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7th > September > 2011 Archive

Yahoo! fires! CEO! Carol! Bartz!

Over the phone

On-chip photonics snares Eureka prize

Oz science’s night of nights

Korean antitrust agency raids Google over Android

Claims top dog eats competition

Digital Realty Trust adds Melbourne

More cloud dollars for Australia

Server sales up, but Great Recession lingers

AnalysisEurope buys like it's 2005

Twitter users charged with terrorism for false tweets

Mass panic over erroneous kidnap claims

Hitachi GST ships terabyte platter-spinners

Faster to market than Seagate

NOA: Fujitsu strike highlights perils of single-supplier deals

Period of discontent predicted as unions get busy

HP Pavilion dv7 17.3in Llano notebook

ReviewAMD's Sandy Bridge alternative?

UK slashes red tape in apprenticeships scheme

'Key industries' include BT, Phones4U - and McDonalds

Acas publishes first social media guide

UK workplace rulebook to save heartache and cash

Gov pops lid on mighty £2bn PSN procurement barrel

Networking the networks. With a framework

Does Cameron dare ditch poor-bashing green energy?

AnalysisLet them eat windmills

Game says sorry for site snafu

Pre-orders vanish, wrong games ship, etc

Electric cars: too pricey until 2030 (or later)

Big subsidies needed, even with double-price petrol

Shareholder demands RIM sell itself or spin off patents

'Seize the whip reins', cries banker

Battery deal points to thinner, lighter iPad 3

Keeping ahead of the competition

iCloud Communications ditches Apple lawsuit

Whatever could have made them do that?

Christ appears in phone advert, secular authorities act

Outrage as Saviour depicted endorsing non-Jesus mobe

Phone-hack plods arrest another man in pre-dawn raid

Scotland Yard dicks up early and out of office this time

BT Engage IT to merge with and Biz Direct

£400m mega-org forged, Balaam to step down

Would you be seen dead with a shopping computer?

AnalysisLike buying and carrying Bezos' cash register for him

appToyz appBlaster

iGamerGunning for control

Dixons predicts Olympics will boost sales

Beach volleyball in 3D ought to shift some tellies

GlobalSign stops issuing SSL certs, probes hacker claims

Better to do it and not need to than vice versa

Most bosses monitor or block social-network use at work

Didn't get where they are today fooling about on Web 2.0

Most organisations just not ready for Cloud: Computacenter

Despite 'Cloudwash' just 28% will migrate loads this year

Nvidia boss: Windows 8 will run Windows Phone 7 apps

Welcome to the world after Intel

Seagate GoFlex Satellite 500GB wireless hard drive

ReviewBuckets of content storage for your fondleslab

HP pops out all-in-one biz boxes

Touchscreen for corporate show-offs

Groupon backs away from scheduled IPO

We sell other people's stuff discounted, not ours

Search visionary retires from Microsoft's Bing battles

Updated'Last day at Microsoft. I'm one of the angels again!'

New trojan masquerades as Microsoft enforcement-ware

Threatens to destroy everything and sue the remains

Dell woos rattled HP PC sales partners

'We'll still be here', insists direct-sales mammoth

Atari-branded iPad gaming gadget debuts

iCade alternative

OFT boss: 'Google is fantastic and should be applauded'

When watchdogs lose their teeth

Cyber crime now bigger than the drugs trade

Says cyber security firm

South Africa joins the call for BlackBerry messaging keys

Miscreants don't care for the secure email, seemingly

Why modern music sounds rubbish

The Loudness Wars, illustrated

Court bans man called Peter from calling himself Peter

Because he is accused of being Anonymous

HP opens 'private' Cloud beta party for limited numbers

Velvet rope briefly unhooked

Much of the human race made up of thieves, says BSA

You wouldn't nick stuff out of shops, would you? Er...

How Apple's Lion won't let you trash documents

CommentThe operating system for the nanny state?

Revenues double at Facebook, says source

That's $1.6bn in the first half of the year... bitch

Seagate pulls out the biggest hard one in the industry

Mighty 4TB fatness plonked down on desk

Sun rises over .xxx smut domain

Morning glory period for owner-operators

AMD ships 'Interlagos' Opteron 6200 chips

Ramp to Q4 servers underway

Skype: Microsoft's $8.5 billion identity tool

Open...and ShutWith VoIP on the side

Ex-Microsoft accountant jailed for $1.1m Redmond theft

Stole to 'expose flaws in system'

IBM, 3M glue chips into silicon skyscrapers

Build tower of Power

DigiNotar hacker says he stole huge GlobalSign cache

The man behind attack that minted 500 certs

Apple seeks product security boss after iPhone loss

Horse, meet stable door

SAP snaps up Kiwi software firm

Processing Right Hemisphere

Righthaven struggles in court and at home

Rumours of death 'exaggerated'

Oracle suit outs Google's closed source Android tactics

'Do not develop in the open,' Google tells self

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