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23rd > September > 2011 Archive

Spanish boffins unwrap anti-magnetic cloak

How to hide a magnet

Sydney Uni hosts virgin hackathon

Hacking for good..well at least for dosh

Put your hard drives into the cloud


Apple sued for iPhone, iPad chip 'patent rip-off'

Efficient loading of data? That's ours, says VIA

HP: Still choosing the wrong women

Ann Livermore and the road untraveled

Acer Iconia A100 7in Android tablet

ReviewPocket-sized and throbbing with power

Boffins play ping-pong with single electron

Sounds more like pinball to us, but they're the boffins

Ofcom asks Arqiva to stick price on 600MHz spectrum

Six new HD Freeview channels up for grabs swallowed by Rakuten

Zero resistance as Japan invades Channel Islands

Brits registering .uk domains mostly get first choice

Don't fancy yours much

Oracle looking for $1.16bn, not $2.2bn, in Java patent case

Stop whining Google, we're not looking for that much money

Samsung-Apple patent lawsuit tally hits 21, and counting

AnalysisWHOLE WORLD to end up locked in the walled orchard?

Designer pitches game arcade laundry


Lingo iMini DAB/FM iOS pocket tuner

Accessory of the WeekDigital switchover

OCZ flashes its cache at hard drives

SSD has got the write stuff

BOFH: No, the Fabinocci sequence

Episode 14Joo Janta Peril Sensitive Windows™

LaCie releases Thunderbolt HDD, SSD boxes

While WD revamps Mac drive line

Lady Gaga loses squatting complaint

Object of adoration will stay up

Microsoft moots mobiles with interchangeable accessories

One for all

Tech City UK quango rearranges Shoreditch

Couldn't find a*se with both hands and their map

Avast buys Android thiefbuster developer

Reset-proof tech combats smartphone thieves

Intel rejects Atom rename claim

No plan to change the brand, says chip giant

Oracle's UK server bellyache continues

Gobbled up something that didn't agree with it

MS denies secure boot will exclude Linux

Lock-out security tech can be disabled, if OEMs want

F1 2011

ReviewLap it up

Rogue toilet takes out Norfolk server

Crazy crapper's crippling crash

Red Hat signs giants to anti-VMware open-source project

CoVirt operations

I saw Facebook's music service 3 years ago. Done properly

Why have engineering values gone AWOL?

45% of Android users to upgrade to rival phone OSes

Apple fans very keen to stick with their favoured brand

Who owns 4G mobile technology?

Patent pie-slice analysis gives LG a gutbuster portion

PC games to outsell console software in 2014

But not if Sony, MS, Nintendo have any say in the matter...

Bot spanking for social network ranking

Blabber tracker exposed as load of old Klout

Laptops en route to Europe by rail for first time

Silk Road back in bid to avoid seaborne computer glut

Tokyo trains get lightsabre handrails

Star Wars weapons charm commuters

Wyse does a cloud on the desk for iPad, iPhone

$1/month to fondleslab all your stuff - ahead of iCloud

Samsung plots 3G iPhone, iPad bans in the Netherlands

How d'you like them Apples

Missing moon rock found among Clinton's knickknacks

Rare lunar souvenir spent decades gathering dust

Second Ubuntu Ocelot beta slips in some Xen

KVM is not the only fruit

Apple staff in UK told to cancel holiday in early October

Could be The Fifth Coming of the Jesus Phone

Mac malware uses Windows-style PDF camouflage ruse

Pops open fanboi backdoors as they look at Chinese island

Display defect may crimp iPhone 5 shipments

EVE Online addicts, take note

Xbox Live patrols hit by ugly SWAT attacks

Spoofed emergency texts draw armed cops

Ingres rebrands as Actian, tackles low-end BI apps

Big BI goes boutique

Neil Armstrong: US space program 'embarrassing'

Aging moonmen denounce NASA, Obama

How the Yahoo! homepage predicts your clicks

We! Know! You! Want! To! Click! Here!

Experts suggest SSL changes to keep BEAST at bay

Google protected. PayPal? Not so much

Amazon settles sales tax spat with Governor Moonbeam

etailer drops ballots to get one year tax break

FCC's net-neut rules now official

Let the lawsuits begin

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