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6th > September > 2011 Archive

Single-molecule 'motor' measures just a nanometer

Don’t drop this on the floor

NBN Co awards $879m in network rollout deals

Transfield and Lend Lease rocking Victoria and WA

LaCie CloudBox storage combo

ReviewIn here and out there

Jeff Bezos' spaceship self-destructs in test flight

Amazon kingpin's pocket rocket splatters across Texas

Gov removes 'general appeal' rights for accused freetards

Three letters in a year gets you on the Black List

Children's body busted for email, file cabinet blunders

Staff forced to attend compulsory ICO workshops

Freeview HD will deliver new IPTV channels this month

ExclusiveMysteries of the >100 data channels revealed

Jesus appears, acquires vast following, bitchslaps Justin Bieber

On Facebook as it is in heaven

Notebook makers cautious about Ultrabooks

Initial production runs limited, moles claim

Ancient crater lake evidence found on Mars

Dusty bowl once filled with water, probe images show

Ofcom misses deadline: but on Sitefinder, not 4G

Not saying it won't go two for two, mind

Hologram Live

Android App of the WeekLiquid wallpaper

French bloke fined for failing to shag missus

'Not tonight, Josephine'

SETI alien hunters re-open search for volunteer coders

Help wanted dealing with radio-telescope data

No pain, some gain: Ubuntu Oneiric Ocelot examined

ReviewLove it or leave it, Unity is here

Dixons drops Motorola Xoom price... again

Retailer blinks first, before punters

'Poems are the original text messages,' says Laureate

An old pond / A 8) jumps n / Plop

AndyPad Pro low-cost Android tablet now on sale

Cheap and cheerful

Dell chums up with Baidu for China smartphone charge

Reckons 200 million registered users can't be wrong

Claimed DigiNotar hacker: I have access to four more CAs

Iranian 'Comodohacker' says he can still issue bogus certs

New NASA site offers solar system and time travel

Mission data from 1950 to 2050 for your viewing

Nokia offers $10,000 for new ring tone

Must evoke chaos, despair, impending doom


ReviewEsprit de corpse

Toshiba in Rugby World Cup personal data compo cockup

Muddied oafs fail to defend open ID goal

Judge may order Page and Ellison into mediation

Battle of the Two Larrys could go face to face

Battered Sony hires cyber-security chief

Late of US Homeland Security, Defense and Microsoft

Everyone knew NoTW 'rogue reporter' bit was untrue

Including the police, says former tabloid lawyer

Inside 'Operation Black Tulip': DigiNotar hack analysed

CA systems falsely told Iranians they were secure

Painters wrap Forth Bridge job after 121 years

English language mourns loss of famous phrase

Virgin Media to beef up mobile-data backhaul

Three, Orange, T-Mobile ink £100m deal for extra grunt

Computers Unlimited director exits after dispute

Chatterton is off ... after just 8 months

'Satnavs are definitely not doomed', insists TomTom man

IFANo grim future of joblessness for me!

Memo to kid coders: Enterprise software exists

Open...and ShutThere's more to life than Google ads

NASA releases stunning new moon-landing snaps

No, not taken at a secret Hollywood film studio

NSA open sources Google database mimic

Crypto masters incubate Son of BigTable

Cisco accused of tailoring tech to aid Chinese abuses

Falun Gong content easy to spot, marketers boast

Torvalds dumps for Github after breach

Linux 3.1 finds temporary home

Sprint joins US feds in anti-AT&T lawsuit

Lobbyists and politicos rake in Big Phone millions

iOS, Mac, Android users still vulnerable to bogus certs

Apple and Google inaction in wake of DigiNotar breach

Cloud Sherpas follow acquisition trail to Sydney

Buy up local Google app shop Devnet

HP-UX stretches over new Superdome 2

32 sockets, 128 cores, no waiting

Oracle uncloaks 'speedier' MySQL installer for Windows

'A stick in Redmond's eye'

In a Perfect World gamers get a US$100m VC fund

Chinese gaming giant opens wallet

CeniTex contracts lead to police questions

Rising tide of probity investigations in Oz IT industry

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