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11th > October > 2011 Archive

El Reg follows World Solar Challenge

WSCHot and bothered about electric cars

Get your numbers right, NBN Co tells Economist

What’s a few million households between friends?

iPlayer founder launches next big TV thing-Zeebox

Anthony Rose unveils the secret to connected TV

Nanotubes, sulfur expand battery storage

Blast-proof battery boffins back

Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro Qwerty Android smartphone

ReviewSmall talk

XIO tosses the dice one more time

CommentC'mon ... virtualisation!

Would you let your car insurer snoop on you for a better deal?

How's my driving? Ask the box of sensors in my motor

UK patent office spawns free search site

Hopefully no one's patented that

Half of Whitehall's websites axed in a year

There are still over 400 online, though ...

Smut oglers told to opt in to keep web filth flowing

Cameron brandishes tool at ISPs to keep Britain clean

BlackBerry users back online after outage

Quick, organise a riot while you can

YouTube ships movie rental service to UK

Take to hire ground?

VeriSign demands website takedown powers

No court order necessary

MS kills, un-kills kills Zune player line

WinPho to the fore

Viz Profanisaurus

Android App of the WeekNSFW. 'Nuff said.

Cloudy challenge looms over networking

Gearing up for growth

CyanogenMod 7.1 brings 24 Android phones into fold

Custom firmware updated

IBM preps boost for Power Systems

Just don't call it Power7+

Spotify's rising revenues gobbled by royalties blackhole

Spend a lot of money to make not quite as much money

Dark Souls

ReviewDeath awaits

Sneak peek: Revamped Opera gets turboboost

PicturesSo much is new, but it's mostly under the hood

Feds slurp WikiLeaker's email with secret court order

Message headers prised from Google, ISP

Pay Jobs due respect - by crushing the empire he created

Open ... And ShutReal entrepreneurs don't settle for second best

Ten... Freeview HD recorders

Product Round-upTimeshifting telly treats

NHS IT spending: The winners and losers

Integrators lose out as CfH budgets dive 35 per cent

Royal Navy halts Highlands GPS jamming

Exercises knocked furious fishermen off course

Oracle's Sparc T4 prices mask improved value

AnalysisSimilar bang, more capacity, similar bucks

Trusteer rebuffs bank security bypass claims

Smacks down Times and researchers

Wall Street protest app Vibe is secure enough, cries dev

This is between you, me and any determined Feds

Dubstep ringtone wins Nokia compo

Dreadful ditty makes line noise sound like Mozart

BlackBerry BBM, email offline AGAIN

Yet another RIM job to take care of

Infosec 'needs warrior cryptoboffins' to beat hackers

RSA EuropeDrop and give me 50 better data sets, maggot

Hard-up OpenOffice whips out begging-cap website

Coders seek new sugar daddy

Oak Ridge changes Jaguar's spots from CPUs to GPUs

Nuke lab's super upgraded to a 20-petaflops Titan

'Buggy' Facebook iPad app finally emerges

Stalking slab smudgers are smiling, though

HP extends reseller rebate changes into fiscal 2012

Still tough out there, vendor says

Privacy watchdog: Some things just aren't personal

Orgs get top tips on coughing complaint files

Android apps now playable on Windows PCs

BlueStacks' software unleashed

RSA defends handling of two-pronged SecurID breach

RSA Europe'Our adversaries left information' exec says, as FBI probe continues

Steve Jobs death certificate: 'respiratory arrest'

Memorial service set for October 19

Sutter: C++11 kicks old-school coding into 21st century

Language officially infused with Java-like multi-core support

IBM nabs Platform for cloud control freakery

HP thinking too much about Autonomy

Microsoft flags Firefox and Chrome for security failings

Guess what it says about IE 9

Overland to ring Nasdaq bell, tease products

Gather round now, children traders

'iTunes in the Cloud' has arrived in iTunes 10.5 update

UpdatedStart downloading all your purchased tunes today

High-frequency traders attract regulator’s interest

Big-iron trading systems face crackdown

Crims prefer old exploits: Microsoft

Zero-day threat is overrated

Hundreds of websites share usernames sans permission

Photobucket, Wall Street Journal, Home Depot take liberties with your personal info

Billion dollar telescope snaps galactic head-on

First images arrive from 100 square mile telescope array

Mnet shares mobile smarts with LA

Opens first US office to offer cross platform solutions

Australian National Broadband Network secures backhaul

Telstra dark fibre for core transit

Riverbed extends archiving to Azure, OpenStack clouds

Die, tape arrays, die, die

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