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31st > August > 2011 Archive

One last production run for TouchPad

Fondleslab’s final fling

Aus regulator seeks tweaks to Telstra NBN plan

Separation anxiety

Biofuel boffins pimp panda poo

Breaking down the tough stuff

IBM opens Power8 kimono (a little bit more)

Wafer baked in 22 nanometers

Telstra unites and rebrands digital media ad assets

Aims to get a deep TAN

Subscribe to our hardware, says Brocade

Install now, buy by the port later

Couple can sue service that monitored their net sex

Laptop tracking firm may have violated wiretap law

Renault Scenic Bose Edition 1.6 130dCi

ReviewA boombox on wheels?

Samsung outs MacBook Pro lookalike laptop

Apple legal team rubs hands in anticipation

Apple ejects FT app from iTunes

30 per cent of your subs revenue belong to us

Tyneside police website defaced, used to serve phish

Tunisian conflict spills over into Newcastle

CA inks £45m Tesco IT deal

Taming the heterogeneous infrastructure. Mmm

Smartphone net access rockets

Brits take to mobile internet like never before

Motorola pops Pro+

A smartphone that won't let you sleep?

NHS diabetic gizmo will text for help if wearer is in danger

hlp Im havN a lo bl%d sugA @ack

Mobee mods Magic Trackpad into virtual keyboard

Customise your unwanted Apple input device

Sid Meier's Civilization

Antique Code ShowJust one more turn?

Outbound space probe looks back at tiny Earth and Moon

PicSpace snap puts things in perspective

Toshiba launches thick Thrive tablet in Europe

Skinny Excite set for the States alone?

Graphene photocells could mean hyper-speed internet

Not merely broadband but grossly-obese-band now possible

New UK 'leccy meters remotely run via Voda 2G

Also have ZigBee for total control of your home

Father of Java abandons Google for floating robot cloud

Fun times ahoy, cries newly nautical Gosling

Sony to ship VR-style 3D headset in November

Japan first

Quarter of NHS data collection to go in red-tape slash plan

They make a desert, and call it rationalised

Firefox offers glimpse of new tablet version

Slab-size Fennec looking worthy of a good fondle

Don't buy your iPad in a McDonald's car park

South Carolina fangirl finds herself fondling wood

DARPA software to trawl Bin Laden laptops, thumb drives

Mil-spook gear to deal with haul from Special Ops raids

MySociety marshals griping commuters to fix UK transport

'We'd have done climate change, but even Obama can't sort that'

Last ever batch of TouchPads isn't coming to Blighty

No cheap slabs to fondle for Limeys, Yur'peens

Microsoft brings Hadoop option to SQL Server

Open-source crunchware SQOOPs to conquer

WikiLeaks weathers DDoS assault

Continues to spaff secret diplo cables, beg for Bitcoin

Nokia's Ovi wunderkind is off ... to Nokia-backed Vision+

Ojanperä brings unbeatable track record - of disasters

Oracle's Africa dealings under FBI, SEC, DoJ investigation

Ellison's firm up to its neck in the alphabet soup

Google rolls out offline Gmail (for Chrome only)

Offline Docs and Calendar imminent

Mozilla addons site targeted in same attack that hit Google

Counterfeiters mint SSL cert for

DoJ files antitrust suit to block AT&T's T-Mobile buy

Deal will 'substantially lessen competition'

Sydney NFC newbie gets tapped by investors

Tapit gets VC interest in record time

IBM borgs UK 'big data' outfit

Big Blue echoes HP (The New Big Blue)

Wikileaked cable: AFACT was MPAA’s cat’s-paw

Pope turns out to be Catholic Linux repository rooted in hack attack

UpdatedRootkit not detected for 17 days

Google+ is an identity service, Schmidt says

Weed out evil

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