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14th > September > 2011 Archive

Oz authors join book scanning lawsuit

Our children aren’t orphans, says ASA

CPU cycles for stars: theSkyNet wants your sandbox

And you can win a trip to the desert

Google flight search engine lifts off

Soars into antitrust airspace

'Find My Car' iPhone app finds anyone’s car

Blogger tags security and privacy howler

Android banking trojan intercepts security texts

Thought you were so clever, Mr Banker Guy

Hands on with the Windows 8 fondleslab

BUILDBeefy tablet passes muster

Malware burrows deep into computer BIOS to escape AV

Mebromi rootkit also targets master boot record

Intel preps 15-Watt 'Sandy Bridge' for micro servers

IDF 2011Brings back the Pentium

Intel's Xeon E5 server chips due 'early 2012'

IDF 2011Wait 'til next year

Ten... digital voice recorders

Product Round-upModern dictators

More transistors, Moore’s Law, less juice

“Koomey’s Law” examines power per computation

Overland Storage preps private cloud rescue

Oh my white fluffy knight, take me away from all this

Twitter contests ad company's 'tweets' trademark

If you aren't a bird, you can't use our word

Winklevoss twins: Zuck on our salty nuts

Rapier wit on display as brothers stick oar in again

Facebook security profiling doesn't like African log-ins

Social network nearly cost Kenyan employee his job

Virgin Media finally offers network options on SuperHub

For best 5GHz results, get rid of your walls and doors

Google plan to kill Javascript with Dart, fight off Apple

Leaked email speaks of battle to save the web from iOS

TouchPad sales doubled after it was discontinued

Fire sale caught fire: Last chance at Carphone Warehouse

Star Control

Antique Code ShowCaptain's log...

Winter for webOS, winter for Droid, but springtime for iPad!

Sing along with the fondle-slab forecast

Apple pulls smartphone slavery app

Child labour exposé 'excessively objectionable'

LOHAN to suck mighty thruster as it goes off, in a shed

Our cunning DIY hypobaric rocket-test rig

Moto beat Google up by a third in Googorola haggling

Chocolateers unable to contain their lust

Xperia Ray beams down to Blighty

Up for contract

Facebook lets users have separated social, er, Circles

You know when you said no spam? Say it again ... bitch

ASA probes Microsoft cloud reliability claims

It's only Office 365 if you round up

Feds probe eBay over Craigslist plunder allegations

Tit-for-tat tat spat goes criminal

Report: Involve IT experts in releasing gov datasets

All too easy to violate privacy without tech insight

Intel-Google love-in leaves MeeGo going nowhere

CommentRed-headed penguin stepchild Cinderella

Defendant presents Playmobil rendering of court in court

Creates requirement for impossible infinitesimal figures

Celebs, victims selected to join in phone-hack probe

Rowling, Gazza, McCanns, Hugh Grant ... not Rebekah

HTC knocks out the Beats

Sonic Sensation

UK cyber security plan delayed till October

'Tier 1 national priority' wasn't ready in time

Beyond WAR: How I bitchslapped Google

WAR on the cloud 5Bagging the sticky eyeball

Securo-boffins call for 'self-aware' defensive technologies

Say they should be used to protect 'leccy, gas, water

BitDefender looks to BRICs for expansion strategy

Romanian dragon-wolves aim for virtualized security

Now Windows 8 goes into the ring to face Apple's iOS

AnalysisBloodied webOS, RIM tag in the big bruiser

University of Tsukuba orders 800Tflop Xeon E5 hybrid

Ceepie-Geepie splices x64, GPUs into powerful chimera

Be chums offer 1Gbit/s fibre-to-the-premises in London

Hyperoptic hypes its optics

Intel goes virtual to root out rootkits

IDF 2011DeepSafe: Follow the malware

Windows Server 8 plays catch-up with VMware and Unix

PreviewMicrosoft rolls 'cloud-based operating system'

Apple preps MacBook Pro refresh

Sandy Bridge speed bumps ahead

Intel keeps mum on Ice Cream Sarnie support for Atom tablets

IDF 2011Focusing on Honeycomb

Intel pitches netbook-cum-tablet 'hybrids'

IDF 2011Best of both worlds - or neither fish nor fowl?

Ballmer reprises 'developers, developers, developers' chant

BUILDWindows is a money machine, howls MS boss

Pano Logic woos SMBs with 'one-step' VDI

Size of step may vary

Windows 8 to ship with built-in malware protection

'Tons of security features' added

Intel demos Panel Self-Refresh power-saving tech

IDF 2011DisplayPort screens store their own picture

Qantas trials iPad in the sky

Apple boards the flying kangaroo

Kogan sparks new controversy

Parallel imports into Oz to undercut local channels

TomorrowNow pleads guilty to illegal Oracle slurping

Defunct SAP outfit agrees to $20m fine

Kiwi rugby rats warned to keep eye on the hacker ball

When PBXs go bad...

Intel laptop boss to make Ultrabooks context savvy

IDF 2011Optional sensor tech to become mandatory

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