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20th > October > 2011 Archive

Gulf of California terrorized by ONE-EYED MUTANT SHARK!

Boffins say ‘not a hoax’

Japanese take World Solar Challenge

Dutch and USA fill the podium

LaCie LaPlug

ReviewShare USB devices on your network

War boffin: Killer cyber attacks won't happen

Die Hard 4 is just a movie, kids

Dixons stores knock £150 off RIM PlayBook

Enough to drum up demand?

Are IP addresses personal data?

ACS Law ruling raises some interesting questions

Nexenta flogs virtual storage to High Street bank

VMworldWon't say which...

Oracle vs Google court showdown delayed

Java bust-up pushed aside by real crim trial

The Guardian iPad Edition

iOS App of the WeekFirst UK paper to hit iOS 5's Newsstand

Retailer intros cut-price 10in Android tablet

Yours for £151 - for now...

0.5mm2 ARM chip offers 5X energy efficiency, jacks up performance

big.Little extends Moore's Law

Motorola to fit fitness freaks with work-out watch

Break sweat with a strap-on

Jobs was 'working on future product day before he died'

Life of Apple baron celebrated by staff in ceremony

Euro fraud cops crush garlic tax evaders

Whistleblowing site roots out fraudsters

Microsoft's saucy compiler exposes privates to devs

All and sundry welcome to slurp build process data

Tearful skin-beaters say good bye to the BumChum

Low-end throb monitor now handled by BC Gigster

WD: Thai floods will force hard drive prices up

Shortages predicted, hundreds dead, fabs shutdown

Yahoo! refuses! to! sell! as! buyers! flash! cash!

What kinda cheap portal do you take us for?

WTF is... Bluetooth 4.0?

It's in the iPhone 4S, but does it matter?

This just in: Brussels shatters CRT cartel

Party like it's 1999 – we can afford glass monitors at last

Acer UK sales slashed in HALF in Q3

One-time Taiwanese juggernaut in free fall

Crap alchemist jailed for poo-into-gold experiment

From Dumbledore to prison door

Hands on with the Motorola Razr

First LookFix up, look sharp

Nokia still in the red in Q3 sales bloodbath

Windows mobes couldn't come soon enough

Symantec blusters FileStore's new cluster thruster

Clones as it dedupes and caches

Spooks still prefer BlackBerrys for swapping secrets

RIM mobes trusted with restricted info despite service meltdown

Android mobes sneak into enterprise pockets

While the world was waiting for the iPhone 5

Logicalis hires industry veteran as UK sales boss

Chris Miller moves to integrator

Virtualisation on the cards in VMAX revamp

Version two by year-end whispered

Flood-hit WD could lose HDD leadership

Seagate may regain leadership position

Ubuntu daddy bets on desktop polish, ARM clouds

Who's with me? Anyone?

FCO rep: Best argument for net freedom is cold hard cash

LCCEconomics is a language everyone speaks

Asus names Eee Slider release date

Tablet-cum-netbook comes to Blighty

The road to Office 2010

Worth the shoe leather?

VMware rejiggers acquired Shavlik tools for SMBs

VMworld EuropeGo enhanced, NetChk becomes Protect Essentials Plus

Spamhaus and ISP spar over 'email DoS' blacklisting

AnalysisHow the spam row erupted

Gaddafi death reports likely to spawn multiple scams

'Sirte pics' for dirty clicks

Devs still frozen out of Android ice cream source

Code release by end of the year?

Next-gen Xbox set for 2013 release

720 reasons to believe

Coraid scoffs cloud platform startup

ATA-over-Ethernet piped into the skies

Microsoft debuts Holodesk to fiddle with balls

Redmond boldly going where others have gone before

Bug in Flash Player allowed Mac webcam spying

UpdatedAdobe issues patch for 'clickjacking' hole

Quickflix hits 'pause' button on ASX

Updated: movies online to PS3

Microsoft reports record revenue, lackluster Windows sales

Business apps offering most returns

Ellison munches unstructured data with Endeca buy

A massive Oracle big data/ e-commerce/analytics mashup

Get your Fujitsu cloud free

Bite-sized Linux servers for an eight-week trial

Security keeps LA cops away from Google Apps

Chocolate Factory or chocolate teapot?

UK gov publishes IT action plan to back up previous IT plan

'From what to how'... Maude still plotting gov tech future

Kiwi software developer makes Deloitte fast 500

Diligent takes tablets to the global boardroom

Deep inside ARM's new Intel killer

big.LITTLE bad news for Chipzilla

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