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21st > October > 2011 Archive

Numara crafts SaaS offerings, preps Oz hosting

Targets a channel that’s ‘under pressure’

Microsoft betting on ultrabooks to boost Windows growth

Company also praying for tax holiday

Seek may float Chinese asset

Recruitment really does pay

Printable transistors usher in 'internet of things'

UpdatedBillions of systems, printed dirt cheap

Skype lets hackers track your BitTorrent downloads

Internet stalking courtesy of P2P

Apple's iPod: ten years old

The gadget that changed the music industry

WD: Thai flooding should speed EU decision on Hitachi

Deal good for everyone, says disk drive giant

Android grabs quarter of tablet market

Sorry, RIM, almost all of the rest is Apple's

Watchdog mauls Euro database of 'pirates'

Who can peek at the naughty list?

RIM's BBX has all the logic PlayBook should have had

BBX converges BlackBerry and QNX, and beefs up enterprise features

LG LSM-100 Mouse Scanner

Accessory of the WeekPage-grabbing pointer pusher

HP's chief techie departs, will not be replaced

Robison rides off into the sunset

Intel Ivy Bridge set for Spring 2012 debut

Skinny CPUs for skinny laptops

Retro couch is quite the space invader

Arcade furnishings

Channel vet to steer Ingram Micro's enterprise biz

Jon Bunyard to replace outgoing Cathi Low

BOFH: Hordes unleashed... by a RAM upgrade

Episode 16Fault #45113: Company Corrie email list is down

Samsung Galaxy Nexus comes up short on sub-pixels

Don't smile, it's PenTile

Crowd-pleasing study in capitalism conspiracy controversy

Boffins reckon banks ruled a lot of the world

Google+ slips into bed with Reader

Lonely heart web slurper needs some lovin'

Judge: Top Gear did not libel Tesla

Tesla grrrrs

US radio evangelist: Apocalypse now

And publishes weekend listening schedule...

Hackers crack PlayStation 3 hardware, again

Jailbreak jinx

Big Dane study finds no mobe cancer link

Tumour doomsayers barking up wrong tree

Batman: Arkham City

ReviewThe best superhero game. Ever.

Web block would 'spark arms race' against pirates

ISPs tear into file share ban efforts

Reg hacks confront really wide Oz load terror

Down Under's Stuart Highway: The shocking, lane-swallowing truth

Acer cuts losses and inventory in Q3

Taiwanese vendor moving into recovery position

Smartphone black market fuels knife robberies

Top cop slaps punters without a mobe passcode

Quote of the Week: 'Phone bills shouldn't cost more than the rent'

QuotWPlus: 'There's a nap for that'

Privacy blunders by UK biz soar, websites least trusted

Surprise! Public confidence in data protection declines

Get out there and take some risks, says Woz

IP ExpoThe wizard of Wozniak wishes you luck

Jobs: 'I'll spend my dying breath destroying Android'

Threatened $40bn war over rival mobe OS, slated Google

Sony's 3D VR goggles will empty your wallet

Launch date and prices revealed

Toshiba demos monster hi-res tablet display

Packin' in the pixels

Gov: DAB must battle on, despite being old and rubbish

While BBC agrees to pay for digital albatross

Boffins crack e-commerce encryption

Poked XML-based service coughs secrets

Feds: Cyberpunks spied on Nasdaq directors

Nasdaq hackers' malware plot confirmed

Netbook shipments slump in face of tablet rise

Bullish forecasts reversed

Chinese giant halts rare earth shipments to hike prices

This is the stuff mobiles, lasers, magnets, cars are made of

Dowler family bags £2m payout over phone-hacking saga

UpdatedMurdoch hopes settlement 'underscores' his 'regret'

Thai floods flush storage channel clean

Disties hit the brakes, stores raise prices

Groupon IPO seeks $11.4bn valuation

Price range of $16 to $18 a share confirmed

Zuckerberg's HTML5 Trojan horse play

Open ... And ShutFacebook penetrates Apple/Google territory

Buy a $1m storage brute, get a free iPad app

IBM talks up XIV benchmarks, cloud files

World's stealthiest rootkit gets a makeover

Now, TDL4 harder than ever to eradicate

Meteor shower falls from Halley’s Comet on Saturday

Watchers checking for Moon explosions

Massive study concludes: 'Global warming is real'

Climate skeptics dealt 'clear and rigorous' blow

Cloud buyers keeping storage sales strong

Boom times for hardware and software sales

Cable employee admits replacing Superbowl feed with porn

NSFWWe interrupt this dramatic touchdown for this lewd clip

'Occupy Wherever' movement goes transgalactic

To Mordor and beyond

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