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27th > September > 2011 Archive

Apple vs Samsung: on and on and on

Oz judge asks for more time to consider ban

World takes notice as SSL-chewing BEAST is unleashed

Google, Microsoft, Mozilla patch cracks in net's foundation of trust

Oracle rises for Unix server push

SPARC T4 systems: Same skins, new brains

Whitehall: 'Don't bin whole NHS IT programme... yet'

Cabinet Office wonks eye up two NPfIT features

FalconStor founder found dead

ObituaryOusted CEO in suspected suicide

Sonos Play:3 network music player

ReviewThe best starter streamer bar none?

Samsung welcomes WinPho 7.5 with Omnia W

Mango ringer in-bound

Apple Thunderbolt Macs have chips for optical links

Circuitry, yes - but what about optical ports?

Ex-NASA man stuffs OpenStack with Paxos

Uncork some Googly BigTable compute for cloudy goodness

Taxmen extend biz record check pilot

Root around for extra SME revenue

HeyTell voice messenger

Android App of the WeekThe text message gets vocal

Cumulo Ethernet: Building Ethernet cloud fabrics

Expert ClinicScaling up: what are the effects?

Microsoft mulls OEM distie shake-up

Redmond pushes firms out on beauty parade

Plex flexes media server pecs

Let me be your one true content aggregator

Android outsells Apple 2:1

But BlackBerry is the real loser

Ed Miliband signs up for another hour of insults from Twitter

#askEdM: Labour leader will face the Great British Public

Amazon to kindle Fire tablet tomorrow

Based on BlackBerry tab?

Lewd voicemail hack on MP prompts probe

What's the story, moaning Tory?

Google+ chases MySpace for second place

Jury still out on chocolate-flavoured network

Three offers UNLIMITED data to all its customers

AYCE for £3 a month

Interference-dodging app sidesteps Wi-Fi band-hoggers

Dumb cards detect and avoid rival signals from other protocols

Sonex calls in administrators

Parent of 15 Sony Centres runs out of cash

Spotify tethers future to Facebook

Social network membership mandatory for subscribers

David Caminer, creator of the first business computer

Unsung Heroes of TechWe salute the architect of LEO

YouView to adopt Freeview channel list rules

Scheme to minimise EPG envy?

Should your system offer Mr, Ms ... and Mx?

AnalysisTime to phase gender out of your databases

Ex-Microsofties' IE6 kill squad hits UK

Former IE team members aid aging web apps

Second-hand E-m@iler spews old emails, passwords

You mean somebody actually used it for email?

Brit web firms tweet way out of slump

Social media, weak pound blessed by bosses

'Delayed' Facebook iPad app claims lead coder casualty

'Feature complete', still no release, so developer takes job at Google

Tosh puts 1TB in the palm of your hand

End of STOR.E

Clouds overshadow 'shrinking' UK server market

Analyst: Vendors face 6pc hardware revenue drop

B&W connects iOS devices through collaborative playlist app

Social work

Violin strings out fresh flash trio

Will arrays be music to CIOs' ears?

Power cut knocks Miliband off-air mid-speech

Blue Screen for Red Ed

Elon Musk's SpaceX to build 'Grasshopper' hover-rocket

100ft-tall booster to lift, land back on pad

Lenovo, Compal snuggle up to build notebook plant

Firms invest $100m into joint venture

Rich List tech baron heads home as Itopia reseller biz enters administration

Sources say staff have not been paid

2009 game footage appears in ITV show as 1988 IRA vid


Facebook's complexity will be its doom

Open...and ShutFarewell, 'Wal-Mart of the internet'

Apple confirms iPhone event on 4 October

Let's talk... you listen

WikiLeaks memoir races to 537th on bestseller chart

644 copies of Assange bio fly off shelves in 3 days

Axiom to boot out NetApp at Oracle

AnalysisEl Reg peers into crystal ball of storage

Ellison rides SPARC T4 SuperCluster into data centers

Four star general purpose, sir!

Cray ships Mongolian cluster...

Seriously: It's an XE6m

Zombie mobile Linuxes mate

MeeGo and LiMo cadavers elope

New flash RAM tech promises 99% energy drop

Faster, lower power – what's not to like?

Microsoft’s Mango update falls from tech tree

Update to dribble out over the next month

Facebook wants to poke politicians 'who share our goals'

Mr. Zuckerberg's money goes to Washington

New York drops $400m to lure next-gen wafer bakers

'We don't have earthquakes here very often'

Mac security update leaves users open to ugly Flashback

One threat down, another to go

HPC 2.0: The Monster Mash-up

Pt 1.Big Data. Oh yes

Apple loses bid to trademark 'multi-touch'

But 'app store' fight with Microsoft kept alive

Turnbull storms Paris with NBN’s doom

Killing the Australian network at long distance

Revolution speeds stats on Hadoop clusters

R language teaches 'meaningful' math to elephants

Wales says no to outing Wikipedia users on Facebook

Social networking updates on activity ‘creepy’

iPad maker Foxconn catches fire, claims no casualties

Just another troubled day for Chinese workers

Microsoft delivers fatal blow to yet another botnet

Kelihos, we hardly knew ye

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