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17th > October > 2011 Archive

Vivid commits to east coast rollout

Vocus to manage backbone

And they're off! Day one at the solar races

WSCEl Reg pursues early leaders

Why so shy on pay-by-wave, Nokia?

New site pushes NFC but the elephant is holding a purse

Voda in 3G blackhole probe by ASA

Ad watchdog called in over service outage outrage

House of Marley Exodus headphones

Geek Treat of the WeekThe beat goes on

MIT boffin: Salted disks hold SIX TIMES more data

Magic dust for hard drives is table salt

Sesame Street YouTube page hijacked by smut pushers

Big Bird occupies Wall St children's channel

Samsung demands iPhone 4S ban in Japan and Oz

This patent war is not over yet

OpenSUSE 12.1 delivers Fedora punch with GNOME 3

ReviewLinux herd joiner

Back to the Future DeLorean to go under the hammer

Bid for the famous time machine

Public sector cloud looms, but who wants it?

Local gov CIO: 'What's this thing even for?'

1m iPad 3s being built this quarter, says analyst

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S Android smartphone

ReviewAhead of the curve?

Self Service BI: Would you, should you?

Expert ClinicReg Readers say Yes!

iPad baby baffled by paper magazine

VideoInfant QA test result: 'This sucks'

Virgin Media broadband in two-day wobble

Outage fix due Tuesday

RIM hopes to distract punters with free pretties

You don't need connectivity to play Bejeweled

Firefox preps native Android interface

Web beast promises snappy response

Bog builder pushes out poo-powered motorbike

Plopper on the chopper

Boffins whip up SELF-WIRING chip

Electrons steered through new nanomaterial

Survey: '4 million' Brits stung by ID theft

Average cost to victims reaches £1,190

Leo DiCaprio slated to play Turing in biopic

Superboffin's life told with a blockbuster budget

Apple: 4m iPhone 4S handsets sold, thank you very much


Gartner: Acer's glory days may be over

Shipments slide despite rallying PC market

MacBook case fabs kick up a right stink

Production hit by neighbours' odour complaints

Three questions that could put out Amazon's Fire

US politician probes Bezos' Silk Road

Bushfire halts solarcar race in its tracks

World Solar ChallengeFrustrating wait for teams

Appro notches up another Los Alamos super deal

Riding a Mustang to $10m

Verizon users must 'opt in' for privacy

You are the product, even if you're paying for the service

IBM big iron OSes treated to spit and polish

Windows on zBX, clustered z/VM, and virtual z/VSE

Steve Jobs memorial brings out tech titans... and Bono

Larry Page forgot to put invite in his Google wallet

US telcos agree to warn users before they bust their tariff

You are now leaving the Land of the Free

WD: Thailand floods worse than feared

'Significant impact' on hard drive production

Microsoft updates Intune to patch cloud pitch

Offers incentives for partners to push code

Pumped-up radio telescope seeks new moniker

Public help sought for unimaginative boffins

US military debated hacking Libyan air defenses

Obama urged to keep Ferrari in garage for time being

SGI inks reseller deal with Cloudera

Hadoop clusters stacked and racked, data not included

LibreOffice plans ports to iOS, Android, cloud

French government says 'oui' to open source

Wireless industry bows to 'bill shock' rules

FCC, consumers win a round

IBM's mainframe upgrade cycle weakens

Power Systems, software fill in most of the gap in Q3

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