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8th > September > 2011 Archive

Early Earth’s ‘golden shower’

Shiny yellow stuff arrived on meteors

Solar lays hands on Holy Grail

Industry claims Australian PV electricity now at ‘grid parity’

StreetView gets the willies in Victoria

Look what popped up in the middle of nowhere…

Hitachi Data Systems gobbles BlueArc

The end of stand-alone NAS supply

Google feeds patents to HTC for assault on Apple

After Motorola gave them to Google

Kingston Wi-Drive wireless flash storage

ReviewFondleslab file fattener

Three in ten Americans urge feds to read their email

9/11 anniversary survey finds in favor of torture

Lost memory stick had 87 NHS patients' info unencrypted

Medical student fingered in thumb drive fiasco

London public transport tap-cash plans will be 'entirely safe'

Only bankers can take money from your card, not crooks

McAfee: Cyber thugs will turn your car into Christine

Maybe. One day

The Reg dips toe into social media ocean

Majority pursuits

Patent wars: Apple attacks Samsung in Japan

Fly into the rising sun... Apple, suing everyone

Disk sales up 4%: No sign of Flash or Cloud impact yet

Possible hoarding driven by Japanese quake worries

HP readies AMD, Intel sub-notebook

Steers clear of Ultrabook brand

Adobe CreatePDF

iOS App of the WeekPDF conversion from the creator of PDF

Ultrabook makers turn to fibreglass to cut costs

Cheaper to make, cheaper to sell works on YET ANOTHER open-source push

TransferSummitHome Office battles internal 'communism' beliefs

AMD Steam-game offer suspended after keys pilfered

DiRTy snatch leaves gamers worried

SCC swallows French services firm LNA

British firms wrestle for Gallic dominance

Poster presents evolution of game controllers

From 'Tennis for Two' to the 'PS Move Sharp Shooter'

JP Morgan has a Playmobil moment

Euro debt crisis explained in miniature coder defines open standards: 'A lot like porn'

TransferSummitIf you can think of it, there's an open standard of it?

Gartner predicts UK PC market nosedive for 2011

ExclusiveRest of world to go on grow-slow, Blighty stuffed

Designer styles bendy Samsung smartphone

Wrap star

Amazon solves wait-at-home-for-deliveries problem

Tiny snag: You have to go to the shopping centre

Orange Monte Carlo budget Android smartphone

ReviewThat Riviera touch

End of UK local dialling in sight as numbers run out

Bournemouth locals first for tiring fingering ordeal

Erwan Menard joins fellow HP vets at DataDirect

Contender bulks up to take on the big boys

Three complains to Brussels over NFC exclusion

We want in to the bonk-n-bleep alliance

Ice Cream Sandwich Android out 'by November'

That's what the IFA-demo'd tablets will have then

Swedish cops free boozy moose from tree

Sozzled scrumper refused to call it a day

China sprouts another Android fork

Like 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife

Oracle rejects Google's man for mediation

Come on judge, we want the Two Larrys!

Amazon to give up the fight in California

Offers to pay up later if it doesn't have to fork out now

Hitachi GST sandwiches Seagate with 4TB big boy

Desks groan under contest of mighty grunters

Double-barrel net infrastructure hack threatens ecommerce

AnalysisDNS redirection hack + forged digital certs = chaos

Cybercrooks prey on 9/11 anniversary

Malware, 'commemorative coin' auctions and fake charity donation

TVonics seeks Brits to beta test BBC iPlayer over Wi-Fi

Must own a DTR-HV250

LG may axe up to 30% of overseas mobile staff

You remember, LG. Chaebol

Google greedily goobles foodie guide Zagat

Information gourmands, rather than gourmets

MS, Samsung to show Windows 8 tablet at Build

New device gets dev conference demo

Google: SSL alternative won't be added to Chrome

Path converges into security quagmire

Microsoft inks new patent pacts over Android...and Chrome

'Helps address IP issues' at Acer, Viewsonic

Foxconn churns out '150,000' iPhone 5s a day

22 million by year's end

Burned by DigiNotar, Mozilla tells cert cops to audit security

Do it or else

Enterprise computing imperiled by cloudy mobes

Every app an enterprise app

IBM loans SMBs $1bn to buy stuff

The Big Blue Bank

Optus censored but still selling

Thou shalt not sledge NBN Co

Germany nixes EMI suit against HanseNet

Cologne case stank, it seems

ACMA gives telcos five months to clean up act

You will or we will: choice

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