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18th > October > 2011 Archive

Duck and cover: ROSAT is the next re-entry

More space junk heads Earthwards

Hacktivists pose growing threat to industrial computing

DHS warns nation about Anonymous

NBN Co outlines next year of target sites

Aussie fibre wannabees bless, curse rollout list

Solarcars: meet road trains

WSCDay 3 at the solarcar races

Telstra shareholders pass deal with Oz government

Vote defuses NBN “ticking package”

4chan founder bashes Facebook, Google+ on identity

Web 2.0 SummitFacebook = the fast food of identity, Moot moots

Apple iPhone 4S

ReviewEnough of an upgrade?

Nimble's iSCSI is more than a flash in the can

CommentDisk drive array is revamped

Scottish council leaks names, salaries, info of 900 people

Dumfries and Galloway's FoI accident was on its website for 2 MONTHS...

Nevex reverses cache rules to accelerate apps

Tells the cache what to cache

Another piece of analytics puzzle snaps home

BlogIBM Buys Platform

My Council Services

Android App of the WeekHello, I’d like to complain about...

US dating site has no 'goodwill' trademark rights in UK

No UK customers, no dispute, High Court rules...

Apple and Samsung discuss... CPU production deal

Korean spin suggests A6 producer not picked

Dell ditches EMC after 10 years

Will push own storage kit after ending relationship

Hundreds of Mr A N OTHERs discovered on payrolls

Don't take it personally... your bosses aren't

VMware profits more than double in Q3

Looks like Microsoft, slurps cash like Microsoft

DeLorean goes electric for 2013 roll-out

Lightning not required for retro auto

HTC's iPhone, iPad ban bid derailed by US judge

Prelim decision rules no patents infringed

Ingram slams 'soft' Euro retail market

Staff face axe as Q3 profits take a hit

Connected TV watched in 42m homes

US, Euro punters mad for IPTV

Sony BDP-SX1 portable Blu-ray player

ReviewTake your discs out for a spin

Paul Ceglia loses another lawyer in Facebook spat

Alleged half-owner of social network WLTM loyal ambulance-chasers

Canon's fresh 18Mp DSLR flirts with film-makers

Dual-processors leave the mark

Yahoo! tech! boss! quits!

Stata is Purple Palace's new in-house entrepreneur

FSF takes Win 8 Secure Boot fight to OEMs

Punters urged to bombard PC makers

HP disties warn of price hikes

Enterprise kit rebate overhaul blamed

iPhone 4S: Our *hit list

Hype swipe gripe

Hackers expose Citibank CEO's privates

Revenge strike against cuffing of Occupy Wall St protesters

Google leads shoppers into pay-by-wave future

Cards, mobiles and soon 50,000 tills at Macy's at the ready

Apple iOS 5.0 downloads drive all-time UK net traffic high

Data rate doubles to 80Gb/s peak

App Store groupthink is bad news for small devs

Open.. and Shut'Long tail' model debunked

Man 'drinks 2 pizzas' before skidding off road

Kentucky fried brains

Facebook flashplodders lose appeal against 4-yr jail stint

'Abuse of modern technology for criminal purposes'

COMPAREX swallows Indian firm IRIS

Microsoft LAR eyes Asian expansion

Fast SANs seek speedy networks

The race is on

Team Philippines solar car in self-combustion drama

WSCBush not the only thing burning in Oz outback

Robot resolves Rubik's Cube in record time

Welcome your Lego-made masters

Vodafone turns its back on '360

Mobile brand does a 180

VMware ramps crusade to make sysadmins redundant

VMworld EuropeControl freakery stretched to vFabric Java frameworks and more

Vodafone customers fume over iPhone 4S delays

But I pre-ordered, wail fanbois

Breathe life into your cyber security campaign

How to make users sit up and listen

Never mind the flash cache: EMC is flush with cash

Storage biz slurped $5bn in Q3

Brits forced to join waiting list for iPhone 4S

Hurry while stocks la... oh, too late

Intel pitches stalking smartphones

ERICSuper-snoop mobes want to know your every move

Gartner predicts global double-dip recession

But enterprises will continue to invest in IT

Blow for McKinnon as extradition treaty ruled 'not biased'

Mum fears Pentagon hacker's fate is sealed

HP pushes out OS update for 'defunct' tablet

TouchPad gets WebOS 3.0.4

RIAA-led mob threatens innovation, Senator warns

Web 2.0 SummitContent industry using 'cluster bomb' on tech sector

Apple 'prepping smaller iPad'

Jobs said 'no seven-inchers', but rumor mill says otherwise

HP fortifies VirtualSystem arsenal

'vBlock killers' add Hyper-V, HP-UX

Michael Dell declines to eat his Apple (humble) pie

Web 2.0 Summit1997 'shut it down' advice explained

Stuxnet-derived malware found infecting SCADA makers

Duqu trojan in the wild since December

Apple slips, moneymen pounce

Quarterly financial results miss projections

OPERA review serves up a feast for physics geeks

Superluminal neutrinos and silly science writers

Will litigants chase Oz smut-watchers?

Copyright trolls linked to adult content biz

Intel mocks PC slowdown, laughs at skittish economy

Q3 a record for sales and profits

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