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12th > October > 2011 Archive

Solarcars are hot!

WSCRules of the road

Users decide Fedora 17 will be 'Beefy Miracle'

Beta of Fedora 16 gives faster booting and better GNOME

Android app maker settles claims it exposed sensitive files

Photos, videos, and more shared by default

PCTV Broadway 2T network Freeview tuner

ReviewLive TV anywhere on Android and iOS

Which actor should play Steve in upcoming biopic?

Insanely great casting needed

ISPs end PM's web smut block dream

It's just a bunch of guidelines

Canonical enterprise chief jumps for Eucalyptus cloud

Toe-tripping sales re-org in action

BlackBerry services splutter back into action, again

RIM picks up pieces from epic outage

Flashback: The Quest for Identity

Antique Code ShowTotally recalled

ViewSonic intros tablet sized to strike at iPad

Android, good; Gingerbread, bad

MS wipes out 23 flaws in October's Patch Tuesday

IE, .NET and Silverlight get protection from code-executing bad boys

Gartner: Social media biz to rake in $10.3bn in 2011

Once-mocked sites scoop billions from ads and games

Seagate stocks sizeable storage hub for home entertainment

In the box, on the box

Opera brings fondleslab-style reading to bog-standard web

OsloApp developers: collect your P45s

ALK prunes satnav app pricing

UK, Europe maps up to £15 cheaper

Round up those wireless devices before they cause trouble

Stand up to consumerisation

Vodafone knocks over £120 off iPhone 4S

Cheaper Apples

Sony network ransacked in huge brute-force attack

93,000 accounts broken into

Would you spend $300m to save 6ms?

BlogSpeed of light slows down traders

Pick the right tools for your Office 2010 migration

Paving the way

Telstra UK resellers' private nets go titsup

Pushing the Daisy does not help connections

Intel turns its back on the small screen

Will design chips for computers, not TVs

Google loses battle for

Typosquatter's rights upheld – for now

RIM stands, staggers, falls again

Just can't keep BlackBerry services up

Sony asks for 1.6m LCD TVs to be returned

Bring back your Bravia before it burns

Dell opens new data centre in Slough

Come friendly Dell and fall on Slough...

RIM BlackBerry Torch 9810

ReviewLeading light?

Intel touts energy-use gadgetry for planet admirers

Eco boffins set up lab in Ireland

Datatec on the hunt for acquisitions

First half results for 2011 look bright

Telcos pave the way for iPhone 4S global roaming

CDMA handsets with unlocked SIM slots for GSM networks

US White Space XML blueprints emitted

Database synchronisation, the hipster web way

Big Blue 'made a move to buy BlueArc'

Blocks and Files:Storage insider says HDS was buying against the clock

UK gov needs better data skills to cut spending

MPs want to know who to blame if £81bn target isn't reached

High Court: Computer simulations can get patent protection

Smacks down IPO on drill design sim ruling

Will CEO Meg spare HP's PC biz?

Decisions, decisions ... due this month

Gov IT slasher gets top civil service role

Ian Watmore promoted in wake of 'Sir Humphrey's' exit

Win 8 haters are just scared of change, say MS bosses

Start screen tweaked to please crybabies

Thai floods halt WD hard disk fabs

Water and high-tech factories don't mix well

Brit micro-biz needs tax breaks, promotion, cuddles

And that could mean you

German states defend use of 'Federal Trojan'

Skype-snooping Bundestrojaner legal, insists gov

Ads watchdog slaps down Sony smartphone battery life claim

Maker didn't mention 'lab conditions'

Huawei homes in on Euro biz market

CommentChinese IT titan spreads its wings

Scottish rats scoff optic fibre, take down broadband

Two-day Virgin Media outage caused by rodents

Microsoft pops Hadoop into SQL Server and Azure

PASS SummitDenali becomes SQL Server 2012, out by next summer

Windows 7 overtakes XP - finally

Most dominant desktop OS, says web traffic abacus

Gulf scheme reveals BlackBerry SWP tap-cash support

It takes five to dance this tango

Pano's virtual desktops go from zero to hero

Sysadmin blogForget thin, zero clients are the new slim

Overland soups up SnapServer

Adds Geoff Barrall for extra pizzazz

Cisco VXI turns virty desktops into server sales

Are you (virtually) experienced?

Gigantic KRAKEN fingered in prehistoric murder mystery

Prof reckons monster was also a Triassic Van Gogh

Dell bulks up storage line – with compression product

Cramming your hot data into the steaming DX6000 pool

Man charged in nude celebrity hacking case

Operation 'Hackerazzi' uncovers 50 victims

iOS update woes prompt gnashing of teeth for Apple fans

UpdatedMass errors rain on iCloud launch

Planetary exploration under threat, says space pioneer

Space Launch System attention misdirected, Friedman says

iPhone 4 prototype duo get a year’s probation

Must pay Apple $250 for drink-fueled plan

IBM adds platform services to SmartCloud

Projects 200 million IaaS and PasS million users by 2012

Oz tech retailer threatens parallel import strategy

JB to emulate Kogan?

Cloud hub an Australian opportunity: report

MacTel, Fujitsu, vendors set up OzHub

Seattle superhero arrested for assault

Costumed saddo pummeled outside city nightclub

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