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10th > October > 2011 Archive

Behind iVEC’s ‘big science’ supercomputer

Putting Australia’s West on the map

Napster boys are back with Airtime

Backed by the Valley's VC elite

Can network architectures break the speed limit?

Bandwidth is never enough

The life and times of Steven Paul Jobs, Part Two

Empire-building inspirational visionary, or megalomaniacal swine?

Scientists break card that secures homes, offices, transit

Does hack of Mifare DESFire Smartcard affect NASA, too?

Brit boffins' bendy bamboo bike breakthrough

Photo updateVelocipede survives Alps trip, goes on sale

HP and Hynix to produce the memristor goods by 2013

18 months to go, baby

Twitter update: @regsecurity – The Reg bags imposter

It's ours, all ours ...

Citrix pushes the pedal on NetScaler appliance metal

2,048-bit SSL coprocessor nitro

Biker gang plunders Covent Garden Apple Store

Two held over digital scrumping

HP UK sales hit by PC biz uncertainty

Leo's legacy lingers

Samsung sets back smartphone launch for Steve J

Wrong time to praise a new Jesus Phone rival, apparently

Olloclip three-in-one lens

Geek Treat of the WeekOptical expaaaaaaansion for the iPhone

BT and F1 legend punt miracle diet in Twitter hijack

The return of the Acai Berry scam

E-book maker speeds E Ink Pearl tech

Bookeen unveils High Speed ​​Ink System

US rocketeer thunders to 121,000ft

Mighty thruster vies for altitude prize

RIM touches BlackBerrys together to swap content

Rubbing off on one another

Could! Yahoo! be! sold! to! private! buyers?

Rumours of firm leaving public market to recover in peace

RMS swallowed by Pinnacle Telecom

Reseller and services biz flogged after profits turned to losses

Orange and T-Mobile join hands with 3G coverage

Everything Everywhere getting there

Boffins fear killer gamma death blasts from space

Short, hard and hot eruptions lead to unhappy ending...

German hackers snare wiretap Trojan, accuse gov of writing it...

Who would admit to writing crappy code anyway?

Zombie browser with evil past returns from the grave

Regular and 'adult' versions promise to keep viruses from 'breeding'

Toshiba Qosmio X770 17.3in 3D gaming notebook

ReviewFully loaded

Email and compliance: How not to blow the storage budget?

Commentards, we need your input

Hero Ordnance Surveyors dodge bullets, tweet as they map

Just a mappin' and a-fussin' and a tweetin' and a 'cussin...

Huawei bolsters UK Advisory Board

The baroness, the web seller and the TfL director

Android Marketplace blocked by Great Firewall of China

Dalai Lama ding-dong

Cornish villagers treated to 4G trial

Telcos agree to test tech together

Steve Jobs: The Movie in the works

Sony Pictures bags $1m rights to biopic iMovie

Think 2014 if you're waiting for 4G in the UK

CommentOfcom juggles warring operators

Motorola punts Android into the enterprise

£1,000 fondleslab for shopkeepers, not shoppers

Netflix cans Qwikster

DVD rentals pulled back into streaming biz

iPhone 4S pay-monthly tariffs compared

How low will they go?

BlackBerry BBM, email downed in epic FAIL

Online service outage in Europe, Middle East and Africa

Stallman: Jobs exerted 'malign influence' on computing

AnalysisMisfiring bearded firebrand should stick to software

Would you trust a dot-bank site more than a dot-com?

Top-level domain for verified banks only proposed

Virus infects killer US air drone fleet

Key-logger just won't go away

Laptop shoots spike into owner's hand

DVD drive part springs into action

Google shoots Dart at JavaScript

It's really not a JavaScript killer, insists author

NetApp's STEALTH launch of ONTAP 8.1

Could already be on a server near you...

AT&T asks Apple to signal iPhone 4S is a 4G phone

LTE isn't 4G, and HSPA+ certainly ain't

iPhone 4S pre-orders obliterate sales records

24 hours, one million shiny-shiny seekers

Genetics and technology make Columbus Day a fraud

But who cares, it’s a day off

Hulu still flirting with suitors despite Yahoo! pull out

Premature exit as Yang considers own future

Sims outlines Oz network regulation again

Calming the debate

Oz broadband speeds leap 917% in TWO WEEKS!

Akamai versus Pando: the fun of speed surveys

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