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22nd > September > 2011 Archive

Aussies’ password habits still slack, says study

Defibrillate me now

Microsoft: Mango arrives in two weeks

Windows Phone 7 facelift imminent

Hackers of Japanese military contractor fluent in Chinese

83 infected machines in 11 locations

Schmidt ducks antitrust questions lobbed from Congress

'I'm not sure Google is trying to maximize profits'

Red Hat swells sales and profits in fiscal Q2

So much Unix to eat, so little time

$20m to find 'next transistors'

SRC and NSF sling semiconductor research dollars

Acid3 browser test drops DOM tripper-upper

Real-world reflection?

Mars trips could blind astronauts

Lack of gravity is the main culprit

Orange Barcelona Android Qwerty phone

ReviewCity slicker?

Scottish Boundary Commission: We don't need no stinkin' PDFs

Scots publish constituency maps in open format to avoid data drama

EU dons kid gloves for Google competition probe

Investigators to take 'special care' over free service

Lancs shale to yield '15 years' of gas for UK

200 trillion cubic feet of gas will net £6bn in tax

Google cleared in ad keyword-squatting court case

But classified ads site bitchslapped for buying up brand keywords

Twitter discovers MMS for photo tweeting

That took a while...

Sage sells off US healthcare biz

UK software firm offloads US unit, gives back to its shareholders


iOS App of the WeekNews, from source to 'pad

US military satellite to get attack-warning equipment

Guarding against mysterious inopportune accidents

EMC exec flames El Reg

FlameVeep lashes out at our coverage

OnLive pushes game stream service to UK punters

Cloud play

Surviving the Facebook app 'swamp' with Azure

Cloud platform, cloud client. Is Facebook and Microsoft Azure the perfect fit?

Former HP exec to run Citrix EMEA

Carlos Sartorius set to fill the big seat in EMEA

Ministers kill off failed £12.7bn NHS IT revamp

Doomed project's costs doubled

Bargain-basement botnet kit – yours for just €5

German hacker serves up the 'people's bot'

Ford spins pop-out anti-prang door shield

Close to the edge

TalkTalk still the most whinged about telco

Ofcom numbers show provider is most bemoaned in the second quarter

Acer Ethos 5951G 15.6in Core i5 notebook

ReviewHoley moley, a detachable touchpad

Attention metal thieves: Buy BT, get 75 MILLION miles of copper

AnalysisTelco is worth less than its expensive assets

HP may NOT spin off PC biz

'We just decided to screw our share price for a laugh'

Local radio stations band together against DAB

'It's a car crash waiting to happen'

Isle of Man floats government IT into the cloud

Patient records, email and more held in private system

EC: New principles agreed for out-of-print book licensing

Rights-holders can 'opt out'

Cyberspy attacks targeting Russians traced back to UK and US

Re-writing the script

Gartner: Apple rivals can't touch iPad

Forecast for Android slashed by 28 per cent

HP storage hobbled by board's indecision

OpinionInstability at the very top

Yoof survey: 'Internet as vital as air'

Students and yuppies rate web as essential

Brit ISPs shift toward rapid pirate website blocking

ExclusiveAgree to act, just not how

Web surfers stumble upon new planets

Amateur astronomers sift Kepler satellite data

CERN's boson hunters tackle big data bug infestation

It's the software or the science that's been wrong

Cache IQ adds another NAS accelerator

NAND cache to make filers go with a flash

Autodesk shifts design apps to the cloud

Looks for customers it doesn't know it has

Work begins on radical Gordon super flash-computer

One of Intel's secret Xeon E5 testbeds, perhaps?

Memo to open source moralists: Put a sock in it

Open...and ShutTech is amoral. Thank God

LightSquared to magic away GPS interference in 2 weeks

US Space Commander begs to differ

Inconvenient truther hints at multiple iPhone October

Al Gore: 'new iPhones' imminent

Microsoft turns to FBI in hunt for Rustock ringleader

Targets Cosma2k after botnet victory

Facebook suggests sharing everything all the time

Your life as a 'product'

HP expected to hand Whitman full fat CEO role

Apotheker set for nightflight to Frankfurt?

Teradata update chews up, spits out columns

Plus: SQL-MapReduce alliance appliance

OpenStack adds web dashboard to 'floating Linux kernel'

Devil code does authentication too

Finance software bug causes $217m in investor losses

Dev pays $2.5m for hiding decimal-percentage flaw

HP dumps Apotheker for Whitman

'After careful and thoughtful deliberation'

Faster-than-light back with surprising CERN discovery

Where’d that neutrino come from? The future

Junior tech moguls rock rich list

Australia breeds geeky gurus

Data on the couch: how analysing customers gives companies the edge

Digging for victory

China links with Taiwan undersea

Cable set to be completed early 2012

Three more charged in Anonymous hack spree probe

Trans-Atlantic sweep continues

Dell, Intel rope Texas-sized 10 petaflopper

Xeon E5 and many-core MIC inside

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