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14th > October > 2011 Archive

Microsoft twists some pixels

Borgs another gaming studio

Hubble snaps dark matter warping spacetime

Galactic funhouse mirror from 4.5 billion years ago

IBM juices I/O and memory on entry Power Systems

And more Power7 cores for the Power 780 beast

So where is IBM's Power7+ CPU?

And when?

Astronomy crowd spots PLANET KILLER!

Just kidding, folks, but still cool

Wannabe Obama replacement tried to hire Ballmer

Republican prez hopeful addresses Microsoft staff

Financial company heavies researcher for reporting vulnerability

Sledgehammer meets walnut: shrapnel flies

Apple versus Samsung: key points in the ruling

Cupertino only won by a nose in Oz trial

Facebook accused of violating US wiretap law

'Like' cookies tracked users, even when logged out

Toyota Yaris 2011

ReviewGadgets galore

WHSmith launches e-book reader rivals to Amazon Kindle

Calls on Kobo

Toshiba tears into enterprise drive space

300GB 15K small form factor spinner

O2 to trial VoIP over Wi-Fi

While T-Mobile starts giving away calls to the USA

Energy minister gives grudging nuke endorsement

CommentWith friends like the minister, who needs enemies?

Belkin Conserve

Accessory of the WeekGets you out of a green jam?

World+Dog goes bonkers for iPhone 4S

Sales well up on iPhone 4 launch, says O2

Dell signals Windows 8 fondleslab range

Dell WorldTech supremo drops hints, slates Android

Iranian TV claims royals ordered Ofcom to ban it

Watchdog still mulling how to bitchslap bonkers Press TV

Samsung, Google to out Ice Cream Sarnie next week

New Android, new smartphone

Bandwidth restrictions can affect the memory

Don’t let aging systems slow you down

Digital UK names date for end of analogue TV era

So long, PAL

Brit cyberwarriors, your country needs you

Spooks tap up IT security boffins to protect nation

Dropbox rival touts 50GB free cloud storage for iOS fans

More file space in cyberspace

Sony Ericsson stems losses with smartphone sales

Thank heavens for the Android bandwagon

Europe backs changes to FOI laws

Transparency rules to keep politicians on their toes

Computacenter squeezed by drop in demand

Q3 revs look droopy

'A prime example of our complete failure'

QuotWPlus: Finding one's love-truncheon in a hornet's nest

BOFH: Where's my free fondleslab?

Episode 15No one ever died from buying a ... >KZERRT!<

OMG! Berners-Lee has an iPhone

RSA EuropeAnti-iTunes web daddy still hates proprietary tech

Texan lone star Dell lassoes storage into servers

Dell WorldDirectly feeding CPUs with data ASAP

Collapsing cranes and cantankerous cars

WSCAnother day at the solar races

Norton blocks Facebook as 'phishing site'

Well, it does collect private info

Apple's US bid to ban Samsung tabs hinges on design

Samsung's lawyer couldn't tell Galaxy and iPad apart

Thai floods threaten Seagate hard drive supply chain

Disties stockpile as factories go under water

Big biz told to reveal hack attacks

Investors need to know about compromises, says SEC

Forza 4


Ubuntu's Oneiric Ocelot: Nice, but necessary?

ReviewBehind Unity's polish

Punters to favour Smart TV over 3D TV

Big growth for app-running tellies forecast

Huawei 'taps up' firms to form Euro operation

Also entry to the USA rumoured

Hadoop: A Linux even Microsoft likes

Open... and ShutBig Data brings people together

Dutch court rejects Samsung iPhone ban bid

Apple should get fair access to 3G tech

Top Tory 'lost voters' personal info' days before ID fraud week

Watchdog probes claims of papers binned in park

Samsung takes another hit in patent punch-up

Korean firm loses bid to ban Apple products in the Netherlands

Sixth of Britain's cellphones have traces of poo on them

Playing Angry Birds on the loo: There are consequences

Winning new UK pylon design may never be used

Eco Strategy BoutiqueThanks anyway, have £5k for your trouble

Intel mad for power, but stacked-up dies keep MELTING!

ERICMoore's Law good for 10 years easy - top Chipzilla boffin

Big data centers spending big bucks on big hardware

No recession in the glass house

Drone nerve centre malware was Mafia Wars' infostealer

Don't panic - it was only the weapons and spy systems infected

Mass ASP.NET attack causes websites to turn on visitors

614,000 pages so far in ongoing epidemic

Google takes buzz saw to Buzz, other appendages

Management machete hacks off more chunks

It's official: Microsoft, Skype marriage consummated

Skype chief praises new master's 'disruptive innovation'

Apache insists OpenOffice is alive, well, and flush

Keep calm and carry on

Apple, tech titans lead US brands to world domination

Chin up, Blighty – you're strong in booze

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