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13th > September > 2011 Archive

Miranda Kerr suffers digital deletion

Domain authority shuts her down after cybersquatting

Why Android houses should give Google the 'fork you'

Open...and ShutFollow the Amazon

Out of the diamond planet, a research group emerges

Taking the long wide view of astronomy

AppFog dev cloud envelops Ruby, Node

PHP maven takes fight to Heroku

State-sponsored spies collaborate with crimeware gang

The Unholy APT-botnet union

iRobot Roomba 780 automated vacuum cleaner

ReviewRug munching machine

Seagate adding flash embulgement to Thins

Anorexic platter fatter but still good for ultrabooks

Big Music trumpets ‘Cliff Richard’ term extension

EU seals copyright deal - with strings attached

More details on HP's OpenStack cloud coming

What do you mean, even we don't know what they are yet?

Minister seeks to rip 'Like' buttons off German gov web

Sozialtechnologie-Schweinhunde und ihre gefallensknöpfe!

Dolby wins licensing fees on BlackBerry, PlayBook

Lawyers successful in $15m RIM job

Lincs bloke fined in deceased hedgehog outrage

Broad daylight cable-laying rocks the Fens

Pentax launches superzoom snapper

Long range shooter


Android App of the WeekStreams at your fingertips

MPs blast dole-office-online plans

Poor folk can't afford internet until they're on benefit

Momentary Micron skirt-lift reveals big flashy box

Enterprise SSD to stride the catwalk next Monday

Ofcom begins crackdown on auto-renew telco contracts

'Man, we're already totally competitive', grumbles BT

AMD: Windows-8-on-ARM app compatibility is relative

No hard and fast answer on legacy apps

Is Cisco's 16-year CEO Chambers ready to go?

Secret internal wars of succession said to be underway

HP extends deadline as Autonomy shareholders drag feet

What could lie behind this odd reluctance?

BT to fibre-up another 114 exchanges

'Local monopolies benefit no one' thunders exec

Mainframe shops (a little) more optimistic about System z

zEnterprise bump to turn into a grind

Cloud startup's business model defies laws of physics

'INFINITE storage' for $10/month

Dead Island

ReviewDeath takes a holiday

Nintendo 3DS gets more stick

Pad pushing performance enhancer

Murdoch to reappear before MPs in phone-hack case

Simply can't do without his company

Facebook music dashboard: Revenue at last?

AnalysisAd-clicker pennies are not enough ... bitch

Got a non-iPad tablet? Weirdo

Actually even Jobsian slabbers are a small minority

Anti-gay bus baron rages at being stuffed in Google closet

'It's not up to them where I appear on their site!'

AMD snags Guinness World Record for clockiest chip

IDFA pint of vitamin G for AMD

Maxima sale talks with 'interested parties' are over

Not that interested, as it turned out

Hunt: We'll slightly inconvenience pirate sites

And let that be a lesson to them! No, not that lesson

SAP coughs $20m to feds in Oracle slurp spat

Ellison's lawyers undaunted as legal orgy continues

Belgians aim to be third neutral-net nation

Obviously some doubts could be cast on their neutrality

DRAM, Flash in same box named after killer mountain

But it's OK: Unlikely to kill you, not actually mountain

Windows 8: First contact with Microsoft Touch

PreviewStrong enough to ARMwrestle Android and iOS?

NASA offers space shuttle food and tiles to schools

See if you can tell which is which, kids!

Intel pushes Ultrabooks for Xmas

IDF 2011But admits better ones coming in the new year

Intel, Google 'optimize' chips for Android

IDF 2011Today, tomorrow, and forevermore

Stonebraker's VoltDB adds catastrophe protection

'NewSQL' 2.0

Intel wireless display tech coming to netbooks, tablets, phones

IDF 2011Will gain multi-room music streaming too

Intel promises '20X' power reduction with 'Haswell' chips

IDC 2011Sandy Bridge successor aims for Ultrabooks's software download hacked to serve malware

File-sharing with fake AV

Health Services Union boss accused of IT tender badness

Cops called to sort out double-dipping

Microsoft touts Windows 8 fondleslabness

BUILDWould you like to touch my operating system?

Aussie Sex Party takes the whip to .xxx domains

Gives ICM Registry a dressing-down

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