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13th > October > 2011 Archive

AOL demos the human-free datacenter

100% lights out facility eliminates the BOFH cost

Googler squeals: 'We don't get platforms'

A candid rant for the ages

Apple wins for now: no Galaxy 10.1 in Oz

Injunction granted

Amazon Kindle 4

ReviewThe library in your pocket?

Peer-to-peer update makes ZeuS botnets harder to take down

Not your father's zombie network

Avere punches up file access with 2 more accelerators

Get those filers moving faster

Busting net neutrality may amount to spying, says EU

Eurocrat warns of 'massive, real-time inspection of comms'

BlackBerry stumbles to feet, full of apologies

RIM promises not to repeat BlackBerry crumble

iMoney Accounting

iOS App of the WeekKeep track of your cash

Pampernaut love-rat space shuttle pilot prangs plane

Passengers unhurt in Alaskan Cessna crash

C and Unix pioneer Dennis Ritchie reported dead

printf("Rest in peace, Dennis\n"); exit(0);

Dutch ISP calls the cops after Spamhaus blacklists it

Had to unfriend TPB chums to get unblocked

City slickers get another 5 years of free Wi-Fi

In 15 minute chunks, in a tiny piece of London ...

Valve chief says Apple will own your living room

iConsole on the cards?

Where am I going tomorrow? My electric car charger wants to know

ERICPumping the right amount of juice for your journey

Chinese whisper of low-cost Kindle-confounding iPad

Smaller model too?

Cloud file tech finds Big Blue one in bed with it

Excited cries of joy at Nirvanix

Did a Seagate sales bloke just say 5TB drives are coming?

Talks up big disks within three months in web vid

Down but not out: Flash in an HTML5 world

Adobe hedges bets with Nitobi

IBM's unified V7000 will hook up with just about anything

NAS heads and file access added to cloudy box

One in 10 Brits leaves web passwords in their will

You will inherit your parents' iTunes accounts

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon

ReviewWings and roundabouts

Revamp the network to cope with explosion in mobile kit

Expert ClinicCoping with end-point number growth and altered traffic flows

Nokia's NFC-stocked Symbian smartphone surfaces

Belle me later

An ode to rent-a-nerds and cable monkeys

Sysadmin blogLove 'em or hate 'em, we'd be screwed without them

Social net sites do wonders for crooks, spooks and bosses

RSA Europe'Computers are making people easier to use everyday'

Spotify 'sold soul' to boy king Zuckerberg

CommentFaustian deal

NHS orgs not keen on UK gov's mega-intranet

The other PSN also makes people nervous

Ubuntu Server 11.10 leaps onto OpenStack clouds

A dreamy dwarf leopard for microservers

Future wars will be over water not fuel, warns Intel sage

ERICKeyring-size PCs, web healthcare and more foreseen

Dennis Ritchie: The C man who booted Unix

Obituarystrcat(obit, "Quiet revolutionary");

RIM: 'Faulty switch took out faulty-switch-proof network'

Sleepy BlackBerry bosses to wait for postmortem ...

Fretting Googler retracts anti-Google+ rant

Please don't fire me!

Microsoft whips Apple with global Xbox TV deals

Gaming network taps up broadcasters

Citrix buys cloudy storage biz ShareFile

Follow me the data

Galleon chief Rajaratnam gets 11 years in the slammer

Tech insider trading doesn't pay

Ubuntu One client now available for Windows

Open source sync service comes to Redmond

Flashback trojan targeting OS X shuns virtual machines

Mac malware grows up

AMD 'unleashes' unlocked FX processor family

Overclockers, rejoice. The rest of us, not so much

Quigley defends FTTP to parliamentary committee, again

Oz network delays recoverable says CEO

OccupySF BOFH runs protest network on pedal power

Protest IT staff running ultimate bare-bones system

IRS audits Google for funneling profits to Ireland

Savings of $1bn per year from 'Double Irish' loophole

The exaggerated “death of text”

How much is already free?

Carriers move to shore up safe harbour

Industry body seeks amicus curiae status in AFACT vs. iiNet

ACCC to appeal Google decision

Dead horse: check. Whip: check.

Solar car teams bask in Darwin sunshine

WSCPlucky Brits versus American juggernaut

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