath on San Fran mansion

A four million-dollar bath

3M combines camcorder, projector

Snap out of it

Riverbed lets loose Stingray virty appliances

Traffic manager, content optimizer, and firewall swim together

Tweens would miss web and mobes more than TV

Take a wild guess how they watch telly, though

3D tape backup biz taps Mr StorageTek

Jon Benson joins Spectra

Big Blue gives Big Sam big bags of cash

Not for himself, but for stock buybacks

Arrays take on servers in storage smackdown

CommentLocation, location, location: Where's a storage box's soul?

Japan's Parliament, defense contractor, pierced by hackers

Emails, fighter jet plans, exposed

VI and Brocade in SAN-monitoring DEATH MATCH!

CEO opens email war front

RIM links with Microsoft for cloud services

When its network is up, that is

US decommissions massive Cold War nuke

Bunker buster busted

Uncrackable quantum crypto undermined by new attack

Bell test blinded by lasers

Schooner adds asynch replication to MySQL appliance

Remote disaster recovery

ACCC to NBN Co: 'get cracking'

What is taking the special access undertaking so long?

IBM names Ginni Rometty prez and CEO

Palmisano to step down, remain chairman

Oz consumer watchdog makes beeline for Smurf game

‘Shonky Award’ for in-game price sting

Google exec: 'Corporations ignore human rights'

Not his own, of course

Krebs nabs ‘RSA attack’ list

Hundreds of networks hit

Monash Uni gets neuromancer lab for marketing boffins

Eye-trackers and thought readers, cyberpunk paradise

Apple gets patent for ‘unlock gesture’

Jobs slides back the granite slab for one more whack at Android

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