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4th > October > 2011 Archive

Giants gear up for the business analytics challenge

Big spenders go shopping

EMC goes virtual with in-house Oracle apps

'We have failed' says EMC headman. The cloud to the rescue

EMC Project Lightning flash cards promised 'this year'

OpenWorldWeighing in at 320GB, for starters

Check your machines for malware, Linux developers told reopens under hacking pall

Microsoft updates Hotmail to deal with grey spam

Redmond strives to remake its web mail as (somehow) relevant

Thailand PM's Twitter account breached

Suspect faces 5 years in prison

Innovatio targets Wi-Fi users with patent suits

Promises not to sue individuals. For now

Crystal Acoustics MediaMatchBox

ReviewTiny media player with fantastic format support

Gov to spread mobile masts to remote corners of Blighty

We'll each pay £2.42 to hook up the shepherds goes back to school to avoid future IT blunders

GCHQ level of expertise needed across government

Amazon to whup Apple rivals when Kindle Fire hits UK

Brits' ideal tablet price: £250

Scotland Yard cyber-crime squad 'saved £140m'

ePlods predictably feel they're too valuable to cut

HP finally swallows Autonomy

Looks a bit queasy, starts doing little eggy burps

New iPhone offered for sale via unauthorised outlets

'Expect shortages', says man punting $1000 Jesus mobes

Core facts: Windows 8 truthiness dissected, Mango sliced

MicroBiteBlack swan for Microsoft's Sinofsky?

SanDisk Memory Zone

Android App of the WeekTake charge of your phone, cloud storage

Fusion-io deploys PCIe flash toaster

Self-healing powers claimed if you play the magic card

Facebook to scrub itself clean of filthy malware links

Websense to sniff out stinky URLs on social network

Sony: all new PS3 titles will require PSN Pass for online play

Taxing secondhand-game buyers

Ballmer: Uninspiring performance and a small package

Head Microsoftie leaves board members unsatisfied

HTC Evo 3D Android smartphone

Review'D' is for dud?

Growing arrays need bigger pipes

Be generous with bandwidth

Facebook: 'We didn't patent stalking logged-off users'

We're just hunting unicorns ... bitch

NHS claws back £170m refund on duff IT system

'Lorenzo' snake oil found to be worthless

Premier League loses footie decoder case

Euro court rules in favour of pub landlady

Chrome browser 'is becoming Number Two'

Could supplant Firefox, analysts predict tight finish

Lumison swallows DediPower Managed Hosting

Hungry ISP gobbles another server babysitter

RIM invites BlackBerry users into MS Office cloud beta

Get an early snort of Office 365 cumulus

id Software's Rage

ReviewApocalypse wow

Hospital data boob: Records left in bin room got binned

10,000 patients' records destroyed in NHS blunder

HTC to plug private data backdoor leak slurp vuln

Fix on the way for promiscuous Droid system app

Ten reasons why you shouldn't buy an iPhone 5

CommentThe thing is an insult in phone form

Oracle to NetApp: 'I'm a faster, cheaper storage lover'

OpenWorldTake a look at what my box can do, baby

Oracle's mighty column stuffs databases

OpenWorldEnough grunt to pack a petabyte into 60TB

Look who's talking ... about your Facebook Page

New blabber analytics are wet dream for stats nerds

GridIron fires up its turbocharged bandwagon

OpenWorldThat's the Big Data one - just happened to be passing

HTC's Mango handsets hit shelves in Blighty

Next-gen WinPhos to go

McAfee, IBM gobble rival security-intelligence firms

SIEMs like a good idea to tool up

Fedora 16: Linux home for lost Ubuntu GNOMEs

ReviewWhat lies beneath the Jules Verne submarine art?

HP anoints Mayer in global networks boss role

Praised for her history of biggening

Put down the Java manual

...Step away from it now

HP confirms Ansell as UK networking head

Polishing desk nameplate ahead of November takeover

Symantec alliance with Huawei put on countdown

Symantec VisionThere can be only one, or many, but not two

Systemax fills hole left by shamed US boss

David Sprosty to don the cursed hat of Fiorentino

Why grill Google over web dominance? It has none

Open ... And ShutNobody wants Chocolate Factory chocolate any more

Red Hat snatches storage Gluster file system for $136m

What's inside Pandora's box, in fact

iPhone 5 a no-show at Apple's 'Let's talk iPhone' event

iPhone 4S, however, not exactly chopped liver

Apple stuffs Intel desktop CPU into iPhone 4S ad

Quad-core Core i7 reborn as A5? Surely not...

Tuesday's iPhone event more than can bear implodes under its own weight

Rumors of iPod classic's death prove exaggerated

UpdatedThe clickwheel lives on, touch-based iPods upgraded

Oracle previews Solaris 11, due in November

OpenWorldClarifies Ellison's position on x86 servers

Apple outs iPhone micro USB adaptor

Euro-standard power feed

Apple snubs Samsung's Oz patent peace offering

Cupertino wants Galaxy kit banned ASAP

Dell building its own Exadata killer

OpenWorldRuns Oracle on PowerEdge 12G servers

Silver! Lake! Digital! Sky! also! in! Yahoo! play!

Jack Ma lining up partners

Accelerating universe expansion discovery snags Nobel Prize

Long time coming for Oz-US astronomers

The cat came back: Cubrilovic spots another Facebook 'tracker'

Facebook preps yet another fix

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