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15th > September > 2011 Archive

Microsoft previews new Visual Studio, .NET

BUILDFloats fresh Azure SDK

Deep inside Intel's 'Ivy Bridge' chip

IDF 2011A really small Sandy Bridge. And more

Professors slam Oz HFC wholesale shutdown

National Broadband Network should avoid creating new monopoly

Facebook's Open Compute friends ODCA IT union

IDF 2011What do you need a tier one server maker for?

VMware links Workstation 8 hypervisor to ESXi

Fusion 4 for Macs Lionized

Microsoft demos creepy car stalking system

BUILDFamily micromanagement

Star Wars: The Complete Saga Blu-ray disc set

ReviewBuy it, you will

Joyent arms cloud for death match with Amazon

Son of Solaris hypervisor locked and loaded

Storage array update breaks up data and app conflicts

'He's not worth it' cries Oracle-blessed software

Coraid mates with Caringo, producing cheap objects

Quite simply the simplest in the world

Google offers opt-out from Wi-Fi router location database

Never offered an opt-in, though

Science, engineering PhDs to drop by a third

Sadly other things were inside the ring-fence with them

Security firms: Android malware set to skyrocket

Droid isn't the new Windows yet, but ...

Did Bahraini activists closet anti-gay bus baron?

Controversial knight pays the price of freedom

Newsnight presenter pwned by snarky hack

Three Royal Television Society nominations - ouch

Bike Hub

iOS App of the WeekBespoke cycle route planner

QLogic warms to flash

Cash from cache?

Kick! Bostock! out! too! demands! Yahoo! shareholder!

'Value destroyer' put the phone down on me, goddammit!

Network interface cards are coming up trumps

How to pick out the aces

Hunt blasts progress on BT infrastructure-share plans

'You'll let anyone use your pole or answer to me'

Powermat crafts wireless Duracell Bunny boiler

Saves interminable plugging and unplugging like a SLAVE

Groupon IPO back on the cards

Have we got a deal for you! Coupons for Groupon

Dyson spouts hot air

Trading blows

Place your data centre in a handy container

The future is modular

Android Tablet Firefox betas ready for trial fondling

Grab a slab, stroke a Fennec - at your own risk

LOHAN checks into REHAB

Hypobaric chamber celebutard backronym sorted

Feds probe naked Scarlett Johansson outrage

Celebs break elementary rules of nude self-portraiture

Kensington secures fondleslabs and phones

Cause for alarm?

Hunt: Online file-sharing is a 'direct assault on freedoms'

'It's privatisation of justice' howls Killock

Ballmer: Windows Phone can win third place in mobile!

Going all-out for gold bronze

Boundaries Commission slammed over mega map dump

FIVE HUNDRED PDFs 'optimise clarity', say bureaucrats

Acer restructure continues as another honcho heads out

Semmy Levit 'will pursue personal goals' - leaked memo

Comet can't sell anything, including itself

Fate of troubled retailer to be decided by Xmas

PayPal to move into the shop - without cards or NFC

Skip the queues, scan barcodes with your phone

Facebook IPO slated for September 2012

Staff won't get to cash out till then ... bitch

MPs probe social networks' position following riots

Shut down Twitter, how would the cops find the riots?

Google crams arsenal with 1,000 IBM patents

Readies ream team against, er, Microsoft-Apple axis

Calyx gives up reselling, axes jobs

Channel biz evaporates to form cloud

BT Tower becomes giant lightsabre tonight

Star Wars hype in full force

PC World throws in free Bravia telly with Sony fondleslabs

Currys favour?

NASA unveils its chosen Shuttle successor

Basically a big shuttle which you throw away each time

Microsoft bans all plugins from touchable IE10

Joins Jobsian jihad against Flash

Gartner karate chops 2011 chip forecast

$299bn sales at best, say crystal ball

Scientists discover Tatooine-style world 200 lightyears off

Two suns, yes. Captive princesses in gold bikinis, unlikely

Canonical woos developers with Ubuntu app prep portal

How to get your software sold

PCI recast for supercomputing future

Double speed or more by 2015

Intel shows linear scaling with MIC coprocessor

IDF 2011Army of Pentiums march in lockstep

Microsoft: No Windows 8 ARM support for x86 apps

Linguistic jujitsu over ARM’s second class status

Australia to issue passports for males, females and... X

X marks the spot in anti-discrimination effort

Aussie rules on cloud PVR test laws

Optus defends as Telstra goes on the offensive

Optus gets first licence to penetrate 700MHz band

Hooks up with Huawei for LTE trial

Oz-US ANZUS treaty adds infowar co-operation

Physical warfare is so last year

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