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29th > September > 2011 Archive

Aussie parrots hit the sauce and hit the deck

What shall we do with the drunken lorikeet?

Stars say relativity still works

Einstein defibrillated, CERN silicon questioned

Google cries foul, Feds dump Microsoft cloud monopoly

Let the Google Apps, Office 365 cage fight begin

Firefox devs mull dumping Java to stop BEAST attacks

'Horrible user experience' for your own good

If Google builds it, will the applications come?

Chocolate Factory's Kevin Lo at the Broadband World Forum

Acer Timeline X 5830T

ReviewThe boy in blue

Leatherman style multifunctional network device offered

QLogic delves in trousers, whips out impressive tool

PlayBook stock mountain: RIM slashes prices

Unloved fondle-slab is 'a dog with fleas'

China's patent EXPLOSION could leave West behind

AnalysisFive Year Plan for 400,000-strong patent thicket

Lovefilm debuts movie streaming app

Takes the flicks to the iPad

Murdoch organ intrudes into readers' private places

Wall Street Journal 'simplifies' user data policy

Does Gove’s webmail policy breach Data Protection Act too?

FOI-fudging foolery might've been the least of Mrs Blurt's boo-boos

Faustian descent into backup hell: A play in two acts

In which a Reg reader wrestles demons and Ghosts

Slab-fondling e-shoppers spend more

Link found between tablet-touchers, overpriced sportswear

Android tablet growth outpaces market down under

But Apple's iPad is still very dominant

Star Trek TNG revamped for Blu-ray in 2012

Remastered for 1080p HD

Meter Readings

iOS App of the WeekLovely Rita, meter maid... you’re fired!

Oracle accuses Autonomy chief of telling 'whopper'

'Either Mr Lynch has a very poor memory or he’s lying'

Googorola deal stalled by Feds

Probe punts acquisition into 2012

ISPs get flimsy self-help leaflet on net speed ads

'Up to' and 'unlimited' claims lightly poked

Firms are RUBBISH at payment security

One in five bothered to meet standards

Ultrabooks vs tablets: tablet demise greatly exaggerated

Makers spin skinny laptops as tablet killers. Wrong.

HP recruits Goldman Sachs to grapple activist investors

Collapsed share price makes IT tanker vulnerable

Boffins prove Queen ballad 'world's most catchy song'

We are the Champions hits right note

Rise of Nightmares

ReviewKinect's first frightfest?

T-Mobile: Samsung ban really not in the public interest

US telcos line up in front of rumbling legal Applenaut

RM flogging or axing units in painful shake-up

Nearly one in five jobs to go

Anonymous hacktivists turn rapper on YouTube, iTunes

Hip hop flop still beats hack wack cack

Nokia axes another 3,500 jobs

Glum Finns spurned by Redmond

Microsoft woos open-sourcers to float Hyper-V clouds

Getting on the OpenNebula Linux list

Amazon's Silk looks creepily Phorm-ulaic

AnalysisData-hoarding by proxy

HTC sprouts smartphone for shoppers on a shoe-string

Budget buzzer

Crazy pot smokers get high on wireless power

'Turn on the radio, man'. 'Hey radio, I love you'

Samsung's Galaxy Tab bicycle could be dangerous

Watch the roadslab

Journo register gaffe a boon for media overlords

OpinionLabour's half-baked plan backfires

Amazon accepts Kindle Fire will be rooted

Not raising barriers against hardware hackers?

Brands stiffed by .xxx briefs' cock-ups

Hard-up firms can't afford to waste cash...

Autonomy slams Oracle's 'Lynch tells whoppers' claim

'They seem a little confused'

Go Daddy flogs 50 MILLION domains

One bought every second

Groupon moves into online retailing in US

All products made of 'bonded molecules and stardust'

Dead FalconStor CEO 'was set to plead guilty'

Huai faced multi-million dollar bribe charges

Defence firm Ultra goes cyber with AEP buy

Slings military might into cyberwarfare

Spotify adds 'temporary' private listening mode after Facebook backlash

We're not Zuckerberg's bitch... bitch

HTC reckons 'WinPho will give Android a run for its money'

Analysts agree?

Be steps back from fibre broadband in 2011 pledge

Potential network partners not up to snuff, says ISP

NetApp perks up FAS2000, bigs up Vegas gig

Entry-level needs a kick up the pants

Gibson revisits Firebird range with robotic refresh

Classic axe gets new-age polish

Boffins invent miracle pill that counteracts effects of booze

Drunk test mice could drive a car, if they could drive

iPhone 5 to support 21Mb/s HSPA+ not LTE

Chinese telco outs handset's data spec

Logitech fined for bogus bug-busting keyboard ad

Won't actually kill bacteria, software bugs etc

Cops probe £500k hole in reseller's books

Accumuli discovered irregularity after Boxing Orange buy

Man who blasted five million text spams gets wrist slap

Gummed by toothless attack dog

Oracle revs up Sparc, speeds up roadmap

Years to go before Larry dumps x86 and Sparc64

Microsoft's Android patent ransom to 'total $444m' next year

Goldman Sachs guestimate shows peanuts for patents

Heroku floats heavenly Python into platform cloud

Engine Yard adds JRuby to fluffy JVMs

Apple victorious: Courts deny hackintosher's final plea

Psystar case grinds to grisly conclusion – alllmost...

Apple to Oz court: ‘Our products are lame, really’

Can’t let people taste the forbidden Android fruit

RIM defends PlayBook as more execs bail

Reports of tablet's demise 'pure fiction'

Chinese fuzz bust faux iPhone racket

Shanghai gang shanghaied

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